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Awards Process

All entries are first reviewed by Stevie® Awards staff to ensure that eligibility requirements are met, that entries are formatted properly in order to go forward to be judged, and that entries have been submitted in appropriate categories.

Determination of Gold, Silver and Bronze Stevie Winners

Judging will be conducted in July - August 2017. Judges will be recruited worldwide, will be invited or will apply to judge on the Stevie Awards for Great Employers web site, and if accepted will be assigned to a jury for certain category groups by Stevie Awards staff, based on their industry, function, and experience.  A judge will not be assigned categories to which their own organization has submitted entries.

Each entry will be reviewed and rated by no fewer than five (5) judges who have been approved as qualified (by Stevie Awards staff) to judge those entries. Rating will be done on a scale of 1-10.

The average scores of judges will determine the Gold, Silver and Bronze Stevie Award winners in each category.

In the Employer of the Year categories, the votes of the general public will be added to the average scores of the professional judges to determine the Stevie winners: .001 point per vote, or one (1) point for every 1,000 public votes.

Determination of Grand Stevie Award Winner

The organization that wins the most Gold, Silver and Bronze Stevie Awards will be presented with the Grand Stevie Award for Organization of the Year.  The winner will be determined by total points won, with a Gold Stevie win counting for three (3) points, a Silver Stevie win for two (2) points, and a Bronze Stevie win for one-and-a-half (1.5) points.