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Name of Organization/Company: Halkbank, ─░stanbul, Turkey
Category: Employer of the Year – Banking

Entry Title: Halkbank


Halkbank is among the most efficient banks in terms of return on equity. As of the end of 2020, it continues to offer customers an advanced banking experience with 1007 domestic branches, 6 overseas branches, 3 overseas representative offices, 4060 ATMs, Telephone and Internet Banking channels and Mobile Banking applications.

With number of employees reaching 23000, Halkbank has been developing human resources practices that will make its employees feel valuable since the day it was founded, with the awareness that people are its most valuable resource.

Halkbank HR team provides modern working environments at all service points of the bank, where employees work happily and efficiently and HR team continues its activities to provide a working environment where employee satisfaction and loyalty are high.

There are 3 main strategic priorities of Halkbank HR team:

-continuously develop Competent Human Resources,
-provide development opportunities where employees can discover their talents and advance their knowledge and skills,
-Support career journeys of employees with effective performance management and internal promotion approaches

The year 2020-with pandemic- stood out as a year of rapid growth in terms of Halkbank's human resources; 1,600 new personnel were recruited in 2020.

The pandemic, which started to affect Turkey at the beginning of 2020, affected Halkbank employees as well as many sectors and institutions. As of March, many institutions around the world were temporarily closed and production was suspended, while Halkbank branches remained open due to the nature of the banking sector and the structure of the branch service network.

In this period, when calls to "stay at home" were made to the whole world and it was advised that you can protect yourself and your loved ones by minimizing the contact level by staying at home, Turkish banking sector employees continued to work face-to-face in branches to avoid any interruptions in financial needs.

Emphasizing employee happiness and making employees feel safe while working, Halkbank has taken many physical, hygienic and operational measures to support and keep its employees safe during this challenging period.

Realizing that hygiene, distance and cleaning measures would not be sufficient in this period, and that health concerns should be addressed first in order for employees to feel safe, Halkbank launched the "Social Support Service" to support its employees psycho-socially. Employees and their families can benefit from the Social Support Service, which is the first in Turkey and unique in this context.

In this way, on the one hand, counseling and information support was provided for employees with health concerns, while on the other hand, a free opportunity was provided for employees to easily access accurate information -especially on pandemic issues where information pollution has increased a lot.

Social Support Service specialists served total of 9,767 employees in 2020. This shows that approximately 48% of Halkbank employees benefit from Social Support Service.

Employee Loyalty:

Turnover rates are decreasing every year.

In 2020, despite the pandemic, the total turnover rate decreased by 25,93% compared to 2019 and unwanted turnover (resignation) decreased by 27,87%.
In 2020, the turnover rate of Halkbank was only 2%, well below the Turkish banking sector. Considering the resignation only, this rate is only 177 people out of 20,000+ people. (0.88%)
The average working time (seniority) at Halkbank was 10,7 years, well above the Turkey average.

Career and Development:

The number of in-company employees promoted to Manager and higher positions increased by 42% in 2020 compared to the previous year.
Halkbank's corporate academy, Halk Academy, launched the Halk Academy Training Platform, where it offers digital content to all its employees, as well as mobile applications suitable for new generation learning in 2020.
Halkbank employees received a total of 1.4 million hours of e-training in 2020. In 2020, a total of 13,35 days/person training investment was provided for each personnel.

Equality and Inclusion in Halkbank Human Resources:

Halkbank accepts the principle that every person is different from each other on the basis of the principle of diversity. Women consitute 47% of Halkbank's employees.

Halkbank carries out its activities by taking into account the issues of discrimination and inclusion. 81,17% of Halkbank employees are covered by collective labor agreements.

In 2020, as in previous years, Halkbank focused on the motivation, performance, development and career of its employees and implemented many pioneering HR applications alongside the Social Support Service. Due to the word limit, these applications could not be included in the document; summarized in attachments.

Apx1: Video: Halkbank Family Remarks
Halkbank is a family with its customers, employees, their families and retired employees. You can access the video in which members of this family share their views on working at Halkbank, from this link.

Apx2: Presentation: Details of Halkbank 2020 HR Initiatives
In this file, you can find examples of HR activities and projects developed by Halkbank to support and develop its employees.

Apx3: Annual Report: A Review of Halkbank 2020 HR Initiatives
You can access the summary of HR activities for 2020 from Halkbank's annual report in this file.

Apx4: Halkbank Company Profile
It is the document in which a general summary of Halkbank's achievements in 2020 and the company profile, history, vision, mission and strategy are introduced.

Apx5: Halkbank Introductory Film
Halkbank's history and introductory film

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