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Name of Organization/Company: Allianz Turkey, ─░stanbul, Turkey
Category: Workforce Management Solution - New or New-Version

Entry Title: Akut(Joker)Team


“AKUT(JOKER) Team” was released as a brand-new Human Resources product on 13 January 2020.

As a HR Career&Development and Workforce Management product that supports multiple working disciplines and competences in new generation business trends through upskill and reskill development solutions and flexible career management,“Akut(Joker)Team”was developed by Allianz Turkey Human Resources HR Business Partnership. With Akut(Joker)Team, multi-skilled teams were created to provide active urgent support with the current employees for supporting the teams with increasing periodical business load–without a need for recruiting a new contracted employee or a Full Time Employee.Thanks to this urgent support team i.e., Akut (Joker)Team),which is based on supply of supportive sources from team “X”with less/manageable business load to team“Y”with more business load periodically in such periods with increased business load,employees were trained who can work in different specialties with multiple know-how and that can meet the adhoc requirement of HR.This HR product is named after the potential of the members to function just as a “Joker”in any team of our operations function,which is the critical team that contacts with the customers in case of any claims.

This urgent support initiative consisting of the employees,who were trained as multi-skilled among the employees within the Operations Function out of all employees of Allianz Turkey,was established based on two main values such as“increasing organizational efficiency and productivity”and“offering development&career opportunities”that add value to the employee.”The functions and benefits of the project can be outlined as follows:

1. Organizational Dimension:

  • Strategic and Operational Efficiency
  • Employee Engagement
  • Flexible Career Management
  • Enriched Succession Planning
  • Peer Learning and Cooperation Culture

2. Individual(Employee) Dimension:

  • To be a preferred candidate in career move: The employees of Akut(Joker)Team members were prioritized in the promotions of all teams where they served as a Joker.
  • L&D Budget: With the additional L&D budget of an additional fund was provided to enhance multiskilled competences of Joker Team members.
  • Additional L&D Rights: Additional growth rights regarding the fields, in which they must be multiskilled, were provided among the improvement opportunities offered by our corporate academy and they were further given the chance to take part in the technical trainings of the other teams.
  • Strategic and Operational Efficiency: Current assets of the Company were managed efficiently without using any additional funds or outsourcing. Company’s current assets were managed efficiently without using any additional funds or outsourcing and new recruitment saving in was created
  • Contribution to Employee Engagement:Loyalty of Joker Team members was increased(
  • Flexible Career Management:Ability and chance to access career opportunities more easily was offered not only in the own line but also in other lines
  • Cooperation Culture: Joker Team members improved sense of teammate thereby ensuring support of different teams within the organization In comparison to the previous year,the scores of the relevant questions in the production teams where the implementation is carried out were increased
    • Upskilling&Reskilling:As part of Joker Team any member received 140 h of digital classroom trainings per person,as well as on the job trainings for 36 hours.Each member had the chance to experience cross sections thereby shadowing performance for 8 business days on average.27 different curriculum was created as a library and opened for permanent access of Akut(Joker)Team to support self-paced learning and allow the members obtain constant support and keep their knowledge refreshed.Satisfaction score in all these trainings was measured as 4,9/5; NPS score:91/100.
    • Our HR product Joker Team was chosen as a“Best Practice”workforce management and career product within Allianz Global HR and started to be implemented in the Allianz Entities in other countries as well. This also created a pioneering,source of pride and positive reputation for Allianz Turkey HR.