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2021 Winners' Circle

Below is a press release template you may use to publicize your achievement to the world. 

Also featured here are Stevie Winners logos that 2021 Gold, Silver, Bronze Stevie winners may use online, in social media, in email signatures, and in print. 

We have a group on LinkedIn called Stevie Award Honorees. As a 2021 Stevie winner you are invited to join this group and to display the STEVIE AWARDS HONOREES logo on your LinkedIn profile.

You can frame your profile picture on Facebook with a 2021 Stevie Winner frame, and add a 2021 Stevie Winner background image to your LinkedIn profile.

Finally, we routinely profile Stevie Award winners in our weekly email newsletter, our blog and our social media postings. Learn how to be considered for this spotlight.

Winner Logos

If you use any of these logos to signify one or more Stevie wins in the 2021 Stevie® Awards for Great Employers you agree to use them AS IS. You agree to not alter them in any way, other than to resize them. If you wish to render an altered version of one or more of these logos you must first receive approval from us. Logos may be used for promotional purposes only. They may not be used to produce keepsakes, mementos or mock awards.
   If you use one or more of these logos online, please link it to open http://www.StevieAwards.com/HR in a new tab or browser window.

SAGE21 Gold Winner
SAGE21 Siver Winner SAGE21 Bronze Winner
Small GIF
Facebook 1200x630
Instagram x1080
Twitter 1024x512
Small GIF
Facebook 1200x630
Instagram x1080
Twitter 1024x512

2021 Press Release Template

Download a template that you may use to write a press release announcing your organization's achievement. Limitations: if you issue a press release based on one of these templates, do not alter the paragraphs highlighted in red if you choose to use them. 

2021 Gold Silver Bronze Stevie Winner Press Release Template

With any questions about awards publicity, you may contact:

Nina Moore, Marketing Manager
Email: nina@stevieawards.com
Telephone: +1 703-547-8389


LinkedIn LogoAs a 2021 Stevie winner you are invited to join the STEVIE AWARD HONOREES group on LinkedIn and to display the STEVIE AWARD HONOREES logo on your LinkedIn profile.  You'll be in elite company and will be able to share and network with other Stevie honorees around the world.  Begin here...

SAGE21LinkedInImage2021 Stevie Winner Background Image for Your LinkedIn Profile

Add this image to the header background on your LinkedIn profile to show the world that you and your organization are 2021 Stevie winners!

Be sure to share this image with your team members and other colleagues.

Read this article on how to add or change the background on a LinkedIn profile.

Facebook profile picture frame2021 Stevie Winner Frame for Your Facebook Profile Picture

Select the 2021 Stevie Winner Frame on Facebook to modify your profile picture and show your friends and followers your achievement.

Be sure to share this link with your team members and other colleagues.

How to Be Profiled in Stevie Awards Media

Would your Stevie Award-winning organization like to be profiled in the Stevie Awards email newsletter, blog and social media channels? If yes, complete this form and our editors will consider your story. There is no cost to be featured if we choose to profile your organization.  There is no deadline to complete the form.
   Our weekly email newsletter has more than 60,000 subscribers, we have tens of thousands of social media followers, and our blog is regularly updated with stories about Stevie winners and judges.
   Complete the form today and our editors will contact you if they wish to profile your organization in our media.