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Gold Stevie Award Winner 2021, Click to Enter The 2022 StevieĀ® Awards for Great Employers

Name of Organization/Company: Pernod Ricard India, Gurgaon, Haryana, India
Category: Employer of the Year - Food & Beverage

Entry Title: Pernod Ricard


Pernod Ricard India’s brands uplift spirits by delivering joy through market defining premium products & brand excellence consistency across different product lines – globally. This is possible when employees have the happiest & most fulfilling working, living & thriving experience for consistently scaling up performances and staying committed to performance excellence. Our brand & people excellence vision is scaling up this experiential brand experience to create work-euphoria as an unbeatable employer brand differentiator. We deliver on this overarching vision by developing & nurturing organizational performance excellence brand advocates who become industry role models reinforcing our market leadership. By scaling up employees + families’ work-happiness-quotient, pride & belongingness we fully harness our people’s skills, energies, aspirations, passions & community-people compassion. This happiest place to work strategy is delivering exceptional financial ROI and people Roii (return on inspiration & innovation) for the benefit of everyone: stakeholders, workers, customers, evangelists, industry watchers & government.

This happiest-inspirational place to work has 4 contributing constituents >- Happiness, Finesse, Kindness and Readiness. We are harnessing futuristic innovation-focused industry 4.0 digital disruptive technologies’ leveraging neuroplasticity driven upskilling to prepare employees for profound changes in working relationships, legal formalities & business process re-engineering.

We’re consistently scaling up happiness, self-pride & belongingness in employees & their families by

1a) Happiness for employees-assuring & equipping employees for global opportunities -empowering them to switch roles & geographies for a forever enriching work experience. This allows employees to uncover innate skills & talents boosting joy & fulfilment. This makes happiness visible & ‘infectious’ for everyone. With greater inclusivity-diversity we operate like a harmonious-collaborative family creating ripples of happy-fulfilment transforming champion employees into industry role models.

1b) Happiness for employees’ families - our wellness-happiness platform Ananda wins hearts & minds with special activity based fitness, home-fun initiatives for spouse & children. Our special work life balance enhancement initiative Project Reboot grants ample free time with digital fasting off-days (no mails, no meetings) enabling employees and their families experience enhanced happiness-togetherness. Combined with excellent health & safety measures employees & their families always feel happy, secure, and productive.

2) Finesse- HR is making employees highly skilled & future ready: future of work and future of business (emerging market innovations). We maximize people-agility & joy of working, minimizing business & productivity risks with a “performance with a purpose” focus & superior future agility upskilling based on emerging business challenges reported by global consulting majors. Our future ready, skills agility driven L&D initiative intelligently aligns business necessities with evolving employee aspirations and global business growth priorities. Scaling up ‘joyous, fulfilling productivity with superior future readiness has regularly delivered better business outcomes & higher.

Our trendsetting HR succeeds by enabling enterprisewide talent resurrection with diverse leaders becoming committed people intrapreneurship messiahs. This HR2.0 revolution promotes & nurtures inclusivity with greater transparency & equity by

a) actively building a comprehensive skills-inventory of different employees’ innate drivers/passion & proven competencies that can be leveraged to serve the interests of employee & organization alike. This allows employees to ‘grow’ into new refreshing job or geography. This transforms HR teams into proactive innovators & people empowerment ‘torchbearers’ making them superior employer brand advocates.

b) creating cross-departmental change champions by carefully observing high performing employees’ attitudes & aptitudes By scrutinizing both formal & informal attitudes & work performances, we’ve empowered L&D to facilitate employees’ neuroplasticity driven transformation programmes enabling them to discover their newer, more capable self-consistently thankful to organization to boost productivity, motivation & retention.

c) nurturing enterprise-wide culture of diversity, inclusivity & equity by ensuring transparency, inter-departmental jobs transferability, conscious fair-play in sharing of opportunities across genders, regional-racial background & skills-competency upskilling. This sparked a wave of employee self-pride, enabling work to become more meaningful by making everyone aware of their wow value.

d) transforming L&D function by focusing on s (i) preparing employees on emerging future of work essentials e.g. hybrid workforce & work from home (ii) preparing select employees wanting to change to newer roles with the knowledge of their superiors (iii) bridging pre-identified skills gaps in job appraisals (iv) enhancing social compassion /CSR skills to boost an attitude of gratitude & self-worth.

