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Name of Organization/Company: Dell Technologies, Franklin, MA USA
Category: Achievement in Learning Measurement

Entry Title: Dell Technologies Global Education Services: Learning Measurement Enablement


Training demand increased significantly tied to Dell’s transformation initiative at a time capacity was constrained due to COVID-19 impact. This capability enables effective decision making to focus on high impact solutions and accelerate learner and stakeholder outcomes (a key FY22 Education Services strategic goal).

Business Problem:

- Inability of Education Services to be consultative around learning solutions & lack of ability to make data-driven decisions on application of learning solutions and their modification.
- Inability to measure impact of training programs to our internal stakeholders
- Historical operational review to stakeholders presenting what is easy to track vs. what our stakeholder’s value (see figure 1.1)
- Disparity between databases across internal organizations
- Technology to enable data capture from multiple databases and visualization techniques

Business Needs:

- Comprehensive measurement and reporting strategy
- Identifying measurements for the Global Client Tech Support organization
- Visuals leading to opportunity and strength identification
- Enable Education Services consultative function to serve stakeholders in identifying training opportunities and develop a training forecast
- Identify, report, and present training impact to student job performance/tie to organizational strategy and outcomes
- Ensure data is GDPR compliant

The measurement strategy utilized is a blended framework approach from Bersin by Deloitte, Kirkpatrick, and Phillips ROI models. The starting point is with the data available in these frameworks and to scale as additional data sources are connected and as objectives are more closely aligned to business needs. The data measurements utilized directly relate to the training outcome expectations for the specific organization and training objective it applies to.

The program was integrated throughout the Client Tech Support organization globally by capturing key data points and developing dashboards for each region, line of business, partner, training modality, and training objective such as new hire and steady state training.

The platform used to meet the defined requirements is Domo Business Cloud.

The 14 dashboards cover the below areas that target users that are directly responsible for different aspects of the business.

• Executive Scorecard
• Global New Hire
• Regional New Hire
• New Hire by Line of Business
• OnDemand Training
• Performance Based Steady State Training
• Partner New Hire Delivery Performance vs. badged employee performance
• New Product/Solution Training
• Agent performance for In-Person training vs. virtual training

For Education Services, the data allows for learning professionals to manage the business operationally from managing delivery & development resources for efficiency to ensuring training is aligned to stakeholder objectives.

For the stakeholders, the data reflects agent performance post new hire training, ramp time, new hire attrition rates, and student performance both before and after steady state training.

Historically only training consumption and student survey information was relayed to stakeholders. This information was not valued by the stakeholders. The new solution provides stakeholders with direct output on agent performance post training on the key metrics that matter the most to the business. The stakeholders can now determine the quality of training and Education Services can consult on areas of opportunity to target the right students with the right content at the right time. This strengthened the relationships between Education Services and the stakeholders and created trust that training is aligned to the businesses strategy and that student capabilities are growing. Until this solution, the stakeholders were unable to separate out performance levels by new hires or by agents that participated in specific training initiatives.

Goals established and achieved:

• Developed and repaired relationships with stakeholders
• Solution allows for combined databases between relevant internal stakeholder data and training data
• Utilized data science to measure new hire ramp time
• Provides stakeholder training scorecards reflecting the value of training to leadership at all levels
• Provides Education Services with the data required to become trusted consultants to build stakeholder capability effectively and efficiently
• Inform: Share activity, identify trends, & answer questions
• Monitor: Ensure requirements met & compare against benchmarks
• Evaluate: & Analyze: Assess impact, demonstrate value, identify relationships, & predict outcomes
• Manage: Adjust to deliver planned results and forecast year-end results
• Provide the capability to establish key performance indicators to training outcomes

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