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Name of Organization/Company: Akçansa, İstanbul, Turkey
Category: Achievement in Coaching and Mentoring

Entry Title: Akçansa The Career Plane Tree Reverse Mentoring Program


Akçansa, a joint venture of Turkey's leading conglomorate Sabancı Holding and the world's largest manufacturer of building materials Germany-based multinational HeidelbergCement, is Turkey's largest cement producer and the leading company in its sector. Akçansa, meets 10% of Turkey’s cement need and 16% of total cement and clinker exports.

Akçansa acts with the HR vision of "Being the most preferred employer by creating a unique work culture where employees feel themselves valuable and learn continuously".

Human resources practices are managed in 4 main focuses:
-People First
-Leadership Development
-Talent and Continuous Learning
-Adaptible, High Performing Workplace

The Career Plane Tree internal mentoring program is a development and cultural transformation program that supports the culture of learning from each other. The Career Plane Tree program, which was started in 2017, continued until 2020 with the mentoring of experienced Akçansa employees who received professional coaching training as an internal mentoring process.

Akçansa, whose human resource consists of 60% Y generation employees, acts with the mission of preparing for the "Future of Work" by including new generation young employees in all its processes. The Career Plane Tree program, which was redesigned in 2021 with this vision, was transformed into a reverse mentoring scheme.

The Career Plane Tree integrates dynamism and energy of young Akçansa employees into Akçansa business models, providing them opportunity to realize their ideas with passion, and also allowing the management team to share their experiences.

The program is designed:
-To increase the participation of talented young employees in the business and decision processes,
-To create a chance for the new generation of employees to express their ideas and suggestions on a transparent and open platform, and to create communication environments where they can present themselves with courage.
-To create an opportunity for the company management team to share the perspective, vision and excitement of the young people,
-To ensure that the young generation, the future talents of the company, are inspired by the stories of experienced managers,
-To ensure that the experienced and young generations within the company learn from each other, and
-To support sustainable success in company backup processes by combining experience and dynamism

In the program approved by the EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council), young talented employees under the age of 30 mentor the Akçansa management team. The mentoring process is rearranged with new mentors and mentees every semester.

Young talents determined as mentor candidates in the program attend coaching and mentoring training by professional coaches, and receive supervision and counseling throughout the process.

Mentees consisting of Akçansa management team also participate in Mentee training provided by professional coaches, so that both mentors and mentees set their expectations from the process and their competencies.

The First EMCC Accredited Mentoring Program in the Cement Industry:
Akçansa, which broke new ground in the field of mentoring, became the first company in the cement sector to receive EMCC accreditation with its in-house mentoring program “Career Plane Tree”.

Inclusivity and Equality in Program Setup:
In the Career Plane Tree program, mentor selections are also managed with the principle of inclusiveness. In order to benefit from different experiences and perspectives, young talents from different companies of the Sabancı Group can become mentor candidates.

Program Effects and Results:
-To date, 82 mentees and 70 mentors have participated in the program. While 50% of the mentees and 50% of the mentors are promoted to a higher position, 12.5% of the mentees and 12.5% of the mentors had job changes or rotations.

-69% of the job enrichment and promotions realized for white-collar employees were from the Y generation.
-In 2020, voluntary turnover decreased by 33.85% to 4.3%, and regretted turnover decreased by 88.57% to 0.4%.
-In 2020, Akçansa achieved an increase of 12 points as a result of Employee Engagement, and with this high rate of increase, it was among the top 10% among 360 companies according to Hewitt's global research.
-Akçansa was deemed worthy of the International Investor's People (IIP) award, becoming the first company among Sabancı Group and HeidelbergCement companies to receive a GOLD standard certificate.
-It was re-listed in the Capital Most Admired Companies list in 2020 and succeeded in being included in this list for 19 consecutive years.

Apx1- Kariyer Çınarı (Career Pane Tree) Project Details
Due to the word limits in the document, all details about the Career Sycamore project could not be included in the application, this information was completed in the appendix.:

Apx2- Akçansa Website in English: http://www.akcansa.com.tr/en/