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Company: TimeXtender
Category: Employee Relations Team of the Year

Nomination Title: TimeXtender


TimeXtender’s core purpose is to empower every person in every organization with instant access to relevant data, at any time from any location, enabling them to achieve greater success for their company by making faster, better business decisions. Data is one of the most valuable currencies a company possesses, but only when appropriate stakeholders have access to it as needed and only if it’s truly accurate. TimeXtender inspires quality business decisions with data, mind and heart. We do this for one simple reason: because time matters.

Ranked one of the fastest growing software companies in several reports, we enable organizations and businesses to make quality business decisions with our data management technology platform. TimeXtender users get actionable insights, simplify their compliance journey and make better strategic decisions in less time.

Our technology provides organizations a way to easily merge and centralize their data from a variety of data sources using agile data modeling to effortlessly build, deploy and manage a modern data estate. TimeXtender automates what can be automated in the data discovery lifecycle so that organizations can execute on what matters most.

TimeXtender founded in 2006, has several offices, employees, 170 partners and 3,000+ customers across 95 countries.

One of our corporate beliefs is that we believe people do business with people. This understanding starts with our commitment to providing mindfulness at work for our employees, helping them strengthen their life skills to improve their focus, awareness, creativity, and outlook. We host weekly breakfasts and online recharge sessions for employees around the world to keep a sense of human connectedness. TimeXtender provides a mindfulness room for breaks, stand- up desks, and professional massages on- site in our Denmark office. Our Denmark office was named “one of the six coolest offices in Europe” by Inc.

TimeXtender employees start business meetings with a moment of silence. This helps employees relax, regroup, recharge and prepare for the meeting. Employees comment on how this one minute of silence energizes them and takes pressure out of their workday.

Our employees take great pride in helping Direct Relief, a global charitable organization that helps those affected by poverty or emergency situations. TimeXtender donated our technology and employee assistance to help Direct Relief in its international efforts by helping them improve their data enterprise and their operations. This is being used today as Direct Relief aids the global community in crisis.

Our employees were also instrumental in another important community endeavor. Category 5 Hurricane Maria previously hit Puerto Rico and impacted the area. The property tax authority Centro de Recaudacion de Ingresos Municipales (CRIM) launched an initiative to improve its ability to collect billings and income to help their citizens in need.

TimeXtender helps employees reach new heights.

TimeXtender is 100% purpose- driven.

-Employees work with purpose from individual- team to being a complete purpose- circle organization, enabling employees to create a valuable, focused business offering for partners and customers.

-Employees are taught how to bring their whole self to work knowing that people do business with people

– We train at work to broaden our mindset with mindfulness, self- management and team- management training. These skills have helped us prepare for this “new reality” during Covid- 19.

-Employees engage in The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People to learn to shake off negativity, focus on opportunity and success, and concentrate on the present rather than the past or future. We teach employees that gratitude in business builds, nurtures and sustains relationships.

-Every quarter, TimeXtender sends out our newsletter, “TimeOut Update,” to help empower employees. We also have onsite “TimeOuts” every 4- 6 weeks to ensure valuable feedback.

-Twice a year, employees give a talk to share their individual purpose and how they contribute within the company’s bigger purpose. They talk about tasks, obstacles, and growth opportunities for the individual, team and organization. This aligns business, team and individual purpose.

-TimeXtender hosts PeopleXtender Day annually. This tradition directs, aligns and commits employees to empower and build relations as “one global team.” During this event, employees engage in mental and physical activities, mindful breaks and recharge sessions.

-TimeXtender offers annual “Karma Day” for employees to take a special day off of work to participate in a charity and community service.

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