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Name of Organization/Company: Modis Bulgaria, Sofia, Bulgaria
Category: Human Resources Executive of the Year

Entry Title: Borislava Dyakova, HR, Legal Director and Local Privacy Lead
Borislava Dyakova


Currently, Borislava Dyakova is taking the role of HR, Legal Director and Local Privacy Lead at Modis Bulgaria. She has over 11 years of experience in the human resources field, employee relations and legislation.

Back in 2013 Borislava joined the Adecco Bulgaria team as an HR Specialist and was later promoted to senior HR. In 2018, after the spin-off of the Adecco Group business in Bulgaria into two, she headed the HR and Legal function of the newly established entity Modis Bulgaria specialized in the delivery of ITO and BPO services, software development and engineering, cloud and networking solutions. On her role Borislava has been challenged to build and manage the HR teams within the organization which currently consist of a Recruitment, an HR Administration, an HRBP, and an L&D team. She has also turned into a prominent figure within the HR guild and has been invited to share her thought leadership expertise and best HR practices on different webinars, trainings and mentorship programs. Her achievements have also lead to the winning of several employer and HR awards by individual company members and for programs for employee retention and development.

Together with uniting the efforts of all HR teams in the organization, Borislava was also responsible for the digitalization of processes and strategic planning for all the talent care and development within Modis Bulgaria. She and her teams managed to achieve all the goals set and deliver the following results:

- continued the digitalization of HR processes by implementing 3 new modules within our SAP SuccessFactors system - the Succession and Development module implemented by our L&D team, the Performance and Goals module implemented by our HRBP team, and the Scheduling Tool functionality integrated by our HCA manager.
- come out with new training portfolio, increase number of courses delivered and introduce new topics and areas for development. The L&D team created a whole new 5-year L&D strategy designed to support the business growth and the HR goals of the organization.
- 2 new e-learning platforms for all 1300+ employees in the organization now having free access to LinkedIn e-learning and Bookboon learning.
- digitalize the whole recruitment and hiring process, train recruitment people for virtual interviews, hold 4 webinars with over 150 participants to help candidates prepare for interviews.
- online documents processing and procedure for work from home organized in less than a week after the emergency state declaring in Bulgaria
- organize remotely career development program Modis Grow Smarter with the aim to present to our colleagues opportunities for growth within Modis. For 6 weeks were held 43 career sessions with 18 speakers and over 600 attendees.

Thanks to our prompt reaction during the pandemic, Borislava was recognized within the HR industry and was invited to share best practices for people management on several business events.

Borislava and her teams, together with other senior managers still manage the work from home process by providing thorough and regular updates about the pandemic, the current situation and legal requirements in Bulgaria and about the company's plans for work in the near months and weeks. This contributes to the company stability and overall employees motivation for work and job security. The team also introduced programs to fight against mental and physical consequences from the lockdown. As a result our colleagues have been receiving consultations for mental stability and improving physical activity even in the comfort and safety of their home.

The employee satisfaction surveys that the HRBP team conducted show the record 95% satisfaction with the work organization which is considered a great success.

Borislava also initiated additional precaution measures to be taken for the safety of our colleagues, who were supplied with probiotics and whose health insurance coverage was extended.

Proper care for our colleagues resulted in better business results for Modis Bulgaria, attraction of new business and hiring over 200 employees since the beginning of the pandemic situation in Bulgaria. Thus, the company became one of the very few from its industry who not only retained its staff but also marked growth in times when many companies were laying people off.

The attached links and the files uploaded serve as a proof for the great job by Borislava and her teams and for the impact it has had on the organization, on our people, on our business and on the society as a whole. Modis Bulgaria has turned into a prominent name in the sphere of people management and talent development and this is the reason we are witnessing a more and more intensive appearance of Borislava and her team on media, conferences, events and webinars - to share knowledge and best practices.

The attached materials also contain detailed information about previous issues that we have had and the approach we as a company and Borislava as a leader undertook to cope with difficulties and ensure proper care, HR administration and sufficient safety measures even in a situation of unpredicted health and labor crisis.

Notable are also the results and advance demonstrated in our completely new L&D strategy that we have developed for the next 5 years to ensure attractive and motivating development for our people as well as competitiveness of our experts that would bring greater results for our business. Last but not least, the provided materials witness Borislava's attitude and values that could be best described as:

"Our people are the most important asset for our business. Proper care for them is the one and only factor for our company success and business growth."



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