Our Ananda+Project Reboot + CSR ppt details how we're winning even during pandemic crisis times by building & sustaining the happiest & most fulfilling working, living & thriving experience for all. We’ve boost employees' & families' work-joy with (1)Happiness & fulfilment with global work opportunities, fun & safety @ work initiatives (2)Finesse consistent performance with purpose upskilling (3)Readiness-Future business challenges enablement coaching(4)Kindness- training people to deliver better philanthropy. We’re always boosting the happiness quotient of everyone to boost retention, financial ROI & people’s return on inspiration.

Our future trends enabled HR is enabling enterprisewide talent resurrection with diverse departmental heads becoming people intrapreneurship messiahs. This promotes & nurtures inclusivity with greater transparency & equity. We’re transforming employees into brand advocates & role models through innovative L&D practices:

a) actively building a comprehensive skills-inventory of different employees’ innate drivers/passion & proven competencies that can be leveraged to serve the interests of employee & organization alike. This allows employees to ‘grow’ into new refreshing job or geography without having to leave the organization. This transforms HR teams into proactive innovators & people empowerment ‘torchbearers’ making them active employer brand advocates.

b) creating cross-departmental change champions by carefully observing attitudes & aptitudes of high performing employees. By scrutinizing both formal & informal attitudes & work performances, we have empowered the training department to facilitate employee transformation programmes enabling employees to discover their newer, more capable self. This makes them consistently thankful to the organization thereby significantly boosting productivity, motivation & retention.

Key areas of our human-centered employee delight strategy pivots on safety & happiness by

1. Preventing trauma. avoid creating or enabling trauma by focusing on safety, protection, and mental and psychological support.

2. Creating a positive attitude. giving people a positive view of the future. This prevents people from “catastrophizing” and worrying at work, and is accomplished through communications, vision, and a realistic plan for the future.

3. Generating a sense of joy. reducing stress, create superior endurance & strength by giving people reasons to be joyous with themselves & their families to boost passion, pride & sense of purpose.

4. Consistently, proactively upskilling in new ways of working (aptitude) & ways of leading (attitude) to enhance people’s ability manage crisis with greater courage, competence & confidence

5. Instilling a sense of gratitude towards life’s treasures and communities involving people in social innovation and CSR activities as a way of mindful employee engagement to encompass your entire living-working-giving continuum

New Age Inspiration for Growth Passionate, Crisis Resilient Workforce- We’re scaling up innate intrapreneurship for building enterprise-wide, long term ‘skills-success-sustainability’ & crisis resilience. We’re winning with ‘4Es’ > Engage with compassion, Empower with equality of opportunities, Enable with inclusivity & custom support, and Elevate with new found self-pride & work-zeal. Amidst all the crisis generated business hardships whats stood out is our human-centered approach to leading, winning & sustaining growth with a focus on leveraging technology breakthroughs to make employee experience truly joyous while being 24X7 responsive to healthcare emergencies.

Diversity-Equity-Inclusion winning focus at Pernod Ricard India:

Women are born experts at multitasking and their ‘success-expertise’ in this much needed trait is best showcased during the ongoing pandemic. A lady in the house a ‘many-in-one-super-human’ for she’s an accomplished work-at-home professional, her house-CEO/COO, mother, wife & mentor to children. To make its women executives as thrive in today’s inescapable tough conditions, Pernod Ricard infuses ‘intrapreneurship’ through its business savvy ‘LISTEN’ approach- Learn, Innovate, Support, Transform, Energize and (using) NextGen tools. This proactively addresses emerging women in business challenges and evolving people-issues to help women in employment excel more with better confidence & competence.

Our performance-productivity objectives nurturing intrapreneurship amongst employees acts as a magnet for talented women professionals. They are defined by 4Ps- Perfection, Purpose, Passion, Profit & they are closely linked-inseparable. We sustain our market leadership with superior brands’ experience for stellar profits. For this it’s imperative that our people are forever passionate about their work, are consistently upskilled & motivated to perform better with innate self-drive + future readiness with superior peer collaboration & family support, even in philanthropy volunteering. We are consistently refining interplay of these 4-business excellence necessities with wow-outcomes

Webpage Link: https://www.linkedin.com/company/pernodricardindia
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