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Name of Organization/Company: AKÇANSA, İstanbul, Turkey
Category: Employer of the Year – Industrial

Entry Title: Akçansa


Akçansa, a joint venture of Turkey's leading conglomorate Sabancı Holding and the world's largest manufacturer of building materials Germany-based multinational HeidelbergCement, is Turkey's largest cement producer and the leading company in its sector. Akçansa, meets 10% of Turkey’s cement need and 16% of total cement and clinker exports.

Akçansa acts with the HR vision of "Being the most preferred employer by creating a unique work culture where employees feel themselves valuable and learn continuously".

Human resources practices are managed in 4 main focuses:
-People First
-Leadership Development
-Talent and Continuous Learning
-Adaptible, High Performing Workplace

Akçansa, which attaches importance to diversity and inclusion in all its activities, implements projects on D&I areas such as the representation of women in business life, the participation of the young generation in decision-making processes, and the access of disadvantaged groups to educational opportunities.

Akçansa, which always listens to its employees with its human-centered practices and develops projects with the excitement of seeking the most suitable solutions for their needs, revised all its processes in 4 main focuses in 2020 due to the changing conditions along with the pandemic, and implemented several innovative HR projects.

In 2020, which was a challenging year for the whole world, the first priority of the Akçansa HR team was to protect the health and well-being of its employees and to increase employee satisfaction and loyalty by keeping constant communication with them. For this purpose, many new practices have been implemented to increase the communication of both the HR team and the senior management team with the employees.

How are you? meetings with CHRO, periodic field visits of the HR team, and Learning from Each Other Meetings can be cited as examples of different communication activities.

Akçansa has established the Akçansa Dialogue WhatsApp line in order to ensure that employees in need can reach the HR team immediately, and initiated the Akçansa Employee Support with experts such as psychologists, doctors and physiotherapists for employees who need professional support. In this way, employees can immediately access accurate information about the company, practices, job security or the health of themselves and their families.

In this year, in which the way of doing business has changed Akçansa HR team has started studying on Future of Work and implemented many projects to feed the leadership and talent pipelines that will form the future of Akçansa. The Akçansa Digital Academy for continuous development, and the Project Marketplace, agile collaborative learning teams.

Akçansa also sees the inclusion of younger generation as a strategic HR priority. For this purpose, Akçansa implemented the Career Plane Tree-Reverse Mentoring project, in which talented young employees mentor the company's senior executives.

Despite the negative effects of the pandemic, with the HR practices implemented in 2020, improvements were achieved in all HR metrics:

Employee Engagement:
In 2020, Akçansa achieved an increase of 12 points in its Employee Engagement results, and with this high rate of increase, it succeeded in being in the top 10% of 360 companies according to Hewitt's global research.

Employee Loyalty:
In 2020, voluntary turnover decreased by 33.85% to 4.3%, and regretted turnover decreased by 88.57% to 0.4%.

Investors in People:
Akçansa was deemed worthy of the International Investor's People (IIP) award, becoming the first company among Sabancı Group and HeidelbergCement companies to receive a GOLD standard certificate.

Employee Branding:
It was re-listed in the Capital Most Admired Companies list and succeeded in being included in this list for 19 consecutive years.

Talent Development:
The number of employees identified as "Promotable" in the company talent codes increased by 35%, and 33% of the employees eligible to this process were designated as promotable talent.

Sussession Pipeline Readiness:
In Akçansa Succession Pipeline, the rate of ready successors increased from 67% to 96%, and the rate of developing successors increased to 100% from 75%.

Diversity and Inclusion:
Akçansa, with its 21% female employee ratio, shows a gender distribution well above the sector average (13%) in its sector, which is considered male-dominated in Turkey.
The proportion of women in the Succession Pipeline has also been increased to 27%.

Due to word limits, all Akçansa HR practices and 2020 project details could not be covered in this document. For details, please review the additional documents.

Apx1- Akçansa HR 2020 Projects and Practices
In this presentation, you can find:
- Akçansa company introduction in summary,
- Akçansa HR strategy and priorities
- A summary of the projects and practices implemented by the Akçansa HR team in 2020 and 2021
- Akçansa HR metrics results for 2020.

Apx2-Akçansa HR Communication Practices
In this presentation, you can find the projects and practices implemented by Akçansa in 2020, in terms of communication with employees, in detail.

Apx3-Akçansa Web Site in English: http://www.akcansa.com.tr/en/