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Name of Organization/Company: OPET, İstanbul, Turkey
Category: Best CSR Strategy

Entry Title: OPET Tevfikiye Arkeo-Village


OPET is the leading petroleum company brand that brought 98 octane unleaded gasoline to Turkey for the first time and offered Ultra Euro Diesel to Turkish consumers before Europe. Today, OPET, which has 1700 stations all over Turkey, is the market leader in the fuel sector with 19.2% in white products and 33.5% in black products.

With "Clean Toilet" campaign, it initiated a nationwide transformation in the toilets of gas stations in Turkey and enabled other fuel companies to participate in this transformation. With "Traffic Detectives" project, it raised public awareness about safe driving and the use of seat belts, and became a pioneer in the employment of women at fuel stations with "Women's Power" project.

OPET has created a big change with the “Respect to History Project”, in Çanakkale Gallipoli Peninsula, which was of great importance in the establishment of the modern Turkish Republic and which is also known for the famous Trojan wars in world history.

OPET initiated the "Tevfikiye Archeo-Village" project, which includes the physical and social change of Tevfikiye Village, which stands out with its historical, mythological, cultural and natural beauties and is the closest settlement to the Troy ruins, in the "2018 International Troya Year".

With the "Tevfikiye Arkeoköy" project, Tevfikiye Village, the last village where the Trojans lived, has been turned into an archaeo-village with the atmosphere, buildings, figures, historical and mythological values that maintain the heritage of Troya era.

Tevfikiye Village was not receiving the attention it deserved, despite its historical importance and being a transit point for all tourists who came to visit Troy. The Troy region could not be portrayed sufficiently in the eyes of the tourists, as the Troy Ruins were damaged over the years and remained as an area consisting of only stones as a result of excavations today.

OPET Board of Directors' Founder Member Nurten Öztürk says: "Troy is a world heritage site, epics stories are written about it. But the only thing people who visit Troy see are the stones left over from that period. We wanted to transform the village of Tevfikiye, into an open-air museum that will make people who come to know about Troy imagine Troy in the closest possible way."

With this project, it was intended to make Tevfikiye Archaeo-village is a place where you can take a break, visit, shop for souvenirs and carry traces of Troy history during the visits to the Ancient City of Troy.

OPET not only carried out infrastructure renovation, restoration and historical arrangements, but also organized courses for the development of the region and for the tourists coming to know Troy to get to know the tastes and traditions of the region.

Regional Development and Training:
OPET also carried out activities in Tevfikiye Arkeo-village for the people of the region to achieve economic prosperity. In addition to providing the establishment of rest places such as restaurants, hostels, shopping points, toilets that will serve the tourists who come to know the region, OPET also trained the people in tourism, service, hygiene and even English so that they can communicate with foreign tourists.

Within the scope of the project, the first training was given by OPET founder Nurten Öztürk, an old-teacher. Traditional handicrafts and different business areas were introduced to the public through various courses opened, and Tevfikiye became a center where tourists can shop for traditional Trojan culture products and the region's agricultural products.

UNESCO Experience Sharing:
While Tevfikiye is the first Archaeo-Village in Turkey, the project was also conveyed to the international platform by being told at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris. Nurten Öztürk talked about the change experienced by the village of Tevfikiye in the Troy region at the conference held on March 15, 2019 at the headquarters of UNESCO in Paris.

Art Festivals:
Art festivals were held in the village square, biennials were held in the Village Amphitheater.

Creating Cultural Awareness for Troy Dessert:
OPET presented Globi, the dessert of Antiquity, to the region with the name "Çanakkale Troy Dessert", and contributed to its spread by organizing workshops to teach this dessert every year.


Apx1: Troy's Story Documentary: https://www.anlattroya.com/troys-story.html

Within the scope of the project, transformation of the village and the people of the village and the fact that the village was founded on the lands of Troy were tried to be shown by reflecting the spirit of Troy in the documentary project "Troy’s Story". The dreams, hopes and ties of the Tevfikiyeliler, who are the "Last Trojans" in the lands of Troy, which consists of 11 layers and hosts many states, communities and legends, were immortalized in the documentary "Troy’s Story" in 2019 through interviews.

Documentary was prepared in 3 episodes of 12 minutes each.
Chapter 1- The Legend of Troy: The history of the region, the legend of Troy and Homer are told by scientists, historians and archaeologists working in the region.
Chapter 2. The Last Trojans: The story of the people living in the region and the establishment of the village is told.
Chapter 3 - The Archeo-Village: The transformation of the last Trojan Tevkifiye Village into an Archeovillage, the work done and the excitement of the villagers are explained.

Apx2: Tevfikiye Arkeo-village Introduction Video: https://youtu.be/mG5R_8wxiR0

Çıplak Village-Ethno-village
After Tevfikiye, OPET started to work in the Naked Village at another point in Troy Region in 2020, transforming the Çıplak Village, which contains elements, textures and stories from all layers representing the cultural heritage of the Anatolian tradition, into an "ethno-village".