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Name of Organization/Company: Tata Consultancy Services, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Category: Achievement in Executive Development

Entry Title: TCS Emerging Leadership Seminar


At TCS, the Leadership, Business Skills and Culture pillar of Talent Development aims at enabling, developing and distributing the right leadership capabilities and behaviors across the organization. The organization carries the ethos of investing in people and developing leaders from within. We have an integrated framework of inter-related training programs for developing leaders at each level in the organization. Leadership programs are based on the mature and customized competency management framework that offers a detailed competency taxonomy and catalog. Most managers have not had formal education in the management pillar earlier in their education or career hence require formal inputs.

Therefore, there is a need for a senior manager development program that helps develop the following key capabilities within senior leaders:

• Strategic thinking capability as they step into strategic roles and responsibilities
• Understanding and managing budgets and P&L
• Managing multiple and complex teams across different cross functional areas
• Building customer relationships

In addition, senior managers are stepping into roles where they are required to manage multiple teams or more complex teams as they collaborate across units in the organization. This requires new capabilities that they have not had a chance to experience earlier in their careers.

The TCS Emerging Leadership Seminar (TCSeLS) is designed for emerging senior managers in the organization to develop their leadership capability across the above-mentioned areas. It is a concise general management program to build and appreciation of and the ability to respond to the shifts in business environment and deliver sustained business growth.

The business goal of the program is to develop senior managers to undertake executive responsibilities and greater challenges of managing and simultaneously growing the business of the organization. Towards this, participants need to understand and proactively respond to rapid and massive shifts in the business environment that impact customer expectations and behavior through leadership of business and people.

Business results showcase the effectiveness of the program including:

  • 100% of the Annual Operating Plan target being achieved in terms of creating the leadership pipeline of numbers
  • trained to take on senior positions.
  • Above 78% of graduates are currently in senior positions or roles
  • Above 82% of graduates have maintained their high performance in the year after completing the program
  • The retention rate of graduates of TCSeLS has been abobe 93% in the last 5 years
  • More than 30% of the graduates of the program have already shown role progression to higher roles post program completion

Alumni of the program have reported changes in behavior through user testimonials such as
Insights on business acumen, customer management Increased ability to converse with customers on their business, Holistic thinking, connecting the different parts to make a complete picture, understanding the finer nuances of different perspectives from other stakeholders

The TCSeLS was designed as a senior manager development program to help managers make the shift to the executive role and related responsibilities. It aims to groom managers into senior manager/ emerging leadership positions.

A unique segment of the program is the Unconventional learning – this focuses on purpose-driven business by engaging with an organization that works in a purpose led non-profit space and identifying ways to collaborate with that entity while growing business.

The program through a combination of design, content and delivery develops higher level competencies that are essential for executive success including Strategic Thinking, Business Acumen, Customer Focus, Eclectic Thinking, Problem Solving, Impact and Influence, Leadership, Contextual and Organisation Awareness.

The program helps leaders to attain the competencies to think strategically and enhance their business acumen as they understand the complexity of running their business segment or unit while balancing mutually dependent requirements.

Executives focus on innovation and creativity as tools for growing their business and this sharpens their eclectic thinking, enabling them to connect the dots to solve complex problems.

Executive responsibilities demand the ability to impact and influence a diverse set of stakeholders from customers to employees to senior management and build upon the leadership traits required to lead from the front.