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Name of Organization/Company: IBM, Armonk, NY USA
Category: Internal Communications Professional of the Year

Entry Title: Patty Felizetti, Internal & Leadership Communications Lead


Patricia Felizetti Marcelino has 15+ years of experience in writing internal and executive communications, corporate communications, public relations, and coordinating events. She is the Communications Leader for the IBM Enterprise Operations and Services (EO&S), where she is responsible for developing written content, including strategic plans, blogs, presentations, pitches, and other thought leadership material.

Previous to this role she drove outstanding results in culture change at IBM Research Triangle Park (RTP) campus, and she act as co-chair of IBM Global Site Communications Team, building IBM’s culture strategy and engagement campaigns within the geographies, connecting 50+ IBM sites around the globe.

in 2020 Patricia was the master mind behind the creation of EO&S Together | Staying Connected Week, the event that we are describing below in this nomination. Patricia was responsible for the agenda, content, theme creation, speakers and engagement messages, as she has extensive experience promoting engagement and culture change at IBM. This event was produced and launched in October 2020, consisting of 20 sessions, - 4 a day happening live, recorded, or via Slack platform - all coordinated to be taking place at the best time for their respective geographies in Asia, Europe and Americas.

The EO&S Together | Staying Connected Week was kicked-off with IBMers sharing their stories and tips how to stay connected. We recognized and celebrated hundreds of our employees who have made significant contributions to the business. Highlights of day two were a live “Ask Me Anything” session hosted by our VP, followed by a virtual tour of new IBM headquarters and IBM’s history. We also held a panel discussion on Diversity and Inclusion, and its impact on employees’ lives. Third day’s program included a live magician show, a photo contest, a Talent show, and more. This day was really dedicated to FUN and our employees and their families had a blast. Gentle Vinyasa Flow, mindfulness and stretching at your desk sessions featured in the day 4 allowed employees to decompress and give some rest to their minds and bodies. To close the week of virtual connections, we promoted a Happy Hour session with the leadership team, live guitar performance, live BINGO session, and live Cooking classes from one of our employees, know as well as a chef!

This was the first time the 15,000-employee strong organization would host a massive, global online full week of events, dedicated to engaging and supporting employees around the globe.

Sessions reached a total of 50K views, we promoted more than 6K interactions on Slack, and when we surveyed our employees’ experience, we got a NPS of 78.5, which is considered an EXCELLENT result.

During the pandemic, with the vast majority of IBM’s global workforce suddenly working from home, IBMers quickly embraced new working norms, policies and practices. People needed to see and hear from others on a regular basis for collaboration, inspiration and direction. After 6 months of operating remotely, employees could feel isolated in their remote work environments, with no-one to talk to about day-to-day matters that might have been aired in a casual discussion in the cafeteria before the pandemic. Human interaction, casual conversations and staying connected with others became more important than ever.

Patricia recognized it was time to engage all of our employees into events where they could connect with colleagues from different geos and teams, understand that they are sharing similar challenges and create a deeper personal relation both at work and with family members. Many employees acknowledged feeling overwhelmed trying to be professional while life was going on all around them. It was not always possible to keep the dog from barking, or the cat from walking across your keyboard, or trying to ignore the kids calling out your name repeatedly.

EO&S Together | Staying Connected Week allowed our employees to build bonds and recognize many things that they have in common, at the same time reducing the stress level and the feeling of isolation. The event brought a multitude of complementing each other diverse activities allowing employees to learn new things, share experiences, and most importantly have some fun together.

Feedback that was received from the employees attending the event:

I appreciate the organizing team spending so much time and effort running these series of Engagement programs. Truly amazing !!! THANK YOU EO&S LEADERSHIP TEAM

Congrats for the chosen topics and mix to have us connected together. It was awesome!

Thank you for putting this week together allowing the Q2C team to come together to celebrate our differences, our talents and what motivates, keeps us together besides work.

I didn't know what to expect this week, so I came with a very open mind. I'm glad I did. I've really enjoyed the variety of the sessions in terms of topics and format. The Hot Seats are a very interesting way to get to know our leaders. I'm looking forward to the remaining sessions, and I hope it's something that continues post pandemic.

The diversity panel was one of the most touching and personally meaningful session I have ever seen. It means a lot to me to know of others' experience and what we all should expect of our culture, our leaders, and what we should all aspire to be at IBM.

This journey [CHQ Tour] into IBM's inventions and values was exciting! The presentation was lively and dynamic and full of very interesting anecdotes.

Webpage Link: https://ibm.box.com/s/ej2g7kl83vl465ueg5engxmrvkusloc7