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Name of Organization/Company: IBM, Armonk, NY USA
Category: Recruiting or Talent Acquisition Team of the Year

Entry Title: IBM Philippines Talent Acquisition – Hiring the IBW Way


IBM Philippines (PH) Talent Acquisition (TA) team is composed of unique individuals who work on a specific mission of acquiring great talents not just to help accelerate IBM’s growth but to make signature career journeys be felt and experienced by IBMers and future IBMers. While we do this mission, we are guided by a vision of creating industry leading hiring experiences for all our candidates and hires. Three major pillars serve as our priorities:

1. To continue to be an employer of choice – We do this by continuing to employ authentic and insightful strategies across all channels that we have to connect with the market.
2. As we find great talents, we practice tactics in being able to “Select Brilliantly” and of course fairly.
3. We make sure we “Modernize the experience”.

And all these pillars make efficient use of Technology, Data and Operations.

Despite 2020 being an entirely different playing field, our team hired ~900 new hires with laser focus on Selecting Brilliantly and keeping our Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) targets. Overall D&I hires were at 57%.

Ultimately, we also live by the purpose of every IBMer which is to BE ESSENTIAL in everything that we do.

IBM Philippines Talent Acquisition (PH TA) Team chose to rise above the challenge and transform services not just for the betterment of its employees but also to the future IBMers. Here are some of our achievements:

IBM Philippines Virtual Career Carnival: Our team had its pilot virtual Brazen event in APAC called the “IBM Philippines Virtual Career Carnival.” It was a fun and festive spin on the typical career fair. It was a great branding initiative, and an out of the box way of reigniting the local talent pool’s interest towards IBM. We had a total of 256 attendees out of 548 sign up’s. Event highlights included an up-skilling session on personal brand, game booths (IBM trivia), showcase of IBM’s business units, a raffle of IBM swag and the consistent positive feedback received from candidates!

Virtual Recruitment Open House (ROH) via IBM BeeHIVE (Hub for IBM Virtual Events): With the use of all available IBM tools, a process was designed to enable us to run virtual hiring days. This was done with balance on process compliance, business need and candidate/hiring manager experience. Series of iterations and test phases happened until by October, PH TA was able to run ROHs again. Not only did we receive appreciation from the market, we were able to generate 562 registrants with a 25% show-up rate (143 candidates) on our very first event. Before the year ended, the team was able to successfully run 5 virtual ROHs that helped address our critical hiring needs.

Not being able to conduct and attend physical events in 2020, PH TA adapted a full range of innovative and interactive virtual events for our potential candidates. It was our way of reconnecting and reigniting the local talent pool’s interest. Apart from the ones mentioned above, below are a few more:

PH THINK TAlk: Beyond Equal – Live Virtual Talk Show Event: Through this talk show, we aimed to amplify IBM’s D&I advocacy showcasing why IBM is a diverse and inclusive company through empowering stories and testimonials. Total attendees were 174, with an NPS of 91.5.

IBM Career Edge Virtual Event: Our very first live virtual regional event for students and graduates across Asia Pacific featuring a panel discussion by our Early Professional and up-skilling booths where candidates can learn about micro-credentialing at IBM, personal branding tips and tricks and get them future ready. We had a total of 263 attendees out of 513 total sign-up’s from across the AP region (51% turnout), with an average survey rating of 8.5 out of 10.

PH Tech Talk Series: “Data Science: Why It Matters?”: PH TA also kick-started a series of tech talks with its first focusing on Data Science. It aimed to increase the local talent market's awareness on priority and emerging skill segments in IBM – its character, impact, life and opportunities – that in turn, not only amplify the brand but attract great talents. Event had a total of 46 registrants, and resulted with NPS of 80.

IBM PH TA’s support to Campus (UST) – Live panel participation of Marcus Guzman, Country Talent Acquisition Leader: https://www.facebook.com/watch/live/?v=593444777974741&ref=watch_permalink
Virtual Career Carnival: https://fb.watch/51hK7-iTwj/
First Virtual ROH: https://fb.watch/51hWdOU19V/
Regional event: https://fb.watch/51i0OYS-IR/
D&I Virtual Event: https://fb.watch/51i49ILXMm/

Moreover, at IBM too, IBMers are encouraged to drive their own careers internally. With the start of the global pandemic in 2020, PH TA collaborated with the regional HR to deliver a first of its kind regional and virtual career tour that showcased a very timely topic for TA - Internal Career Mobility. Through this agile approach, persona statements from both a Hiring Manager and an IBMer were addressed. One of which was, <"As an IBMer I would like to attend/take part of fun, interactive intuitive and inspiring sessions that would increase my awareness and drive to pursue the best career opportunities that's available for me" as I carry on with my "Life In IBM">. It was anchored with an objective of holding a career series to increase every IBMer’s awareness of the different business units – its character, practices and opportunities – that creates the much-needed mindset shift to positively encourage career mobility internally at the right time. Event attendees were a total of 654 employees with an NPS of 79. This event led to a Career Tour that the team spearheaded in partnership with the regional HR teams across ASEAN.