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Company: Welltok
Category: Health, Wellness and Safety Solution Provider of the Year

Nomination Title: Welltok's Total Wellbeing Solution



Welltok drives consumer actions that matter. Only Welltok delivers solutions built on a single, secure platform that includes a massive consumer database, machine learning and multi-channel engagement that drives and accounts for targeted actions. As the award-winning consumer activation company, healthcare organizations and others trust Welltok to activate their population in meaningful ways.

Welltok does this through a comprehensive use of proprietary consumer data, including SDOH insights, advanced analytics and multi-channel engagement that motivates and rewards individuals for taking action to improve their wellbeing. Simply, we target the right people with the right resources to achieve their highest physical, social, financial and emotional health. When surveyed, 80% of Welltok’s end users report achieving their wellbeing goals better with Welltok than on their own.

These capabilities are why Welltok was selected in a competitive bid process as the Health Transformation Alliance’s (HTA) principal partner for consumer activation. The HTA is a cooperative of over 50 of America’s leading employers. After one year, 20% of HTA members signed with Welltok to prioritize employee total wellbeing.

Furthermore, given heath data sensitivity, security and privacy measures are hardwired into Welltok’s solutions, and Welltok has been HIPPA compliant and HITRUST certified since 2012.

2019 and 2020 have been exciting years for Welltok. This March, Welltok went global after signing its first international partnership with Seguros SURA Colombia. Additionally, Welltok was ranked on the Inc. 5000 list and the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 lists, both for the 5th consecutive year, recognizing its consistent and fast growth.

In 2020, Welltok also received a Certificate of Validation for the 5th consecutive year by the Validation Institute for Advance Analytics. To quote the Validation Institute, “Many times, performance promises often seem too good to be true, but not with Welltok,” said RD Whitney, CEO of Validation Institute. “They are consistently a standout when it comes to healthcare analytics with their ability to generate new insights and provide trusted guidance to health organizations.”

Welltok proudly puts this data and predictive analytics to work for all types of clients, helping employers, health plans and health systems leverage SDOH insights and predictive analytics to proactively engage individuals in relevant health and wellbeing programs that make a difference. With these insights, Welltok targets the right programs to the right individuals, driving higher ROI on wellbeing investments.

Finally, Welltok was recognized for its commitment to protecting health data, winning silver in the ISPG Global Excellence in the “Security Product and Service for Healthcare” category.

Compared to other wellness programs, Welltok is a true wellbeing partner, offering a scalable platform that addresses all aspects of health (physical, financial, mental and social). Through our web and mobile app, Welltok streamlines access to existing and new wellbeing programs, making it easy for employees to find and use them.

We truly personalize the experience by using our consumer data, including SDOH insights and predictive analytics, to proactively engage users in relevant programs, while motivating them to act with integrated rewards. This approach works:

After implementing Welltok’s wellbeing program, one large employer saw an increase of 390% in monthly usage of wellbeing resources by streamlining access to over 30 different programs and driving engagement with targeted communications and integrated rewards. For another client, Welltok used it consumer data sets and predictive analytics alone to identify people high risk for back/neck pain and then used this information to conduct targeted campaigns that resulted in a 400% higher engagement among than among self-identified individuals.

Additionally, end users also achieve milestones with Welltok. After surveying over 10,000 end users, 85% of respondents said they enjoyed using their sponsored wellbeing platform and are seeing results. The results were especially gratifying with comments like, “The platform has helped me become more aware of how many factors impact my overall health and wellbeing, i.e. stretching to prevent back pain all the way to managing my finances better.”

1. Welltok surveyed +10,000 end users to better understand their experiences with the wellbeing platform. One noteworthy statistic from the survey is that 80% of people achieved their health and wellbeing goals better with our wellbeing platform than on their own.

2. After selecting Welltok as the Health Transformation Alliance’s principal partner for consumer activation, 20% of the HTA members selected Welltok in their commitment for employee total wellbeing in the first year.

3. Welltok has expanded its borders after signing a partnership with Seguros SURA Colombia, a leading insurance company in Latin America.

4. This past May, Welltok achieved third party certification for its advanced analytics for the fifth consecutive year. Welltok is the only organization in the health analytics category on the Validation Institute’s list of validated programs.

5. Welltok used consumer data and predictive analytics to offer remote back pain management and telehealth coaching to those who needed it the most. The proactive targeting resulted in 400% higher engagement.

6. A worldwide technology and consulting firm sought to drive employee health, wellbeing and benefit utilization transformation. They turned to Welltok to unify the employee wellbeing experience and increase overall health engagement. 81% of eligible employees adopted the centralized wellbeing platform.

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