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Name of Organization/Company: TimeXtender, Bellevue, WA USA
Category: Most Innovative Workplace Redesign

Entry Title: TimeXtender


Once the pandemic hit, TimeXtender went to work immediately to modify its workplace to help keep its employees (called the Xpeople) safe, healthy, engaged and informed. Here are the changes the company made.

A). One Global Team - Work from Anywhere

TimeXtender completely revamped its business to enable Xpeople to work remotely from anywhere in the world. It provided reimbursements for employees to build their home office and for external office memberships. It changed how progress is measured, now monitoring by production rather than office hours. To support this work-from-anywhere initiative, weekly online breakfasts are offered for Xpeople to interact and socialize with colleagues around the world.

B). Weekly Recharge Sessions

Weekly online sessions are offered to recharge and offer mind and body exercises that focus on a life theme, health and well-being. This program consists of:

• Relaxation and tension release for face, body, mind, and breathing

• Strengthening the body, core and muscles

• Breathing, visualization and meditation sessions

• Stretching to keep body vigorous and limber

• Combination flow of exercise, breathing, meditation and activities

C). Organizational Purpose Circles (OPCs)

OPCs were instituted enabling Xpeople to be mostly self-managed. This accelerated work-from-home autonomy and helped them reach new levels of agility, productivity, sustainability, and innovation, while inspiring them towards greater personal and organizational growth. Group synergy has come alive with idea sharing, mentoring and learning -- blending individual and organizational purpose. Xpeople cherish the opportunity to share responsibilities of technical leadership, management, planning, implementation and delivery assurance.


The Xpeople shared perspectives with colleagues in blog posts. This was very helpful for everyone transitioning to work from home. Here’s feedback from one employee about the new program that addressed health and safety during the pandemic.

"’Work from Anywhere’ is an integral part of our company's culture. TimeXtender has embraced the benefits of the ‘new normal’ that is working from home,” said Taylor Hagin, solution specialist, TimeXtender. “The company's founders, Heine and Anne, believe that providing the greatest amount of flexibility to their team is an invaluable tool and essential to promoting happiness and balance, as well as boosting productivity, as we continue to re-define what it means to work. Focusing on outcomes - rather than timesheets - is in the TimeXtender DNA. Why? Because Time Matters.

"Where we spend our time (physically) isn’t as important as the quality of the time spent, and how we spend that time matters even more. This is a win-win-win situation! Fitting, as this win-win-win mentality is another one of our mantras here at TimeXtender.”

Also, frequent internal surveys among the Xpeople showed that there was an increased demand for direction and alignment during the pandemic. Given this, TimeXtender offered more frequent “TimeOut sessions.” These sessions helped to inform and communicate to the Xpeople about company direction, alignment and commitment.

In addition to internal surveys, an independent organization conducted an anonymous survey after the company’s Work from Anywhere rollout. The results can be found in the attached document, along with other Xpeople testimonials.