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Name of Organization/Company: ej4, St Louis, MO USA
Category: ej4’s library of microlearning safety training videos

Entry Title: Safety Training


Released June and July 2020

ej4 offers a robust library of microlearning safety training videos. Every June we add to our library to help our clients celebrate National Safety Awareness Month. We add new topics and create promotional flyers to generate excitement and interest in safety training and give a boost to engagement.

Prior to June of 2020, our safety library already included topics like OSHA, PPE, electrical safety, forklift safety, and much more. Our new courses include:

•First Aid
-AED Training
-Toxic Plants
-Bug Bites and Stings
-EpiPens and Allergic Reactions
-Mammal Bites and Scratches
-Snake Bites

•Compliance safety, and accountability (CSA)
-CSA for Employees
-CSA for Managers
•Driving Safety
-Bad Weather Driving
-Aggressive Driving
-Driving Distractions
-Harsh Braking and Harsh Acceleration

•Commercial Driver’s License
-CDL Overview
-Basic Vehicle Control
-Transporting Cargo
-Transporting Hazardous Materials
-Hazardous Driving Conditions
-Accident and Fire Procedures
-Vehicle Inspections

•Lockout Tagout
-Introduction for Everyone
-Lockout Tagout Basics for Employers
-Advanced Lockout Tagout for Employers
-Lockout Tagout for Employees

•Bloodborne Pathogens
-Bloodborne Pathogens for Employers
-Bloodborne Pathogens for Employees

•Stand-Alone Courses
-Two-Wheeled Handcart
-Asbestos Safety 101
-Aerial Lift Safety

When this training is delivered via our LMS and combined with our client’s internal training efforts, clients can offer a complete safety learning solution. Includes features such as:

Easily assign courses (to groups or individuals with a deadline for self-paced learning or as pre-work before an instructor-led class.)

•Mobile access, anytime, anyplace: warehouse, manufacturing floor, delivery truck, etc.
•Training reinforcement to fight the Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve and transfer knowledge from short-term to long-term memory: exam upon completion, reminder quizzes 2 days, 2 weeks, 2 months, and 4 months later.
•Student materials with application questions for introspection and group discussion. A sample from our course on Aggressive Driving: Recall a time when you found yourself driving aggressively? What was the cause?
•Enhanced reporting to track completion and comprehension.

Year after year, our safety topics are some of our most viewed courses among all of our libraries.

In 2020 our Business Skills topic was viewed over 7,500,000 times, an increase of 316% from 2019. The increase in course views can be attributed to the new content we release during the year across all of our topics. At a time when companies had to quickly adjust due to the pandemic, our timely content releases gave companies the tools they needed to focus on their most important asset, their employees.

The revenue generated through our Business Skills Library, where our safety training content is located, had an increase in revenue in 2020 of 24% from the previous year. This was a great accomplishment in a year when a lot of businesses saw a decrease in overall revenue.

In 2020 we had a large state government agency sign a multi-year contract with ej4 for over 5,000 employees. In the past these users had engaged in self-directed learning, training outside of the mandated content, by only 17% of the user base. With ej4 content in place this same customer is now seeing 80% of learners utilizing content that is not required. Keeping our content up to date with relevant topics keeps learners engaged and constantly checking to see how they can perform better at their job.

Please visit this landing page to see sample microlearning courses, student materials and promotion flyers. https://www.ej4.com/stevies-2021-safety-training