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Name of Organization/Company: Turo Inc, San Francisco, CA USA
Category: Rising HR Star of the Year

Entry Title: Sasha Vernick, People Ops Coordinator


Sasha Vernick started with our company in Dec 2018 as a Recruiting Coordinator, a role in which she quickly excelled. She expressed interest in learning more about HR and in Jan 2020 she was promoted to People Ops Coordinator. Sasha is the secret sauce to keeping our small but might HR team on track throughout 2020. Her work is always top-notch, accurate, and complete. She sees around corners, asks meaningful questions and has learned how and when to escalate matters to me as necessary. She has incredible and natural instincts to be a great HR learer. She'

"Sasha is a tremendous colleague. From a jealousy perspective, I am going to be sad to see her move away from Recruiting and more towards HR. But I know she will be more challenged on the HR front."

"Sasha has the right DNA, curiosity and determination to be a successful People Ops Coordinator. Beyond those qualities, she also shows the ability to support others whether in Recruiting or in HR, helping others comes easy to Sasha. She is always so quick to respond to people's questions within Slack. You can tell she truly enjoys helping and supporting others."

"She is also hard working and efficient. With everything on her plate, she has shown time and time again, that she can take on a large workload while completely tasks efficiently. She is always looking for ways to improve processes or make tasks more simpler or efficient."

"And lastly, Sasha is down-to-earth! She is easy going and flexible. She is always willing to help me out and get an offer out during non business hours. She is humble and kind and always provides a great experience to my candidates."

I nominate Sasha Vernick for the Q1’20 Spirit of Adventure
Not only because she’s efficient, smart, and willing to venture
Into literally any People Ops task or project that is thrown at her,
But because she does so, happily and eagerly, regardless of the matter....

In Jan 2020, Sasha tackled the wrap-up our performance reviews with gusto. While still early in her career, and having never expecting nor experiencing something like a global pandemic, she quickly pivoted to helping me and our sole HRBP put together nearly 100 severance packages for the global layoffs due to COVID, prepare procedures for employees to immediately work from home, and many other tasks to help us navigate the 2020 COVID crisis. Simply put, Sasha didn't skip a beat throughout the pandemic. She was always at the ready to put together mental health sessions, and to help keep our culture alive by supporting our semi-annual all employee gatherings (in person in 1/20, virtual in 7/2020). And she basically performed two jobs through the bulk of 2020. She also not only covered her People Ops Coordinator role, but she also returned to serving as Recruiting Coordinator to ensure that interviews were scheduled and offer letters generated so as to keep our hiring on track.

"She wore many hats when it came to People Ops tasks as well as Recruiting. She remained as the liaison for hiring managers as recruiting began to pick up again."

"As a brand new People Ops Coordinator, Sasha took on so much within her first few months. By the time the COVID RIF hit in March, it felt as if Sasha was operating at a specialist or early generalist level. She was serving as my trusted peer and partner and continued to do so since March."

Sasha moved from Recruiting to People Ops at the start of this year,
So needless to say, she is due for many a beer.
In less than two months, Sasha proved she was an absolute asset,
Working long days and late nights and adding so much value to our quartet.

There were several tough weeks where our team got smaller,
But Sasha stepped up and was totally baller.
She explored systems, learned new processes, and in doing so showed
That she could do two jobs even when both rarely slowed.

Despite never having done HR work, Sasha is always eager
To jump right in with directions that can sometimes be described as “meager”
She takes those directions, cleans ‘em up and builds ‘em out,
Reformatting, rewriting, and with not so much as a pout.

Despite the very long hours spent on hold with ADP WorkforceNow,
The entire Human Resources field Sasha has, shockingly, not yet disavowed.
The emails and the constant questions can sometimes feel over the top,
But Sasha responds with care and grace and doesn't let anything drop.

Those are just a few reasons why I nominate Sasha for this Spirit of Adventure award
As she has shown incredible potential that really should not be ignored.
When the world can finally travel again and share one another’s airspace,
I hope Sasha has won so she can travel somewhere relaxing with a shiny new Away suitcase.

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