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Company: TOFAS, Bursa, Turkey
Category: Most Innovative Deployment of HR Technology

Nomination Title: Zekky



Tofas and Tofas Academy;

Tofas is a Turkish Automotive Company which has equal shareholders as Koç Holding and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. Tofas is the fifth largest industrial enterprise of Turkey and one of the two R&D centers of our shareholders in Europe. It has an annual manufacturing capacity of 450,000 vehicles with 8,000 employees. It undertakes the representation of 6 brands (Fiat- Fiat Professional- Alfa Romeo- Jeep- Maserati- Ferrari) in Turkey. Tofas realizes 25% of the production and export of industry and exports to 80 countries.

Tofas Academy is an ATD BEST #1 (2018) corporate university that provides a unique and personalized training experience to 15,000 people in the value chain including the employees of the company, dealers, and suppliers.

Business Need:

Being aware of today’s complex world, the talent development staff adapts to change in the ecosystem triggered mostly by the competition, regulations, technology and customer expectations. Therefore, occurred learning need can responded with best- fit and personalize learning solutions for everyone. A development assistant has been developed to achieve this approach.

Past Performance:

Before Zekky was deployed, users created their individual development plans only with their own thoughts and the approval of their managers. The rate of making a development plan was 65 %.

Academy is responsible for peoples’ development in the company.According to employees learning needs that occur from the business goals, the Academy serves several development activities. Because of the high amount and variety of learning resources, it could be hard to make personalization and find the right contents for each employee.

To find the exact learning needs of employees and match with the right learning contents, we decided to take assistance from the digital intelligence. We created a digital development assistant and called as Zekky. It receives the insights of the employees by asking the right questions and provides the most applicable development solution by smart algorithms.

Zekky is integrated with:

- Competency Scores
- Learning History of Last Year
- Job Role – Training Matching
- Similar Training in Related Departments
- Trainer CV’s
- Smart Search Engine
- Manager Training Approval Module
- Employee Answers

A making suggestion based on learning needs from peoples’ answers is the key function of Zekky. It combines all data (role, department, yearly competency development results) and employees’ answers and turns into personalized training recommendations.

Offers can be:

  1. Wiki reading
  2. Video learning
  3. Mentoring
  4. E- learning
  5. MOOC
  6. Face- to- face training
  7. Coaching
  8. Self- learning activity such as watching a movie or reading a book


  1. 10.000+ total usage in Zekky.
  2. 1512 active unique users, % 96 of the target group
  3. 8460 total amount of offers
  4. 3109 pieces of training are chosen
  5. Satisfaction ratio for Zekky 4,6/5.

One Platform for Development Planning:

TofaƟ Academy has several learning and development systems such as LMS, Wiki, Video Platform and Book Library. Zekky, combined all systems in one platform. And users can see and search in all platforms’ contents. Also, they can easily add their development plan.

Integrated with HR Systems:

Zekky can easily access with SAP HR Data, Competency System, Training History, LMS, Video Portal, Wiki Portal. Using these data such as role, department, yearly performance results, it can create personalized training suggestions.

Personalized Suggestions:

Zekky works in 2 sections; Technical Development and Behavioral Development. For the technical part; users can take suggestions according to their technical competencies and personalized needs such as (working from abroad, new managers, newcomers, returning from maternal leaves). And for the behavioral part; users were taken suggestions according to their manager's leadership principle evaluation and self evaluation.

Wide Range of Learning Contents (Insource and Outsource Resources like Moocs)

Zekky contains different kinds of learning materials. These resources can be classroom trainings, e- learnings, curriculums, videos, articles, journals, books, films, podcasts, coaching, mentoring, reverse mentoring, MOOCs.

Agile Development & User Experience

Zekky is developed in 7 sprints with scrum methodology. After each sprint, users’ feedbacks were taken. Design thinking and user experience methods also used while prototyping. For example, using a shopping cart interface for trainings idea was taken from users and it became the key factor for the %96 usage ratio in employees.

That’s why Zekky is unique and significant.

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