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Date and Time

Q: When and where will the 2021 Stevie Awards for Great Employers take place?
A: The awards will be hosted virtually on Wednesday, November 17

Event Cost, Registration Deadlines, and Benefits

Q: How much will it cost to attend the 2021 Stevie Awards for Great Employers?
A: Here are the registration prices and deadlines:

  • Through November 4, 2021: U.S. $495 for Registration for your entire organization to participate in the virtual ceremony
  • November 5 through November 12: U.S. $545 for your entire organization to participate in the virtual ceremony
  • November 12 is the last day registrations will be accepted
  • Refunds and cancellations will not be accepted after November 10

Q: How do I purchase registration for the event?
A: Stevie® Award winners may purchase registrations for the November 17 Virtual Awards Ceremony by going to the ticketing page on the Stevie Awards for Great Employers website. If necessary, we can place an offline ticket order for you. To request this, please email us at help@stevieawards.com.

Q: What will registrants receive?
A: Each registered organization will be entitled to the following:

  • The ability to enable your entire organization, friends, and family members to participate in the virtual awards ceremony
  • The right for all of your participants to network and schedule video meetings with other participants from other Stevie-winning organizations, judges, and the press
  • A custom winner logo package to use to promote your Stevie winnings
  • All of your participants will be able to take photos and be interviewed on the virtual red carpet, and to upload their own personal acceptance-speech videos to the virtual event platform
  • Provide us with a master acceptance-speech video that we will show during your virtual awards presentation
  • All of your participants will be able to learn about and engage with sponsors

Who May Attend

Q: Who may attend the 2021 Stevie Awards for Great Employers?
A: Any individual or organization may purchase a registration, but typically only Stevie Award winners and their guests attend.

Q: Will Stevie Award winners receive any complimentary registration passes for the event?
A: No, all who wish to attend the event must purchase registrations.

Q: Are Stevie Award winners required to attend the event?
A: No, Stevie Award winners are not required (but encouraged!) to attend the virtual ceremony on November 17. 

Q: We opted out of paying shipping fees and receiving our physical awards.  Can we still participate in the virtual awards ceremony?
A: Yes.  If you opted out of receiving your awards, you may still purchase a registration and receive all of the benefits of registration.

Event Schedule

Q: What is the schedule for the 2021 Stevie Awards for Great Employers virtual ceremony?
A: The schedule will be released days before the November 17 ceremony, so you know when to tune in to see your organization’s acceptance speech.

Q: How will we watch the virtual ceremony?
A: The virtual ceremony is streamed via YouTube Live and will be watched in Swapcard. If YouTube is blocked in your country, please email 
ruslana@stevieawards.com so we can find an alternate streaming solution.

Attire and Registration Passes

Q: What is the attire for the virtual awards ceremony?
A: While this is a virtual event and you will be watching the awards presentation from your home or office, we highly recommend business attire for your virtual red carpet interviews, red carpet photos, and pre-recorded acceptance speeches.

Q: How will we receive our purchased registration passes?
A: After you register your organization, we will send you instructions about how to add participants to your registration. The Stevie Awards will send each participant you add to your registration an email with a unique link to add themselves to the virtual event.

Awards to Be Presented

Q: Which awards will be virtually presented during the ceremony?
A: All awards won by organizations participating (Grand, Gold, Silver, and Bronze) will be represented.

Q: Will Stevie winners who are not represented at the virtual ceremony be announced?
A: No. Because all winners have already been announced, only those winning organizations with registrations will be recognized during the ceremony.

How Awards Will Be Presented

Q: How many times will our organization be announced during the ceremony?
A: Each organization will be announced once during the virtual presentations.  We will show a short video about the winning organization that we’ll produce, and then a pre-recorded acceptance speech video, supplied by the winning organization.

Q: In what order will organizations be showcased during the ceremony?
A: Our current plan is to present the awards in the order in which registrations are received. If more than ~150 organizations wish to participate in the virtual ceremony it is likely that we’ll break it up into two parts, over two days.  If we do that we’ll give you plenty of notice.

Q: How will the virtual ceremony simulate how winners would be called to the stage to accept their awards?
A: Each participating organization will be announced by our emcee. We’ll then show a short video about the Stevie-winning organization that we’ll produce.  Then we’ll show an acceptance-speech video of up to 30 seconds provided by the winning organization. 
Watch last year's Stevie Awards for Great Employers presentation clips and acceptance speeches given by winners.

