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Name of Organization/Company: Globe Telecom Inc., Taguig City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Category: Employer of the Year - Telecommunications

Entry Title: Globe Telecom Inc.


Globe Telecom Inc. is the Philippines’ leading telecommunications provider. It caters to over 76 million subscribers, including individual customers, small and medium-sized businesses, and corporate and enterprise clients.

In 2009, Globe underwent several people-centered transformations, reestablishing the company as a strong challenger in the industry. Since then, Globe has overtaken the industry incumbent to become the number one telco in the country.

This involves diversifying and “untelcoing” itself, creating more opportunities for customers to live their digital lives through a suite of online services:

-GCash, a micropayment service with over 33 million registered users;
-Globe Studios, the company’s film and television production arm;
-Globe Entertainment, which provides world-class entertainment at affordable prices;
-917Ventures, the company’s corporate incubator;
-Kickstart, which supports early- to growth-stage tech startups;
-Yondu, the top-notch IT solutions company in the Philippines;
-Asticom, Globe’s support and shared services provider.
-Third Pillar, a system integration and business application company;
-Cascadeo, a US-based cloud consulting company;
-Adspark, a data-driven advertising firm; and
-ECPay, an all-in-one digital payment platform.

More recently, we became the first to launch 5G in the country, and despite the pandemic, Globe continued to upgrade its 4G/LTE coverage, posting PHP 146.4 billion in consolidated revenues.

Care has always been part of Globe's DNA. As we moved into working remotely, Globe ensured that employees still felt the care even while far apart.

This began with a Work From Home Survey, which identified the pain points of employees:

-Employees were struggling to adjust to working from home (WFH);
-One out of three employees had productivity concerns; and
-Employees felt anxious about the quarantine.

In response to the survey, Globe created the following programs and innovations:

-DUDE (Digital Usher for Disasters and Emergencies), a chat bot that performs daily health check-ins with our 8,000+ workforce. The bot was built in eight days, garnering 5,670 active users immediately upon launch.
-Thursdays By The Desk addressed meeting fatigue by blocking off meetings on Thursday afternoons;
-Workday as our new HR Integrated System, for a seamless self-service experience;
-Wanda bot encourages employees to commend each other through personalized e-cards;
-A holistic wellness initiative had virtual workout sessions, financial education, and socio-emotional wellness;
-Mental health support via KonsultaMD and Hopechat;
-WOW! From Home provided big discounts on work-from-home upgrades such as laptops, ergonomic chairs, and more;
-The Good Vibes Club, a virtual variety show with a wide range of topics, from serious (wellness, financial tips, dealing with anxiety) to fun (pop culture). TGVC served as an online community for employees;
-Sagot Kita (I Got You) enabled non-frontline employees to become Globe Ambassadors, helping resolve customers’ concerns and supporting our contact centers;
-Globe Labs, a dedicated PCR testing facility for employees.

These achievements are significant because they cement Globe as one of the best places to work. More than that, these programs were made in collaboration with employees — through various surveys, FGDs, and active listening through our internal social media.

Based on the 2020 iSpeak Employee Engagement Survey from Willis Towers Watson, Employee Engagement was at 93% — the highest in five years, despite the challenges of the pandemic. Globe is the only Filipino Company to be part of the WTW High Performing Organizations. We beat our competition in terms of employee engagement and market share.

Our Circle of Happiness philosophy states that Engaged Employees lead to Happy Customers, and this is what Globe was able to achieve during the pandemic. We continue to change the telco landscape through initiatives that make our customers lives easier:

-We improved our self-service apps like Globe One, Globe At Home, TM App, and most notably GCash. GCash played a crucial role during the pandemic, ushering in an e-commerce revolution.
-We launched COVID-related initiatives using GReward. Our Stay@Home initiative gave a convenient and safe way for our customers to settle their bills at a later time.
-Our Digital Brand GOMO! is fast becoming a popular service provider! We’ve also started on our 5G builds and fixed wireless access. Meanwhile, we improved network connection and eliminated interruptions with VoLTE and VoWIFI.

All of these were made possible by following our Purpose: in everything we do, we treat people right to create a Globe of Good.

In carrying out its mission to provide quality service and wonderful experiences for our customers and employees, Globe has received recognition from numerous award-giving bodies locally and abroad. We see this as a testament that we are heading in the right direction, as we continuously enhance Globe products and services to create a Globe of Good.

In 2020 alone, Globe was recognized by the following organizations:

Alpha Southeast Asia Magazine 10th Annual Poll Institutional Investor Corporate Awards
ASEAN Corporate Governance Scorecard (ACGS)
Asia Communication Awards 2020
Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards
Cloudera Data Impact Awards
Corporate Governance Asia - 10th Asian Excellence Award
Frost & Sullivan Asia Pacific Best Practices Awards
Stevie Award in the 2020 International Business Awards
The Ethical Boardroom
The Stevie Awards for Great Employers
2020 International Finance Awards
55th Anvil Awards
Workplace Customer Success Awards

In 2021, Globe has also received recognition from the Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards, International Finance Awards, and the ASEAN Corporate Governance Scorecard Golden Arrow Awards by the Institute of Corporate Directors. For a complete list of accolades, view this link.

A comprehensive list of Globe’s achievements and programs are also available in the company’s 2020 Integrated Report. The company’s website is globe.com.ph .
At the onset of the pandemic, Globe’s main priority was to care for its employees and keep them safe. We implemented a Critical Skeletal Force (CSF) for business continuity while the rest worked from home.

To keep our employees safe, Globe provided them with extended benefits that included:

-Meal subsidies;
-Free transportation;
-Free accommodations near worksites;
-Full HMO coverage of medical expenses related to COVID-19, including family members;
-Life insurance; and
-Personal protective equipment, vitamins, and supplements.

We created a massive information drive about COVID-19, utilizing email, Workplace by Facebook, and below-the-line advertising. Posters were placed on high-traffic areas within the office to teach proper handwashing, coughing etiquette, and what masks to wear. By the end of 2020, we had communicated over 260 materials.

We created DUDE (Digital Usher for Disasters and Emergencies) bot, which automatically checks the health of each employee on a daily basis. If someone reports any symptoms, DUDE would automatically connect them to our COVID-19 Response Team for immediate support.

For our employee's mental health, we employed Australia-based company Hopechat to put up a chat-based mental health support program. Through it, employees can chat and get connected to a mental health professional to talk about their anxieties during the pandemic.

Lastly, we put up Globe Labs, an exclusive RT-PCR testing laboratory for employees and dependents, so they may know if they have COVID anytime.

The attached supporting materials will show how Globe has consistently put people first. This was affirmed even more during the pandemic, when Globe went above and beyond in protecting its employees while also keeping them highly engaged. We reached our highest engagement rate at 93% during the height of the pandemic -- which is a testament that our people programs centered on care works

Because of this high engagement, our employees are empowered to go beyond in the service of our customers. We created initiatives that would ease the burden of the pandemic on our customer's lives, such as employing a moratorium on bills, pushing for e-commerce through our GCash e-wallet, creating more flexible broadband plans, and strengthening our network connection through 5G.

We even joined in on nation building through our #OneGlobeVsCOVID initiative that encouraged customers to donate a portion of their Globe Reward points to be used in buying PPE for frontliners or in giving additional funds to public hospitals.

All of these were accomplished because we put care at the center of our business. Our purpose says it clearly: In everything we do, we treat people right to create a Globe of Good.

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