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Name of Organization/Company: Capgemini, Chicago, IL USA
Category: New Hire Training

Entry Title: Capgemini NA Two-Week Virtual Campus Onboarding Experience


Prior to the pandemic, Capgemini NA’s two-week Campus Onboarding Experience was in person. Once news of the pandemic broke out, over one weekend the Capgemini Learning, Talent and Culture (LTC) Team transitioned the content and program into a virtual experience. The update to virtual was released on March 16, 2020.

The two-week Capgemini Campus Onboarding Program, which is virtually immersive and experiential, focuses on accelerated skill development, fostering a sense of community and prepares new college graduates to flourish in a client facing environment.

We are extremely intentional in creating an end-to-end positive employee experience. This starts with employees receiving four email communications before onboarding, which illicit excitement and provide bite-size and practice-specific information, from the Campus Onboarding Program Manager, who also hosts a Meet and Greet Microsoft Teams call for campus hires to ask questions and reduce anxieties before joining Capgemini.

Our program is so successful because we focus on experience as much as education. Campus hires are given space to cultivate friendships, receive individualized feedback and ask questions, while learning how to get the future they want and create balance to avoid burn out.

Getting Started at Capgemini:

During the six day Introduction to Capgemini course, new hires understand Capgemini’s culture and feel confident guiding our internal tools, such as setting up their laptops, benefits and direct deposits, communicating effectively via Microsoft Teams and Outlook, getting staffed on a project, submitting timesheets, and how to excel in performance management. Without this course, new hires would not feel set up for success or a sense of trust in Capgemini.

Everyone takes ownership in creating a safe place for new college graduates. Facilitators teach sessions covering: Managing Your Optics, Building Your Brand, Being Resourceful, and Consulting 101, and previous campus hires join these sessions, as they offer relevant insight and answers regarding the campus hire experience. Since switching to virtual, campus hires can network more than ever, as mentors hop on a call, as opposed to a plane, to participate in the learning experience.

Engaging Case Studies:

The four-day CWC Bootcamp leverages a case study to prepare new hires for their client work and project teams. New hires are placed into teams of six and are designated a coach that provides individualized, constructive feedback following each of five exercise roleplays, which focus on working as a team, running a meeting, gathering and presenting data, managing resistance, and storytelling.

In 2020, the 2020 retention for the Campus Onboarding Program was 87.19% (see 2020 Campus Onboarding Retention). 242 campus hires came through the NA Campus Onboarding Program. 211 are still active employees, while 31 have been terminated. The 2019 retention is 73.48% out of the 279 that were originally onboarded in person.

The 2020 Campus Onboarding Experience averaged 94% satisfaction (4.70/5.00) across seven cohorts (see Campus Showcase 2020 Final), while the first three cohorts of 2021 averaged 94.6% satisfaction (4.73/5.00) (see Campus Data 2021). The most recent Campus Onboarding Program (June 2021) had the highest overall rating of 95.2% satisfaction (4.76/5.00) from all 2020 and 2021.

Customer Testimonials:

“I really enjoyed that with it being virtual I was able to create relationships with other new hires. I know for my own fulfillment in a job I NEED interaction and connections and this landscape we are in it can be tricky to do so. With that, the design of the program was great at fostering an environment to build the relationships.”

“The schedule was well balanced, the modules all had a clear purpose and content was not repeated within modules.”

“Tons of engagement and opportunities of participation - we were not just lectured to.”

“It felt as though everyone wanted to sincerely help set you up for success and happiness with being a part of Capgemini.”

“Even though everyone was from different locations, I was able to meet & know a lot of people virtually in a way I didn't think I could naturally. I was able to be personable with a lot of my collogues quickly.”

“The virtual onboarding … reassured me that I made the right choice by starting my career at Capgemini.”

The investment for virtual onboarding ($1200/person) is almost 80% cheaper than face to face onboarding ($5,565/person) due to cost savings on hotels, flights and extravagant social events. By staying under budget, we saved a total of $107,702.18 so far in 2021 (January $727.66/person for 112, March $615.97/person for 46, June $749.44/person for 62).





1) Campus Showcase 2020 Final
The 2020 Campus Onboarding average rating was 94% satisfaction (4.70/5.00) across seven cohorts.

2) 2020 Campus Onboarding Retention
The 2020 Retention for the Campus Onboarding Program was 87.19%.

3)Campus Data 2021
2021 has an average rating of 94.6% satisfaction (4.73/5.00) so far.

4) Campus Onboarding Schedule
There are themes around Networking and Wellbeing during onboarding. Therefore, an Executive Lunch is scheduled for each practice, and we host a sponsored virtual Pizza Lunch and Happy Hour. There is also a one-hour Mindfulness and Yoga session, as well as two fifteen-minute mindfulness sessions. Each campus hire also takes the DiSC Workplace Assessment, and facilitators host an interactive discussion session to learn how to best work with others.

5) CWC Facilitation Macro
Due to the high number of coaches required per onboarding and number of roleplays occurring simultaneously, a pool of strong coaches and schedule with linked out meetings per team is key to success.

6) Campus Onboarding Deliverables
To set campus hires up for success and reduce their anxieties, what is expected of them is clearly identified in daily deliverables.

7) Campus Onboarding House Party
Each morning for fifteen minutes, the schedule provides campus hires with a space and theme to introduce themselves and build connection with their cohort.

8) Introduction to Capgemini June 2021 Feedback
The most recent Campus Onboarding Program (June 2021) had the highest overall rating of 95.2% satisfaction (4.76/5.00) from all 2020 and 2021.