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Gold Stevie Award Winner 2021, Click to Enter The 2022 StevieĀ® Awards for Great Employers

Name of Organization/Company: TaskUs, New Braunfels, TX USA
Category: Achievement in Workplace Health & Wellbeing

Entry Title: TaskUs’s Wellness & Resiliency Department Leads the Industry in Employee Support


As an outsourcing leader working with the world's most innovative technology companies, from digital CX to content security, AI operations, consulting, and anything in between, our teams are responsible for protecting our partners’ interests and supporting their long term success. TaskUs has taken a different approach to customer success by prioritizing our employees’ wellbeing as the linchpin of client experience. Fundamental to this work is TaskUs’s Wellness & Resiliency Department. This department, led by clinicians and psychology experts who are part of the TaskUs family, operates as its own entity separate from TaskUs HR.

These industry-leading experts researched, created, tested and fine tuned what we’re now calling “The TaskUs Method:” a comprehensive, global psychological health and safety program for our employees – guided by the practice of evidence based psychology and grounded in neuroscience. TaskUs is committed to providing individual coaching or counseling, psychoeducational outreach, group coaching sessions, leadership development and on-demand wellness resources.

The Wellness & Resiliency Department promotes psychological health and wellbeing through comprehensive and employee-centered programing.

The Wellness & Resiliency Department is committed to providing individual coaching or counseling, psychoeducational outreach, group coaching sessions, leadership development, and on-demand wellness resources.

One challenge of executing a global wellness program of this magnitude is the availability of local mental health professionals. Some regions have stronger stigmas associated with psychological care with resulting fewer licensed clinicians. Optimum outcomes hinge on hiring local professionals who can deliver the program in a way that honors cultural norms. It is imperative to provide a flexible program framework for different cultures and not push Western mental health care modalities to the masses.

We invested in training our own internal team of life coaches in basic psychological first aid and triage mechanisms. This stepped model of intervention adds value on multiple levels. Since our life coaches are armed with mental health care techniques and the ability to identify people who may be at risk, they can help bridge the gap of therapeutic support in those countries and assist in preventative care service delivery. Still, we ensure that licensed professionals are always available to work in tandem to co-facilitate and deliver programming.

Additionally, TaskUs developed programs in 2020, and continuing into 2021, to encourage healthy lifestyles. A recent initiative launched directly by our Co-Founder and President, Global Wellness Employee Resource Group, and our VP of Global Wellness & Resiliency, was our 21-Day Healthy Habit Challenge. With the goal of 1,000 teammates participating, across all of our locations, we’re happy to share that we have exceeded our goal and 4,001 teammates successfully completed the challenge by starting and maintaining a new healthy habit!

When it comes to supporting the meaningful work of our team, TaskUs is leading the outsourcing industry in building community, opportunity and resiliency through our approach to supporting team members’ health and wellbeing. We conducted an initial research study comparing our TaskUs Method to employee wellbeing to traditional employee assistance programs and reactive care models used by other organizations.

The employees who participated in our method had higher measured resiliency and exhibited higher levels of mental wellness from a psychometric standpoint. Findings were supported by running a variance analysis between the wellness programs, finding that there is a 99 percent probability that employees who used the TaskUs Method of customized wellness programs will score higher on resiliency testing and experience increased psychological health compared to others.

We also looked at key operational performance indicators such as output and quality and discovered that our programming positively impacted job performance. When combining scores across the business, our employees scored on average a 4.1 percent performance increase. TaskUs continues our commitment to building a comprehensive resiliency scorecard for team members and developing a real-time dashboard that will enable the Resiliency Team to monitor employee well-being, program effectiveness, and program utilization across 30 unique data points.



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