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Name of Organization/Company: Tech Mahindra Ltd., Pune, Maharashtra, India
Category: Achievement in Learning Technology Implementation

Entry Title: NAD Learn


Tech Mahindra (TechM) offers innovative and customer-centric digital experiences, enabling enterprises, associates and the society to Rise™.

It’s USD 5.1 billion organization with 121,00+ professionals across 90 countries helping 1000+ global customers, including Fortune 500 companies.

TechM is focused on leveraging next-generation technologies including 5G, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence, and more, to enable end to end digital transformation for global customers. TechM’s core operations are been built around the credo ‘Connected World. Connected Experiences.’

TechM is one of the fastest growing brands and amongst the top 15 IT service providers globally. With the NXT.NOW framework, Tech Mahindra aims to enhance ‘Human Centric Experience’ for its ecosystem and drive collaborative disruption with synergies arising from a robust portfolio of companies. TechM delivers tomorrow’s experiences today and believes that the ‘Future is Now’.

TechM is part of the Mahindra Group, a USD 19.4 billion federation of companies that enables people to Rise. It enjoys a leadership position in utility vehicles, information technology, financial services and vacation ownership in India and is the world’s largest tractor company by volume. The Mahindra Group is headquartered in India and employs over 2,56,000 people across 100 countries.

• Philosophy: TechM’s FIT4Future agenda – 'Creating future-ready workforce today, while fulfilling employees' career aspirations”

• Problem: Traditional learning management systems were self-limiting– lack of practice platforms, poor personalization, outdated content, etc. on 1-platform – impacting scale and speed of skilling.

• Solution: #NAD.Learn platform (formerly called Upskilling as a Service)
- #NAD.Learn is an AI-based platform powered by ‘New Age Delivery’ engine to provide interactive, on-demand, contextual and hyper-personalized up-skilling to employees in self-service mode.

• Features : What constitutes #NAD.Learn
- Skills Marketplace: Built on TechM’s home-grown #NewAgeDelivery engine. Uses Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to understand employee’s profile & job description to match skill-sets.
- Self-Learning: Recommends learning courses by eliminating many manual processes/approvals empowers employees to self-learn thus freeing up bandwidth of learning staff
- Modular: Learning is via Skilling-Knowledge-Unit(SKU), a logical combination of skills across technology, domain, behavioural and professional competencies. Employees complete SKU’s to up-skill. SKU based learning helps build holistic Full-stack (End-to-End) professionals rather than single-skilled employees.
- Automated: AI algorithm recommends career path’s & skill-adjacent SKU’s based on employee’s defined skill-set, time availability and previous learning preferences. Employee get access to high quality curated learning content, assessments and practice environments.
- Wholesome: Provides seamless access to external world-class curated content, assessments and practice environment from across 30+ partners like Udemy, edX, Mettl etc.
- Complementary : Links to existing career management platforms like Extra Miles (gig-work), Talex (job rotation with gamification) and Makers Lab (create innovative projects using next-gen technologies)

• Business buy-in: Proof in results
– Availability of key skills is directly linked to business growth. With 10k+ certified, 25k+ undergoing upskilling in new-age technologies, digital revenue mix increased by 10% to 44% in FY20
– With 50k+ associates who completed upskilling for project requirements, there was USD 45Mn+ savings in FY20
– Facilitates continuous upskilling and maps career-paths making learning a retention tool. Attrition of employees active on #NAD.Learn is 50% less than organizational average.
– Help reduce high costs of hiring external talent with internal fulfilment increasing to 65%.
– Customers have shown interest in #NAD.Learn implementation for their organizations

• Employee adoption: Democratize learning
– #NAD.Learn provides the learner a choice on when, where, what to learn. It also rewards them with a clear articulation of outcome post learning in terms of a new role, onsite assignment or financial rewards. This has improved Learning Reach to 93%
– AI-tool uses skill-adjacency to recommend learning modules. This has increased multi-skilling & employability with self-learning increasing to 82%
– Employees have become learning evangelists with a push from customer requirements and pull based on learning recommendations linked to career aspirations. This has led to 30% bandwidth of learning staff enabling them to work on customized learning interventions

• Catalyst: Accelerated learning evolution
– Helped learning evolve for large-scale workforce transformation
– SKU based learning creates full-stack professionals. With 1000 SKU’s covering 90+% of skills and access to 30+ content partners, employees access holistic learning on 1 platform -#NAD.Learn.

• Foundation: #NewAgeDELIVERY engine
o TechM’s propriety #NewAgeDELIVERY (NAD) engine brings together the latest technologies, frameworks, methodologies to design, build and deploy the products/applications faster, cheaper and better.

• Design: Creating #NAD.Learn
o First step was to identify future skills and job roles needed through analysis of pipeline deals and futuristic trends and build learning paths mapped to these skills and job roles.
o Second step was to build a platform ecosystem using #NAD through integration of multiple partners in the space of content, assessment, practice platforms, video and micro learning that would take learning to the learner
o Shift from Skills to Skill-Knowledge-Unit (SKU). Each SKU was designed as a logical combination of skills. The courses are mapped to skills and assessment tools.

• Enabling: Popularizing #NAD.Learn internally
o Published testimonials and success stories
o Learning campaigns that led to 15% increase in SKU assignment
o Continuous enhancements to #NAD.Learn with new SKU’s, learning partners, learning programs etc.

• Partner Platforms/ Tools: Learning Ecosystem
o Learning Management System: Sumtotal
o Content Providers: Udemy for Business, edX, NASSCOM FutureSkilling, SAP Learning Hub, Oracle, Harvard Spark
o Assessments: Mettl, SimpliLearn, HackerRank, Jombay - Pearson & Hogan/ SOSIE, Thomas Assessments
o Virtual Training tools: Webex, MS Teams, Zoom
o Video Learning: kPoint
o Mobile micro-learning: PalmLeaf
o Simulation tools: Knolskape, SimuRise
o Practice Platform: Nuvepro, VInsys

• Future Plans: #NAD.Learn for all
o Extend #NAD.Learn to academia, thereby helping college students become future-ready
o Offer #NAD.Learn to Mahindra Group companies and customers






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