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Company: WNS Global Services
Category: Achievement in HR Technology

Nomination Title: Achievement in HR Technology



HR Projects Team is a part of the Chief People Officer (CPO) Office and facilitates automation, digitization and re- engineering processes in the HR domain. The team was formulated 9 years back to design, streamline, integrate and deploy necessary processes and systems to ensure efficiency & effectiveness. The team’s approach is to deliver purposeful automation in HR with personalization to enable users to make faster and accurate decision and enhance their experience.

Through this entire 9- year journey, the team has ensured that the company moves from a System of Records to a System of Engagement to current System of Understanding. From a basic ERP, where we automated transactions to a platform that streamlines interactions and ensures collaboration is at the core of the system and now to a system that extracts insights and is focused on employee experience, we have come a long way.

The team has ensured that, every year, there is an evaluation of the current systems and processes with the user pulse to ensure that it is in line with the current market, trends & expectations of the user whether it is in the space of recruitment, off- boarding, performance management, analytics & more recently machine learning & AI.

With a workforce that is operating at different times and places, collaboration and user experience is vital. We have divided the initiatives and achievements into four categories:

Digi- Connect Workforce

-#WiNS: 24/7 LIVE global Talent Engagement platform enabling performance, empowering employees to take control of their career, ensuring suitability of talent at a particular level and planning for talent pool in the organization

-Global Recruitment & On- boarding Platform: Supported by AI- enabled virtual on- boarding and loaded with exciting features like a pre- joining engagement & nurturing program, AI- enabled screening & building strategic relation with talent communities has brought about recruitment revolution in WNS and has shifted focus from employment to engagement

Digi- Culture

-Chatbot: Interactive and personalized chatbots to ensure timely query resolution & assistance, to increase productivity and gather the pulse of the organization

-Predictive Analytics: At the core of all our processes and solutioning is predictive analytics that helps drive data- driven productive business outcomes

Digi- Skilling

-GLINT: An expansive AI- led digital learning and knowledge platform to enable a culture of continuous learning and upskilling to stay competitive today and in the future. The platform helps discover fundamental concepts of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) – a technology that is changing the contours of global business – and its specific applications for our business

Digi- Solutions

-TalentTurf™: We have entered into the Digital Solution sphere by launching a people- first engagement platform that moves the needle from performance reviews and management to insights- led performance conversations

At the core of every organizational strategy is the goal to outdo competition and emerge as a leader. “Modernizing the digital workplace with purposeful automation” is a key ingredient of our approach.

With our growing global footprint across 14 countries and 61 offices and with multiple HR products and programs introduced aligned to our HR Strategy, technology has been a key derivate to standardize implementation, drive data security and data integration, continuously engage talent, legal compliance and governance along with effectiveness and efficiency measures. Our team has played a pivotal role in developing a number of bespoke systems catering to various HR functions.

Taking the instance of the evolution of our performance management system, that has evolved from a pen and paper system to a semi- annual development driven open and flexible system to our current system of a flexible performance engagement with continuous feedback, predictive and embedded analytics, we have come a long way in our automation journey in HR.

Below are the enhanced quality and efficiency score post the roll out of new system:

-The Employee Engagement scores for our Performance Management Process changed from 3.6/ 5 to about 4.3/5 within the introduction of #WiNS platform

-The process cycle time reduced to 22 days from the earlier cycle time of 32 days

-Post the launch of #WiNS, we were able to save approximately 30 minutes per employee, resulting in a saving of USD 10,275,063 basis the average salary per hour for the employees

Rapid digital transformation and the growing millennial workforce is creating a constant need for organizations to redefine their work culture to more closely align with business goals. Creating compelling employee experiences is now directly linked with creating delightful customer and consumer experiences. WNS TalentTurf™, an innovative solution developed, originates from WNS’ extensive experience of managing a global workforce of 44,000+ employees catering to 350+ clients from 61 offices. This digital platform enables CHROs to move the needle from performance management to performance engagement.

We have gone from a support function in the company to a revenue center where the emphasis on digi- solutioning is immense. We have already launched one- of- a- kind performance engagement platform that includes all aspects of talent engagement including performance management, learning management, rewards & recognition with embedded & predictive analytics to enable insight driven decisions.

The platform fosters collaborative engagement to enable ‘anytime’ and ‘real- time’ performance conversations designed to create outperformance. Seamless integration with leading ERP systems, 24x7x365 agility, omni- channel digital versatility and an easy- to- use interface allow WNS TalentTurf™ to align performance engagement with expected business outcomes.

Conversation – Connectedness – Coaching are the 3 continuous C’s of the TalentTurf™ platform with analytics as the base of decision making to ensure insights led conversation.