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Name of Organization/Company: Kineo, Brighton, West Sussex, United Kingdom
Category: Skills Training

Entry Title: ING Academy


July-2020: ING and Kineo launched PACE Academy – an innovative blended learning experience.

ING, a Dutch financial institution, has 57,000 employees in 40+ countries.

In 2015, faced with an acceleration in banking technological innovation and the emergence of fintechs, ING embarked on a journey of change, shifting from a traditional to agile model. As part of this, and to embed its new customer-centric strategy, ING developed a structured innovation process – PACE.

However, adoption of PACE was hampered by hard-to-scale classroom training.

In early-2020, the ING Innovation team engaged Kineo to develop a learning solution to overcome the multiple issues identified.

Working collaboratively, they designed and launched a blended learning experience, providing a guided learning journey, access to microlearning, practical resources and canvases, the opportunity to put theory into practice in a group/collaborative setting via virtual classrooms, and opportunities to apply lessons learnt onto real workplace problems.

• PACE COMMUNITY: Activating and inspiring learners with success stories and visibility of colleagues’ achievements globally.
• INDIVIDUAL, TARGETED LEARNING PATHS: A full suite of learning resources, mapped to the PACE process, include single-page microlearns covering core concepts, practical examples, case-studies, illustrated examples and access to tools/canvases to use in the workplace. These offer targeted learning paths to individuals, and ‘just-in-time’ support.
• OPPORTUNITIES TO PRACTICE IN A VIRTUAL CLASSROOM: Helping to put theory into practice in group settings – working in project groups – and to apply learning into fiction-based case-studies.
• CHANCES TO REFLECT AND SHARE: A virtual café provides participants with a forum to check-in with facilitators, ask questions or discuss their progression/application of the learning. Wrapped around the entire solution is the PACE community, enabling people to interact, share and connect with PACE coaches.

To ensure success here, the partners:
• Identified and trained 30 CX champions to undertake the learning at a more advanced/extensive level, meaning learners could tap into their knowledge, expertise and insight.
• Offered trained leadership – helping participants to support their team, work in a more customer-centric way and understand their responsibility in PACE’s success.


“It can’t be understated how important it was… Without this we cannot compete successfully in such a rapidly changing environment.”Chief Innovation Officer, ING.

SCALE AND REACH: From 483 face-to-face learners globally in 2019, the new PACE Academy blended learning solution has, in the first six months of 2021 alone, reached 300 participants – all of whom have completed the learning. There are also 1,900 unique learners on the user base.
INCREASED ENGAGEMENT: From July-2020 (launch) to June-2021, there were an average of 51 new members/month, 606 within the year, and monthly unique users have increased significantly from 125 in 2020 to 376 in 2021.
LEARNING IMPACT: A 2021 survey of learners (those who have completed +7 microlearns) revealed that 70% ‘have already applied some learnings of PACE Academy in their work’.

The new blended learning solution overcomes all the issues identified (and more!):
• RELEVANCE: More learning, more experiments, more customer journeys – with options to suit every learner.
• CONTENT: In-house expertise was used to create inspiring examples, relevant to ING people.
• APPLICATION OF LEARNING: ‘Just-in-time’ learning: the design provides ‘snackable’ learning and access to content such as ‘customer journey mapping’, just when the learner needs it.
• LOGISTICS: People can now delve in and out of the learning as and when, as opposed to freeing up five full days.

“The mission critical need for creating an innovation-enabled workforce has been met by this creative and engaging program”