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Name of Organization/Company: İGA (İstanbul Grand Airport)
Category: Achievement in Accessibility

Entry Title: Accessibility Program


Accessibility includes all the measures that must be taken in the built environment and urban services so that all living individuals can access and use all public services without the need of anyone, and in short, participate in social life. Taking accessibility measures on sidewalks, pedestrian crossings, parks, playgrounds, all buildings open to public use and transportation services, not only the disabled, but also the elderly, pregnant women, children, strollers, very tall or very short people, individuals with invisible disabilities, that is, it is a necessity of great importance for everyone.

Accessibility appeals to all individuals and provides an opportunity for universal design formation to come together. Universal Design is an integrated design approach that makes it possible for all products and environments to be used by everyone, regardless of age, skill or situation. It is the whole of studies designed, planned and implemented to enable all individuals to live independently and participate fully in every stage of life.

Accessibility Program started in 2020 to support Barrier-Free Airport Project.

Design and Delivery Process:

- Airport standards in the world were examined and comparisons were made.
- After these comparisons, an action plan was created in line with company strategies, goals and objectives.
- The Accessibility Certificate (Award), which is a very prestigious award given by the Ministry of Family and Social Policies, has been applied for our airport.
- The criteria determined in this direction were fulfilled. And trainings were started to do better.
- Field visits were made with disabled individuals, action plans were determined. Employees were informed about these obstacles. The trainings were digitized, and it was decided to renew them every 6 months.

Accessibility Program was a business transformation program that includes all employees and suppliers. To start and spread this transformation we started with developing accessibility standards.

We developed handbooks, guidance points, passenger points to support these standards (all activities given in part D as attachments).

Also, we developed Accessibility Program to support all employees.

Key Achievements:

- In line with the strategic goals and vision of the airport operator, ensuring that the service quality and safety are consistently provided at the highest level by exceeding the safety standards included in the existing national and international legislation.
- Provide seamless passenger experience.
- Develop critical competencies of all newcomers as well as our employees.
- Develop critical competencies of all suppliers who directly communicates with passengers.

Within the scope of the Barrier-Free Airport Project, which is designed with a service approach that will bring accessibility to the highest level and provide equal opportunities to every guest; First of all, we held meetings with non-governmental organizations that stand out in the society with their work. We have experienced Istanbul Airport with people with different visible or invisible disabilities and we have received feedback from them in this direction. By blending the feedback, we received and the solution suggestions we produced together; We started to implement pioneering practices one by one. Some of these sub-projects; For our visually impaired passengers, they can reach all kinds of service points – beyond standard applications – the tactile surface application called “accessible road” and the “indoor navigation” that complements this, which is developed in a way that they can get direct guidance to the place they are looking for in our mobile application; The “Very Special Guest Room” we have put into practice for our guests, the “Sunflower Name Badge Project” to increase the sensitivity of the staff for our guests with invisible disabilities, and the 3D animation videos that explain the communication and behavior methods that facilitate the lives of people with disabilities in a more interesting way will be used as basic training materials. can be classified as training.

Attachment Guide:

- Accessible Airport: Istanbul Airport Video: https://youtu.be/TLO1-ye8jKw
- İGA Cares Website: Includes baggage reclaim, check-in, circulation areas, entrance guide, information / guidance, car park access, transportation and virtual call center informations. https://www.istairport.com/en/passenger/airport-guide/iga-cares
- Accessible Airport Tour with Ceyda Düvenci: Includes exploring all the facilities to ease your travel experience such as exclusive gates, baggage claim, information desk and check-in points, accessible routes, car park and video-call center for our disabled passengers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=seC8vBHC4DI

To demonstrate our activities related videos attached below:

First Time in Turkey: Sunflower Badge: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9_A5TZd11z8
Very Special Guest Card: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qsGjNJPWA_M
Istanbul Airport Loud Steps: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qfFRZsQ7hfg
Special Passenger Service Points: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=et-eC5J_2_U