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Name of Organization/Company: Enerjisa, ─░stanbul, Turkey
Category: Achievement in Recruitment

Entry Title: Enerjisa Enerji - New Digital Recruitment Process


Enerjisa Enerji is Turkey's leading electricity company operating in two main business lines, power distribution and retail sales. With a team of over 10000 employees, Enerjisa operates in 14 provinces across three operational regions and serve 21,5 million users.

Enerjisa has 26% of all distribution network connections in Turkey and 9.9 million customers representing approximately 22% of the retail electricity market.

Continuous Learning Culture and Human Focus in EnerjiSA:

Being aware of the fact that competent and happy employees are its most important investment in mediating to reach future goals, Enerjisa positioned to invest human capital as one of the strategical priorities.

Enerjisa focuses on the best, the most efficient and collectively adopted HR procedures and practices that touch people with the vision of "being the continuously preferred employer in the industry and within Top 15 in all industries".

Enerjisa's purpose is to offer a pleasant and meaningful career journey to its employees through these practices as of the day they are recruited.

Enerjisa HR re-designed the entire recruitment processes in 2020 by utilizing state-of-the-art measurement tools and in a way to satisfy the digitalization need.

Along with the designed infrastructure, a standard process that will correctly evaluate the candidates with modern tools is provided in the recruitment process; In this way, efficiency and standardization were achieved in the process implemented by different recruiters at all locations.

Enerjisa HR focused on 3 priorities in the new design of the recruitment processes:

1) Standardization of the Processes via Digitalization
2) Revision of the Measurement Tools
3) Installation of the Common Digital Infrastructure

In the standardization of the processes step;

- The platform in which the applications will be gathered
- The entire application management, interview management and evaluation process
- Candidates, communications tools, and messages were revised and standard applications were developed.

In the revision of the measurement tools step, 2 new tests that were not used before were designed and included in the process. The first test measures the personality traits and capabilities of the candidates and determines his match to the advertised position. The other test is used to evaluate the foreign language skills of candidates.

Moreover, new assessment tools such as online interviews also integrated to the process.

In the last step of creating a digital infrastructure that will enable the recording of this entire renewed process, an infrastructure that will enable end-to-end management of the process in this area has been designed and put into practice.

Thanks to this infrastructure,

- Reaching out to applications of all candidates for all positions of all the companies through a single platform
- Keeping the relationship of the candidates with the company recorded in a single place,
- Keeping in touch with the candidates and reaching candidates with digital messages at every step of the process,
- Allowing the recruitment experts and managers to see all candidates together and to follow their status,
- Conducting all the process via a single point without re-directing candidate or related manager to another platform,
- Application of the scientifically valid and reliable tests to the candidates on the same platform and record the results,
- Planning and sustaining online interviews,
- Establishment of an institutional talent pool became viable.

Enerjisa's new digital recruitment platform was launched in April 2020, and although it has not yet completed one year, it has made observable and measurable contributions to ompany.

Thanks to the new digital talent acquisition process and platform, 222 business days of effectiveness was accomplished with the first 9 months. Even with this efficiency alone, the platform covered the initial setup cost in 1 year. Hence, the positive outcomes became visible before the platform completed its first year of operation.

Moreover, positive outcomes in terms of candidate performance and commitment were observed. The new process also contributed to the institution's becoming a preference for capable candidates.


After April 2020, when the renewed recruitment process was put into use, general turnover decreased by 30% compared to the previous year and realized as 3.4%. With commissioning of Welcome to Enerjisa Platform in 2021, this data regressed even further and hovers around 1.45.

When only new employees' turnover is compared, the positive effect of process is clearly seen. When the turnover of the control group hired between January and March 2020 is compared with the turnover of those recruited through the new digital recruitment process, it is seen that those who were hired with the new process showed more commitment with 31% lower turnover rates than those who were hired just before them.

In addition, the rate of leaving the job during trial period decreased by 100% for those who were hired in the new process.

Return of Investment (ROI):

120K was paid for the installation of the system and the cost of maintenance of the system is 200K in total annually.

The increase of efficiency of 222 business days corresponds to 265k profit to the company with the first 9-10 months of the system. In short, new digital recruitment process ensured the Return of the Investment within its first year of operation. By means of this, not only a more effective system is obtained but also an opportunity to make savings in the following years is created.

Apx1-Enerjisa Digital Recruitment and Onboarding Video: https://youtu.be/x9iXQATygxM

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