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Name of Organization/Company: Trane Technologies, Davidson, NC USA
Category: Employer of the Year – Manufacturing

Entry Title: Trane Technologies


Trane Technologies is a global climate innovator that sees opportunities in the world’s challenges. Together with their brands Trane (residential and commercial HVAC business) and Thermo King (truck refrigeration) and their portfolio of environmentally responsible products and services, they bring efficient and sustainable climate innovations to buildings, homes, and transportation.

In 2020, Trane Technologies was navigating an organizational change as they formed into a new company – transitioning to an independent company after separating from Ingersoll-Rand in March. As part of their company launch, leadership wanted to reinforce their commitment to employee wellbeing. Because Trane Technologies has a highly diverse workforce including over 22,000 union and salaried employees (remote and office-based), one of their biggest goals in upgrading their wellbeing program was to create a more inclusive experience for all of their people. To achieve this, they needed to make it easy for every worker to find and access all types of resources, establish ways to personalize the experience, and meet people where they are, regardless of worksite.

Trane Technologies had a list of things to solve for – including providing a single destination for employees to access resources through web and mobile, flexibility and scalability to add new programs as needed (including a range of new COVID-19 resources), and the data, analytics, and multi-channel outreach to drive personalized engagement. When they made the switch to Welltok as their wellbeing partner in 2020, they didn’t know they would be launching a new program in the middle of a pandemic. But their new Be Well platform, developed to support the whole-person approach to wellbeing – addressing physical, financial, social, and emotional health – proved to be an essential tool to engaging and helping employees through this challenging time.

With Be Well, the company created a one-stop shop to access wellbeing resources, eliminating the need to go searching for support. Early adoption and engagement results far surpassed expectations, especially during a year like 2020. With a thoughtful, multi-channel communications launch plan, early employee response was extremely positive with over 66% registering on Be Well within the first four months and over 70% of them completing targeted actions like a health risk assessment or getting a biometric screening.

With frontline employees, including some tapped to deliver COVID-19 vaccines across the country, Trane Technologies saw additional value from this new benefits program by leveraging it to resurface important mental health resources, like the company’s EAP, to those who may need additional support.

Trane Technologies’ corporate wellness team is responsible for implementing effective wellbeing programs that cater to individuals within their diverse workforce. Be Well is an essential tool to provide more accessible, equitable and inclusive resources for all employees. They focus on inclusion and health equity by using more communications channels like text and direct mail to reach more employees and increase awareness about available benefits. Since many employees are field workers, HR recognized that traditional methods like a blast email would get missed and the people that may need the programs most wouldn’t know about them.

Hosting all benefits in one place makes it easier for people to find what they need. Internal research revealed some employees use over 12 apps a day to do their job alone and asking them to use a dozen more for wellbeing activities wasn’t going to work. Be Well is offered on the web and through one app, so users can complete targeted actions from any location.

Finally, they diversified their offerings to meet a wider variety of needs and connect people with the most relevant programs versus a one-size-fits-all approach. This is possible by using data and analytics to understand individual needs and to offer them up – without compromising privacy. One employee may see a pre-diabetes program, while another sees one for back pain. Because of the partner Trane Technologies selected, new programs can be quickly added and launched based on what the data tells the company its employees need at that time.

The first attachment is from a webinar with Business Group on Health in January 2021 in which the global wellness leader from Trane Technologies discussed their Be Well platform in great depth, showing examples of programs and impressive results. And the proof is in the pudding! Welltok’s annual survey to end users about their experience using the platform received individual feedback about personal milestones or ways they are managing a chronic condition. One employee said, “I have been able to manage my diabetes and weight with instruction and guidance from [Trane Technologies’] wellbeing [programs].” For others, it’s about maintaining a healthy lifestyle and utilizing rewards: “I am already a healthy and very active person. However, I’m grateful we have this platform and the corresponding benefits rewards that it generates. When I observe my co-workers that are striving to improve their health, I do believe this platform has provided the structure and motivation to help them achieve their goals.”

As COVID became more apparent in the United States, resources became tight and everything was reevaluated – but Trane Technologies’ senior leadership decided employee engagement and wellbeing was too important to defund and continued pursuing their pre-pandemic plans. The organization exhibited that healthy, happy employees are its greatest asset by launching Be Well to reach their populations (and targeted subsets) with relevant messaging, making it easy and rewarding for employees to focus on their wellbeing while taking advantage of resources available to them.

Be Well is one of the first projects implemented under the new brand, underscoring the value they put on the health and wellbeing of their workforce. As part of their employee COVID-19 campaign, they launched a vaccine Action Card with rewards through their platform, positioning the company as a reliable source of accurate information and demonstrating flexibility to adapt to needs mid-cycle. As a result, they saw over 5,600 completions of both vaccine doses over the first two months (as of 5/19/2021). Additionally, 22% of their medically enrolled population have received 25 points for attesting to receiving their COVID-19 vaccine.

As part of their employee COVID-19 campaign, Trane Technologies launched an email to provide timely, relevant information about the virus. In the attached screen shot, employees received information and reminders about rewardable programs to get vaccinated, stay active, and ways to volunteer safely to help boost mental health.

Supporting Document : The Year That Changed Employee Well-being