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Name of Organization/Company: IBM, Armonk, NY USA
Category: Employer of the Year - Computer Services

Entry Title: IBM


Over the years, IBM has been a long-standing partner in India’s tech-powered transformation journey. From IBM infrastructure being underlying architecture for eleven out of the thirteen public sector banks to our collaboration with Ministry of Education (MoE) and Niti Aayog; from Watson Decision Platform for Agriculture supporting farmers in Karnataka; to STEM programs across 10 states in India and AI curriculum in 160 CBSE schools accessed by over 12,000 students - IBM has been at the forefront of driving innovation and impact – made in India, for India and the World.

The overarching aim of all these collaborations is to work together with key stakeholders in making the digital era more inclusive and contribute to a self-reliant India built on the backbone of technology. Together with the Government, IBM India is committed to strive to make Good Tech work for everyone by solving real problems that various communities are facing cutting across key sectors. At IBM, we will continue to put smart and emerging technologies to work and invest in skilling towards achieving Digital and Skilled India.

2020 was an unprecedented year with the pandemic changing how we work, right from attracting Talent to effectively engaging them, resulting in proactively Retaining Talent that mattered to our company. We migrated from in-person interviews to virtual in a brief period as we pre-empted the lock down ahead. We introduced Select for IBM - an app that we leveraged to automate and simplify the overall interview experience for candidates. We were at 100% virtual recruitment, with over 9K+ onboards with an NPS of 71.

An engaged workforce drives client experience and that in turn drives business results – in that order. In our business landscape characterized by near constant disruption, enabling mangers became an organizational priority. We lead 135 enablement events covering people priorities and HR programs, that translated to 42K+ learning hours and an overall NPS of 72. In a remote environment, it was as important to build and develop empathetic relationships & remove barriers to help people thrive; Manager Blues was a systemic education cohort built to help managers understand people nuances. It resulted in a 30+% increase in employee satisfaction. Entrepreneurial spirit is an IBM priority focused at growth mindset, courageous and outcome focused stories. IBM Masterclass was the first of a kind program where Entrepreneurs share stories of adversity, boardroom philosophy and customer centricity to inspire IBM managers with valuable nuggets of leadership principles. This program had an NPS of 82.

The "Career & Skills Carnival" initiative engaged 50K+IBM employees across 50+office spaces in India.

Inclusion underpins everything we do at IBM: As we coexist with COVID, we worked with a diverse approach to realize our vision to engage, embrace and enable the LGBT+ community members. There is no other better way of enabling and engaging LGBT+ community members than creating a safe space and allowing them to be themselves and explore their potential to the fullest. Some of the accomplishments include :

1. Increase in the number of active, visible & bold allies;
2. Positive influence on hiring, growth & retention of LGBT+ community members (while providing them equal opportunity basis potential and skills);
3. Increase in senior leaders’ involvement and contribution to LGBT+ discussion/inclusion in management chains and their respective teams;
4. Increased number of nominations for IBM Inclusive Manager Award 2020.

We made no compromise to bringing on benefits that mattered in the midst of a pandemic. Here are some very well received benefits. Inclusion of COVID-19 ailment cover under medical plan (hospitalization & outpatient) for base and voluntary top-up plans. Extension of home-care treatment for COVID-19 positive diagnosis. Launch of Corona Kavach voluntary medical top-up plan with exclusively discounted premium rates and without pre-medicals. Partnership with Portea to provide tele-medicine services during COVID-19 quarantine. Option to locate the nearest hospital with real-time bed availability during pandemic. Buffer or additional cover for COVID life threatening conditions of employees or dependents. Network hospital list expanded to 4,500+ for availing cashless treatment across India. Added surrogacy, infertility and cashless Ayurveda treatment coverages.

Please refer to the attached document for the details and outcomes of initiatives referenced in the sections above.

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