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Entry Preparation Tips

1. Write Your Entries Before Submitting Them
Write your entries offline, so that you have a permanent record of them.  It will then take just a few minutes to submit them through our easy-to-use online submission system.  Don't write your entries spontaneously online - if something goes wrong with your computer or there's a momentary glitch in our online system, your work may be lost.

2. Include Supporting Materials and Links
Attaching supporting files or web URLs to your entries is optional, not required.  But we strongly recommend that you include supporting materials with your entries because you will receive extra points from the judges for including them.

3. Focus on Achievements During the Eligibility Period
The eligibility period for the 2017 Stevie® Awards for Great Employers extends from January 1, 2016 through July 19, 2017 (the last day that entries will be accepted).  While your entries may make reference to achievements from before this period, they should focus extensively on achievements during the eligibility period.  The judges will not give high scores to your entries if they don't.

4. How to Submit Entries for Multiple Clients
If you're with a public relations or marketing agency and you want to submit entries on behalf of multiple clients, you don't have to create separate entry-submission accounts in our online system for each client.  You will be able to create a separate “nominee” for each of your clients, and submit each clients’ entries under their own nominee name.

5. Test Your Links
If you include links to online videos, images, or other supporting materials with your entries, test your links before you submit your entries.  Preview an entry before your submit it, and click your links in it to ensure that they are valid and will present to the judges the content you would like them to see.