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These categories recognize HR-related thought leadership since the beginning of 2022. 
   Nominations that won in the 2023 competition may be resubmitted in 2024. If they have been updated they may be resubmitted to the same category in which they won in 2022. If they have not been updated they must be submitted to a different category from which they won in 2022.

Information to be submitted online for entries in these categories in the 2024 competition include

1  Written answers to the following questions, describing the nominated organization's or individual's achievements since January 1 2022, OR a video of up to five (5) minutes in length that answers all of the same questions:

a. Briefly describe the nominated organization or individual: its/their history and past performance (up to 200 words).  Required
b. Outline the organization's or individual's thought leadership-related achievements since the beginning of 2022 that you wish to bring to the judges' attention (up to 250 words).  Required
c. Explain why the achievements you have highlighted are unique or significant.  If possible compare the achievements to the performance of other players in your industry and/or to the organization's or individual's past performance (up to 250 words).  Required
d. Reference any attachments of supporting materials throughout this nomination and how they provide evidence of the claims you have made in this nomination (up to 250 words).  Optional

2  Optional (but highly recommended), add to your entry up to 10 webpage links and up to 10 document uploads to support your case to the judges.  These might be press articles, press releases, videos, work  samples, internal or external reviews, or employee feedback, for example.

L01. Achievement in Thought Leadership Skills
Recognizing notable single achievements or a series of achievements related to the development of thought leadership skills across the organization.

L02. Achievement in Thought Leadership Talent
Recognizing notable single achievements or a series of achievements related to the integration of thought leadership into talent plans and career pathing across the organization.

L03. Achievement in Thought Leadership for Recruitment
Recognizing notable single achievements or a series of achievements related to development of the employer brand through thought leadership.

L04. Achievements in Internal Thought Leadership
Recognizing notable single achievements or a series of achievements for internal uses of thought leadership by HR.

L05. HR Thought Leader of the Year
Recognizing the achievements of individuals who have been leading voices - through their insights and advocacy - in the field of HR.