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Name of Organization/Company: The INSIDE View Inc., Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada:
Category: Leadership Training

Entry Title: Customer Experience(CX) Mastery - Leadership Certification Training


Customer Experience(CX) Mastery was curated initially in 2018 to be an in-person training conducted over the course of several months; however, with the global COVID-19 Pandemic pivot that was required in 2020, CX Mastery was re-launched on March 22nd, 2021, as a LIVE, interactive virtual Learning Experience, with elements of surprise and delight along the way.

We have successfully revised and updated the training to service leadership teams of small-medium businesses across the globe. The new version of CX Mastery has a strong foundation of emotional intelligence, leadership development, and social interactivity.

An astounding 86% of buyers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience. But how do you instill a passion for Customer Experience Design while creating long-lasting, transformational, behavioural shifts in your organization?

Introducing Customer Experience (CX) Mastery: a groundbreaking new and improved program led by international speaker and award-winning experience expert Crystal D'Cunha, designed to bring fundamental, progressive change to your organization while creating an autonomous, positive culture. CX Mastery is an innovative, strategic and highly accountable approach to training your team and bringing excellence to your organization that will IGNITE your leaders, EXCITE your employees and DELIGHT your customers so they are loyal for life.

CX Mastery is made up of 7 Steps:

Vision Vitals: Vision Vitals underscores your unified, idealistic vision for the future of your organization, created to inspire, motivate and powerfully connect every single employee while integrating the actionable items it takes to achieve your desired outcome.

Lovesick Leadership: In this competency, you will identify your leadership style and use this information to effectively communicate to your employees, resulting in high engagement and empowerment, amplifying their performance levels.

Culture Connection: In this critical competency, you will uncover the essential elements that contribute to cultivating a culture of success from not only the top-down but also from the inside-out.

Design to Delight: One of the most celebrated competencies in the CX Mastery program, in Design to Delight, you will undergo the ultra-profound 'Journey Mapping' methodology. Your detailed customer persona will be created through this process, serving as your organizational compass to design the memorable, lasting experience your customer desires.

Top Talent: What does it take to attract the right talent for your organization? In this course, you will determine the potentiality to design an engaging learning and development experience, how to set clear expectations, and how to inspire a magnetic spirit, so your employees and future employees are set up to thrive.

Sales & Service Mastery: This competency enables you to shift your perspective on sales and service—the genesis of success stemming from the inside first. You will be able to identify and deeply understand the emotional connection between buyers and their decision-making process, allowing you to carefully and effectively craft your own sales process.

Coaching Confidence: In this competency, you will have an exclusive lesson in our signature approach to cultivating a customer-centric, confident culture rooted in the mindset of growth.

The beauty of the program is that it allows organizations to maintain sustainability through its robust and long-term approach. Participants initially participate in an 8-week, live, interactive, virtual training, followed by lifelong learning modules sent electronically regularly Additional "training upgrades" can be added to the CX Mastery certification training depending on the needs of the business, including but not limited to:

Diversity, Equity and inclusion
Design Thinking
Customer Service
Women in Business
Customer Journey Mapping
Train the Trainer
Conflict Resolution
Effective Communication and more

Igniting Leaders, Excite Employees and Delight Customers; that is the methodology behind The INSIDE views, Customer Experience (CX) Mastery certification training. Rooted in Customer Experience Design and supported by Emotional intelligence and Diversity Equity and inclusion, CX Mastery is specifically designed for company executives, directors, internal influencers or managers within small/medium-sized organizations to take together. In this eight-week LIVE, Virtual Training (4 hours a week), participants learn the seven CX competencies—an ecosystem of strategies/techniques synergistically working together—driving sustained, extraordinary, behavioural change in organizations on a global scale.

Weekly, participants receive a surprise Experience box; these include customized elements that appeal to the senses and connect to the content presented that week. This surprise and delight factor allows participants to look forward to the learning journey ahead.

Weekly preparation emails encourage and inspire participants to prepare their homework as a team. Participants take an assessment weekly that requires an 80% passing grade. In addition, participants may select an "optional upgrade" to add a Diversity and Inclusion certification, Customer Journey Mapping, Customer Service, Design Thinking, Train the Trainer and other modules to the training.

CX Mastery's unique and highly engaging virtual training style allows participants to network and connect when in-person networking is unavailable (COVID-19 restrictions). In addition, connecting with like-minded leaders from across the globe cultivates a culture of inspiration, diversity and sustainability.

In week eight, participants present their Customer Experience strategy as a Leadership team. Participants measure their success weekly and are held accountable by their peers to execute the strategy proposed. In addition, participants connect a private Facebook group to "catch up," measure progress and ask for help. This supportive confidential Facebook group allows participants to stay connected to the learning journey and continue learning from each other and inspiring each other.

Lastly, to ensure CX Mastery principles stay top of mind and that participants consistently sharpen their skills. The INSIDE view regularly sends video emails with learning lessons . Participants will receive this customized communication as long as they are a member of our community.

CX Mastery allows leadership teams to be stronger together, rooted in Emotional Intelligence, Diversity and inclusion, and most of all, Customer Experience design.

Pre-covid, The INSIDE View was only able to service one business at a time in person. With the transition to an interactive, live, virtual training approach, we can service multiple organizations from across the globe at once, allowing them to learn from each other and strengthen their connections along the way. It has also allowed us to maximize our time, designing a one-of-a-kind, customized, and carefully curated experience for each participant individually. We believe that for leaders to provide an excellent experience for their employees and their customers, they must encounter unique experiences themselves, which Ignite, excite and delight them!

We have received a 100% customer satisfaction rating (focus groups to be conducted in 2022). In addition, participants have seen and are continuing to see increased employee engagement and customer satisfaction within weeks of actioning what they learned CX Mastery. The report card system we suggest to measure CX success allows businesses to action their strategy on time.

At the launch of CX Mastery in March of 2021, our goal was to recover from COVID and generate $100,000 in sales from CX Mastery and Diversity and Inclusion training combined.

We invested $15,000+ in marketing initiatives to launch. In the Winter we will welcome an additional 50-100 guests ready to be certified, generating a significant increase in sales recovery from COVID for 2022

CX Mastery is the ONLY Leadership Training Certification centered around Customer Experience Design, , curated specifically for small/medium businesses globally and is proud to be an approved training program by the Canada Job Grant (CJG). The CJG reimburses qualified companies across Canada a significant percentage of the training cost. It assists businesses through economic recovery and supports continued education. This funding allows organizations, especially those with small teams, not-for-profits, and those of diverse backgrounds, to enhance their skills and to build a sustainable and robust organization with top talent leading the way.

The INSIDE View’s CEO Crystal D’Cunha is a Senior facilitator with the Customer Service Professional Association and a regular contributor to the Customer Experience Professionals Association, Women in CX and GroYourBiz, all globally recognized membership communities that support Customer Experience Design, Leadership development, business growth and Diversity, Equity and inclusion initiatives. In addition, the INSIDE View is proud to be recognized as a diverse supplier and is an advocate for minority-owned businesses.

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