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Name of Organization/Company: KocSistem Bilgi ve Iletisim Hizm. A.S.
Category: Achievement in Employee Relations

Entry Title: KocSistem - Employee Experience EX


Due to changes working models across labor market, companies are seeking ways to increase their perception a desirable company to work. One of the biggest steps in journey of companies to become a preferred employer is design of employee experience. KocSistem is one of companies in tech industry where skilled workforce is quite mobile, as a company employing young people and strong competitive edge.

With all these developments, previous concerns of companies such as "How committed and motivated are our employees?" became obsolete and new questions emerged "What kind of experience our company offers to its employees?" “How do we find better ways together with our employees?”. By focusing on employees emotions, we turned our focus to what we left in mind of employee, in terms of moments of truth.

On the other hand our employees needed to feel special and this feeling should encompass not only themselves but also their closest circle as well. At KocSistem we changed our method in response to that, we focused on enabling our employees to enjoy unforgettable experience moments switching from a structure that generated segmented experience actions to a novel structure that gathers momentary experience insiders with insight-driven personalized actions within KocSistem.

Since last one year, our remote working rate has changed from 10% to 90% and the factors affecting experience have changed.

1. Priorities and needs
2. Areas of experience
3. The way we experience
4.Company priorities

With EX Framework, we design a structure that will focus on all contact points in employee's life. (ANNEX1)

We follow the governance of the teams under this framework, through weekly sprints with the EX Tribe (ANNEX2)

We have positioned them in 3 levels within the KocSistemEX Framework.

• Culture Experience focuses on experience under the leadership of senior management, transparent communication, employee voice, we have switched to a culture that embraces the vision of happy employees and happy customers.

• HR Experience
o Hygiene Factors; the main factors that will enable the work include transportation, Internet, food, health, ergonomics and wellbeing; have switched to a new format with remote working and applications that allowed us to these needs at home have been developed. hygiene factors was redesigned.
o Employee Life Cycle, the five pillars of design thinking points; empathize, define, design, prototype and test approach at the experience contact points was redesigned with our employees,
o Family & Special Occasions, 'personal data of employees that we keep in their digital footprints, enabled us to implement personalized experience applications, for special moments, even celebrating the special moments of families.

Job Experience practices that facilitate the lives and influence the self-development, realization and stakeholder relations and driving the productivity in business and work experience were implemented.

Adoption of the vision of experience by the stakeholders who actually delivered was important.

Experience Leadership Program was designed for leaders, who are the most important stakeholders of CultureExperience and JobExperience. In this 6-month program supported by human centered design trainings, coaching and delivered to 4 different persona groups; leaders experienced process with their teams as well as manage it, transforming the knowledge into behavior

In HR Experience applications, 11 NON-HR and HR agile experience teams, who are responsible for internal customer satisfaction received experience design training. By engaging in Journey&empathy mapping in Design Thinking Workshops they began to enjoy unforgettable experiences.

Non-HR teams, , have been continuing their efforts for one year, moving on "Do you want to design the experience you want in work life?" motto and analyzing information collected from employees through interviews, focus studies, questionnaires.

Thanks to such actions anxiety levels dropped from 40% to 7% during pandemic, serious improvements were achieved in surveys for working conditions, transparent communications, hygiene conditions. this team was aunique agile practice in Turkey, evaluating experience needs and implementing solutions in collaboration with senior management.

It became a powerful virtual organization, empowering people to design their own experience, to learn new competencies and increase their visibility with working closely with senior management,
We instated employees as process owners to ensure their engagement and participation and at the moment initiative successfully continues with three additional non-hr experience teams.
Developing insight-driven actions was adopted as the management culture to best fit the purpose.

Empathy, feeling of safety, uncompromised health and wellness, business continuity, social sensitivity, inclusive leadership, anxiety management, compliance and support to digital business model can be listed among the keywords that have impact on experience. We can say that balances have changed slightly with new normal and working model. Until recently, companies used expect belonging from employees, now employees expect ownership from companies. Moreover, they want to see organizations embrace not only themselves but also their families, the stakeholders in the ecosystem, the society and country.

With the actions we have taken to address these, we were recognized as one of the best employers in Turkey in 2020 in Kincentric Best Employers. See. https://www.kincentric.com/bestemployers/global-best-employers/market-best-employers

Thanksfeedbacks we received through one-on-one contact applications, used for monitoring the instant emotional state ofemployees, increased by 20% every month during pandemic. In addition, bi-monthly anxiety surveys conducted 5 times across Koc Holding, indicating the highest rate of effective actions implemented to reduce employee anxiety levels among all group companies, based on employee insights.

Employees regard their organization as “social company” and proud of the Company acknowledging the favorable experience practices during pandemic process and actions for betterment of the society, compared to other companies.

In the "The Covid-19 Workplace Commons" initiative rolled out under the leadership of Koc Holding in collaboration with WEF and Arizona State University, KoçSistem practices were included in the contents, successful human resources practices during the Covid-19 pandemic were praised by WEF and highlighted as examples to the whole world.


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