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Name of Organization/Company: Chailease Finance Co., Ltd, Taipei, Taiwan
Category: Chief Learning Officer of the Year

Entry Title: Tim Wu, Vice President of Human Resources Development Department


Tim Wu is the Vice President of Human Resources Development Department for Chailease

A two time Most Outstanding Employee ranked A+ Performance for the past 11 years and, outside of sales, Tim is the youngest VP within all of Chailease Financial Holdings.

To meet the needs of customers from front-line employees to the c-suite, Tim manages his team of financial services industry professionals to create an enterprising learning and performance ecosystem for Chailease to achieve expanding goals in the challenging finance industry.

From his time as a fresh senior manager to VP of HR, Tim has led the development and implementation of three key to success Chailease HRD practices maintaining corporate ROI and facilitation of ASEAN expansion.

The Association for Talent Development (formerly ASTD) has recognized these achievements with Excellence in Practice Awards:

1.Dual Skills High Competency 2013-14: Understanding Each Other - Working Together.
2.Regional Development Model 2015-16: Where Amazing Learning Happens, is Shared and Grows.
3.Management Associate Program (MAP) 2019-2020- provides a desired, concise career path to management postings abroad.

To continue leading the industry Chailease requires a steady stream of qualified line managers.

To meet this critical need, Tim proposed revamping the process of recruiting of ASEAN students currently studying in Taiwan; the Greater ASEAN Internship Employment Program (GAIEP) bridges HQ and ASEAN talent. Having multilingual capabilities and diversified backgrounds makes HQ staffing more representative and serving of the markets abroad.

The Covid-19 pandemic’s travel restrictions challenged this process, as the original plan was to provide ASEAN students who study in Taiwan opportunities to have summer vacation internship opportunities back home in territories where Chailease operates. With Covid travel restrictions Tim proposed a flexible schedule allowing ASEAN students to join the internship program year-round, not only during the summer vacation. Furthermore, some managers believed a short-term summer vacation internship had little value, but GAIEP allowed the development of relationships with management and opportunity to conduct in-depth performance appraisals over a significant period of time.

The development of internationalizing HQ's staffing representation to better reflect the multinational operations of the company was successfully implemented significantly ahead of schedule and these successful ASEAN candidates became eligible for the High Potential Development Program (HPDP).

By turning the Covid crisis into an opportunity to internationalize HQ and add a new stream of high value candidates to the management talent pool, Tim’s success with GAIEP during the Covid crisis was recognized by the Chairman of Chailease when he introduced GAIEP to Chenggong University’s year end 2020 Outstanding Alumni Award ceremony.

Even though GAIEP is not the only program of its kind to recruit ASEAN student talent within the finance industry, the results are significant.

The GAIEP recruitment Video has 66,685 views to date on YouTube, Facebook and IG, well beyond the original 50,000 target.

Recruitment leading indicator is 15 candidates applying for GAIEP, while the lagging indicator is 10 candidates selected for GAIEP, and 100% over the original 5 candidate recruitment target. These ten selected equals the number recruited over the same period of time by each of the top the banks with over 5X the number of employees and need.

Now 2021 and 4 of the 10 GAIEP students have on-boarded Chailease with the six that chose to move on recommending 10 more to apply. With an original goal of five recruits and two to three hires the final results are: 4 hires and 10 + 10 (for late 2020) equaling 20 recruits to GAIEP and 4X the original goal and double that of the largest banks.

Through these twenty newcomers and four hires from diverse cultural backgrounds, HQ department heads have come to appreciate the Internationalization of Chailease who are providing valuable assets of inclusion, diversity and fresh multi-national and cultural perspectives to the office. GAIEP’s 2020 results clearly outperformed expectations.

With GAIEP’s success Chailease received an Asian Recruitment Award and the Chairman introduced GAIEP to the 2020 Outstanding Alumni Award ceremony at Chenggong University Taiwan.

With a comprehensive talent development system built upon diversified training practices, HRD provided the foundation for GAIEP’s success with the human capital initiatives listed below.

The success of each program is derived from the foundations first laid in 2005 when Tim, just a Senior Specialist in Chailease’s HR department, championed and took lead to develop and implement the Dual Skills High Competency program.

From fresh MA graduate who onboarded Chailease in 2003 to now as VP of HR, the quality and quantity of talent Tim’s HR team now provides has empowered Chailease’s ambitious multi-national Golden Ten-Year Growth Plan 2019 -2028.

1. Dual Skills High Competency (DSHC), established in 2005. ATD Best in Practice.
2. Learning Management System, established in 2006.
3. Regional Development Model (RDM), established in 2009. ATD Best in Practice.
4. Management Associate Program (MAP), established in 2013. ATD Best in Practice.
5. Knowledge Management 2.0, established in 2015.
6. High Potential Development Program (HPDP), established in 2016. ATD Best in Practice 2021 to be determined.
7. Talent Management Indicators (TMI), established in 2018.
8. Greater ASEAN Internship Employment Program (GAIEP), established in 2020.

Webpage Links:

東南亞國際實習生計畫 Great Asean Internship and Employment Program : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iBmZl-tAWDU

Supporting Document: https://vo-general.s3.amazonaws.com/a1ab4161-9c30-4e28-88fc-d6ad384e3fe2/1212b64a-2149-449e-a670-1b63ae7e6b28?AWSAccessKeyId=AKIAJ4PRWO26HAX3IOCA&Expires=1720384799&response-content-disposition=inline%3B%20filename%3D%221.Chailease%20Talent%20Strategy.pdf%22&response-content-type=application%2Fpdf&Signature=4btw0B%2FKhcMIWJ%2BorP1bUNva32o%3D