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Name of Organization/Company: Turo Inc, San Francisco, CA USA
Category: Recruiting or Talent Acquisition Professional of the Year

Entry Title: Zack Sutter, Manager, Non-Technical Recruiting


Zack Sutter is one of the best recruiters I've ever had the pleasure of working with over the course of my 25+ years working in Silicon Valley. Zack models our Turo values on a daily basis. He is very down to earth, approachable, and humble. He's very supportive of his hiring managers and his candidates. He takes time to truly learn about the roles he's assigned to close, and his communications with his candidates is proactive and timely. And with the additional workload during Q3 this year, Zack has once again proven his efficiency. He uses his time wisely and is a master at prioritizing the items that matter most. Zack always has candidate experience top of mind and works incredibly hard to ensure that his hiring managers always have the best process to ensure they are able to sign top talent.


"Thanks so much to the one and only Zack Sutter. Zack is always a supportive colleague who responds to unreasonable requests with with unreasonable turnaround times with a smile on his face and a can-do attitude. Thanks Zack for helping me out in a pinch even when I didn't deserve it!"

Zack had a roller coaster year in 2020. He had already hired a number of people by March 2020, when he was unfortunately impacted by our COVID-related layoffs. Upon his rehire in mid-July, he jumped right into recruiting mode. Without batting an eyelash, he stepped in to help many of our open searches, and while normally a non-technical recruiter, he picked up the engineering reqs that were pending at the time since we didn't have a technical recruiter on staff. At one point he was carrying 31 reqs. This was a HUGE load as we typically only give recruiters 12-13 reqs. True to form, he always kept candidate experience top of mind, and I heard directly from some of his hiring managers that they truly appreciated his consistent progress and attention to detail as he performed strongly under that additional workload and stress.


"When Zack came back to Turo he was our only recruiter, aside from (name removed). He filled his days with calls - taking on tech roles that he has never worked on before. He never complained once and didn't back down from the challenge. I am impressed by his ability to jump in after being gone for months and taking on the task with ease."

"Zack has a great attitude and personality. He is easy to work with and I’m always very satisfied after a recruiting process. I truly enjoy working with Zack."

"Zack’s performance in 2020 was great! It was terrible to have to let him go as part of the layoffs in March but I was thrilled that we could bring him back in mid-July. He hired 40+ people over the course of 2020 and he basically accomplished this on his own as he wasn’t supported by a dedicated sourcer and he didn't engage agency recruiters for help either. Also, it should be noted that as we were short recruiters going into Q3 when we ramped up hiring again, Zack stepped in to bear the technical recruiting load. Zack's strength in providing candidates with a great interview experience continued in 2020. His scorecard documentation continues to be superb and he still sets the bar for all others in this regard. Zack continued to be a supportive and collaborative partner to his hiring managers during 2020. He always takes the time to schedule intake meetings with his hiring managers so as to really understand the role inside and out so that he can then convey the opportunity in an authentic and compelling way to candidates. Zack helped drive the charge on the employee referral charge. He also took over being in charge of the Recruiting presentation during new hire orientation. He has been the sole "face" of recruiting and educates our new hires every other week. Zack also was instrumental in onboarding our new contract recruiter and our new recruiting coordinator."

Verbatims from his hiring managers and peers:

-Keep doing what you are doing. I wouldn't change a thing!
-His recruiting experience is invaluable. He is meticulous in his approach but at the same time practical and easy to work with. Once the process has begun, he keeps the ball rolling until we find and secure the right candidate. He is great at communicating and keeping hiring managers up to date on the search. Most importantly, he has a good eye to identify the right pool of candidates.
-Zack has a great attitude and personality. He is easy to work with and I’m always very satisfied after a recruiting process. I truly enjoy working with Zack.
-Zack checks in with me frequently to make sure I am handling everything well and asks how he can assist me. He always shows his appreciation toward me... He is warm and easy to talk to. He works extremely fast and always prioritizes his work.
-Zack was super knowledgable, extremely organized, and I felt that he was firmly in control of the entire process. Despite the fact that he was planning his wedding at the same time, Zack was always on top of things and never let the ball drop. I enjoyed our weekly catch-ups.
-Zack is really easy to work with and we have created a really strong relationship... I value our open communication... He is thoughtful and kind... His organizational skills and attention to details make everything so much easier on my end.