Q: What can I include in my organization’s announcement video?
A: On the event registration form you’ll see a place to upload your organization's logo (please use a high-resolution logo) and a few photographs or video clips of your choice. If you do not have these media assets ready for upload when you purchase your registration, you will be able to return to your registration order later to upload them. The confirmation email you will receive after placing your order will contain a link to return to your order.
   We cannot guarantee that media assets uploaded after November 12 will be used in the video that we produce about your organization. Note that you will not be given the opportunity to review your organization's video before the event and you will have no editorial control over it.

Q: Will a video be produced about my organization if we cannot attend the event?
A: No, we will only produce videos for organizations represented in the event.

Q: Will my organization be able to use the video after the event?
A: Yes. After the virtual awards ceremony we will publish the videos on our 
YouTube channel.  Each organization that attended will be given its video to use however it likes.

Q: Will we be able to make an acceptance speech live after our organization is announced?
A: No. Each organization will be asked to pre-record a 30-second acceptance speech, which will be played as part of its virtual award presentation. One speech per organization will be played during the virtual ceremony, but an unlimited number of additional acceptance speeches can be uploaded to your organization’s profile within the ceremony platform for all attendees to view. After the event, all acceptance speeches will be uploaded to our YouTube channel.

Delivery of Awards

Q: Will we receive our awards before we have to record our acceptance speeches?
A: Yes.  We plan to ship awards to winners o/a October 11. Which means you should receive your awards by October 27, giving you approximately three weeks in which to record and upload your acceptance speech video(s).

Q: We’d like to order additional copies of our awards to share with our colleagues.  Will they be able to receive them before they need to record their personal acceptance-speech videos.
A: Copies of awards may be ordered at any time in the Stevie Awards Store at 
http://stevieawards.myshopify.com.  We typically require 6-8 weeks to fulfill orders.  However, if you place your order by September 17, we guarantee that your participants will receive them by October 22, in time to record their personal acceptance speech videos.

Photography and Videography

Q: Will there be a red carpet area for photographs during the virtual ceremony?
A: Yes. All participants will be able to have photos taken on the virtual red carpet. The system we will use will enable participants to upload a square photo or take a selfie on their computer, to be added to our special red-carpet backdrop.

Q: Will the virtual awards ceremony be recorded?
A: Yes. The ceremony will be broadcast live, worldwide, via Swapcard and YouTube Live. It will be recorded and available on YouTube a few days after it airs.

Q: Will our participants be able to be interviewed on the virtual red carpet, as they are at live Stevie Awards events?
A: Yes, we will have an option in the ceremony platform, Swapcard, for participants to schedule a time on Zoom with a Stevie Awards representative to record their interview. If they’d prefer, they can also record the interview video themselves (we will provide the questions ahead of time) and we will add Stevie Awards branding and backgrounds to their interview clips. Interview slots will be open November 10 – 24, so your participants won’t need to feel pressured to do an interview the day of the ceremony. Interviews will be published on the Stevie Awards YouTube channel.

Q: When and how will video clips of the event be made available?
A: The video clip of the primary pre-recorded acceptance speech you provide will be combined with the 
short video we produce about your organization.  These combined clips will then be published on the Stevie Awards' YouTube channel during the week of November 22.
   The video clips of the interviews with Stevie Award winners will start being published on the Stevie Awards' YouTube channel the week of November 22.

Sponsorship and Advertising Opportunities

Q: What sponsorship opportunities are available for the virtual Stevie Awards for Great Employers ceremony?
A: We have two levels of sponsor options available; We can accept five (5) Diamond sponsors and one (1) Platinum Sponsor. 
See sponsorship benefits here. Reserve your spot by October 18, 2021.

Q: What advertising opportunities are available for the awards gala?
A: The 
best way to advertise is by becoming a ceremony sponsor.

Next Steps After Registration

Q: What are the next steps after I register for the ceremony? 
A: Once we receive your payment, your main point of contact will receive an email containing a checklist outlining everything required to participate in the ceremony- this includes how to record and upload your 30-second virtual acceptance speeches, scheduling your red carpet interviews, and how to set up a profile and add additional attendees to have their profile created in Swapcard*, our virtual ceremony platform. 
‚Äč   *Please note, you will receive an email from Swapcard within approximately 24 hours of filling out the registration form. The platform will open o/a October 18, so the invitation email will come after this date.