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Name of Organization/Company: Bizlibrary
Category: Learning Management Solution - New or New-Version

Entry Title: Learning Management System


BizLibrary is nominating a new version of our Learning Management System. BizLibrary works with an agile development process, which allows us to respond quickly to clients’ changing needs and how they want to use the system. These updates occur monthly, with the latest version released on May 26, 2021.

BizLibrary is a leading provider of online employee training solutions. Our award-winning microlearning video library, learning technology platforms, and Client Success and Technical Support teams empower clients to solve business challenges and impact change within their organizations. 

The BizLibrary Learning Management System is a learning platform with robust functionality that enables companies to manage, deliver, track, and report on training. We keep both administrators and learners in mind when developing our platform and ensure that it can easily manage compliance needs while driving exploratory learning across the organization.

The BizLibrary LMS provides a customized learner experience to help engage users during the learning process. Clients can modify the LMS with a logo, company colors, and create customized homepages. Administrators find building a custom homepage easy using various drag and drop widgets. Some of these widgets include content recommendations based on a learner's activity, time spent taking content, and featured playlists.

Learners are encouraged to connect with peers through various social learning features, including creating and sharing playlists, a Microsoft Teams integration, and our built-in social learning application, Community. Community provides learners with a place to quickly communicate with their team, department, committees, or even the entire company.

Learners can find content through the recommendation engine and a variety of search filters. The filters include curated learning paths, which are 1-2 hours of learning content curated by our team of experts.

The LMS supports administrators by providing tools to manage and track employee training. Learning Initiatives provide the ability to create custom learning paths that address specific business challenges and needs, providing organizations complete control over how and when assigned training is delivered. 

Organizations that use a blended approach to learning can use the built-in classroom management feature. Classroom management allows administrators to create classrooms, locations, and events for both virtual and in-person training. 

The LMS also includes robust reporting options for tracking teams, individual learners, and assignments. For frequently used reports, administrators can save them for future reference and schedule them to be delivered via email.

The BizLibrary LMS is well represented and regarded in the industry. Year after year, we win awards from esteemed organizations like Training Industry, Training Magazine, eLearning, Brandon Hall, and more.

Here are a few highly competitive awards we’ve been honored with over the course of 2020:

Silver Brandon Hall Best Advance in Learning Management Technology
TrustRadius Most Loved
Training Magazine 2020 Choice Award Learning Portal/LMS
Top 20 Learning Management System Company

At BizLibrary, we measure our customer satisfaction in a variety of ways, including our client’s success stories. The following are just a few examples of our client's success with our LMS. 

SpanTech LLC
SpanTech LLC , a global manufacturer of plastic conveyors, partnered with BizLibrary to expand the content offering in compliance topic areas. Prior to Bizlibrary, the total number of training seminars and webinars SpanTech employees attended was 187. After their BizLibrary implementation, the total number of courses increased to 915 courses! One of their most utilized LMS features is Learning Initiatives. SpanTech uses Learning Initiatives to manage and automate mandatory compliance training, saving time and helping to keep training records organized. 

Schupan & Sons
Schupan & Sons is a metals and plastics business specializing in industrial and electronics recycling, fabrication and distribution, beverage container processing, and materials trading. Before partnering with BizLibrary, Schupan's training methods were inconsistent and hard to track. It was important that their new solution allowed employees to access thousands of training videos and provide managers the ability to easily track the completion of training.

Since partnering with BizLibrary, Schupan’s dedication to employee development has paid off! One of their main goals was to ensure the right people are placed in the right position. Their training program helps them achieve that goal by identifying and improving skill gaps. Schupan’s key metrics for tracking the success of their new program are tenure and internal promotions. They have increased employee tenure from 20 months to 24 months, and their internal promotions have been averaging about 2 per month! Additionally, employees are actively seeking out new content aside from assigned coursework.

We have included a variety of web pages and documents to help better illustrate our Learning Management System. 

The BizLibrary award page includes a complete list of awards from esteemed organizations that recognize our products and services throughout the years. 

BizLibrary's client success stories page highlights some clients that have successfully delivered employee learning solutions by using our collection of thousands of online training videos and our award-winning Learning Management System.

We've also included a few videos that showcase a few major features we added in 2020, including newly redesign reporting and a Microsoft Teams integration. 

We have also linked our Client Success page as a resource. One of BizLibrary's key differentiators is our partnership with our clients. BizLibrary has a full Client Services Team in place to scope, define, and manage the implementation, and ongoing support of your account for long-term success. Our clients work with our Client Success team to ensure success is achieved at all levels. BizLibrary has four different roles that offer support for your program. These four different roles include a dedicated Client Success Manager, Implementation and Training Specialist, Technical Client Support team, and Professional Services team. 

Additionally, we've included several documents to help illustrate our Learning Management System and its various features and functions that simplify the administrative process and help promote a culture of learning within organizations. These include the Learning Management System product sheet, What are Learning Initiatives product sheet, and a document explaining the platform's key features that drive utilization.







Key Features that Drive Utilization: https://vo-general.s3.amazonaws.com/a1ab4161-9c30-4e28-88fc-d6ad384e3fe2/5c4294cf-3e72-4ac2-889d-edb872f45f14?AWSAccessKeyId=AKIAJ4PRWO26HAX3IOCA&Expires=1720466353&response-content-disposition=inline%3B%20filename%3D%22BZL_Key_Features_That_Drive_Utilization_10_20.pdf%22&response-content-type=application%2Fpdf&Signature=ciuR60DpPm7%2ByUx0YmUvWpwMz6E%3D

LMS Why Learning Management: https://vo-general.s3.amazonaws.com/a1ab4161-9c30-4e28-88fc-d6ad384e3fe2/61632491-28fe-40e9-878b-1aca2eac9102?AWSAccessKeyId=AKIAJ4PRWO26HAX3IOCA&Expires=1720466353&response-content-disposition=inline%3B%20filename%3D%22BZL_LMS_Why%20Learning%20Management.pdf%22&response-content-type=application%2Fpdf&Signature=91ctjHJ3itKOfWr9RzwuP%2BKIJ0E%3D

LMS Learning Initiatives: https://vo-general.s3.amazonaws.com/a1ab4161-9c30-4e28-88fc-d6ad384e3fe2/e7b7faa9-d8fb-4c6b-a615-c9781e0c3ce2?AWSAccessKeyId=AKIAJ4PRWO26HAX3IOCA&Expires=1720466353&response-content-disposition=inline%3B%20filename%3D%22BZL-Platform-LMS-Learning-Initiatives.08.2020.pdf%22&response-content-type=application%2Fpdf&Signature=0oSqS%2BjxB%2BkTwttYiRkFxLgwuyo%3D