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Name of Organization/Company: TrueBlue and PeopleReady, Willowbrook, IL USA
Category: Human Resources Executive of the Year

Entry Title: Andrea Brogger, Chief People Officer


Andrea Brogger, Chief People Officer at TrueBlue, began her career with the organization over 10 years ago. Before being promoted into her current role, she held positions including Director of Compensation & Benefits, VP of Global Talent and Culture, and VP of HR. Before joining TrueBlue, Andrea most recently worked for Microsoft. Andrea holds a master’s degree in business administration and an executive master’s degree in human resources management from Cornell University.

Andrea is passionate about creating innovative strategies that anticipate future skill and competency requirements and align with the broader business strategy. As part of her efforts, she champions programs that enable professional growth and development for employees at all levels of the organization. Andrea is dedicated to making TrueBlue a destination for top talent and an exceptional place to work, with industry-leading employee retention and job satisfaction. She spearheads multiple employee engagement programs for the company’s global workforce, focusing on enabling highly engaged virtual teams.

Andrea stepped into the Chief People Officer role at the beginning of the pandemic, just as the organization went through headcount reductions and other considerable changes. Her immediate focus was to deliver programs that ensured that employees felt appreciated, engaged, and connected to the organization and our mission.

Andrea and Team worked to stabilize the workforce by ensuring that our programs reflected this new normal where employees worked onsite and virtually. Employee engagement and increased communication efforts were successful as TrueBlue saw engagement scores increase by 2 when many employers were struggling to keep employees connected.

In addition to keeping our teams connected, we needed to continue to have a ready pipeline of diverse talent to help the organization recover from the impacts of the pandemic. Andrea and her team implemented several learning, growth, and development solutions to ensure employees continued to see successfully integrating new hires into our organization through success coaches, intended to help build connections and camaraderie in a distanced world.

Andrea stepped into a new role during a tumultuous time and was able to drive immediate impact while delivering on the responsibilities of her prior role. She quickly reorganized the HR team to better support the business throughout the pandemic. This included teams that could respond quickly to the shifting talent marketplace while also ensuring that we retain, grow, and develop our talent pipeline for key positions.

The pandemic was challenging for all of us. Our engagement survey vendor noted a 4% decline in employee satisfaction during the first half of the pandemic while we saw an increase. In fact, all of our scores were significantly above the benchmarks. Our scores in empowerment, trust in leadership, coworker and manager respect continued to increase considerably during 2020. Confirming that our increased efforts in communication, engagement and development made an impact on our teams.

Andrea Brogger featured on CNN discussing how companies can best prepare for a hybrid workplace.

Brogger helped conceive and launch a virtual, intensive leadership development program focused on growing our diverse talent pipelines for top leadership positions.

Webpage Link: https://www.cnn.com/2021/05/21/success/hybrid-employees-company/index.html

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