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Company: TimeClock Plus
Category: Workforce Management Solution - New or New-Version

Nomination Title: The TimeClock Plus Thermal Scanner: Helping Companies Manage Workers Amid COVID-19



For more than 30 years, the TimeClock Plus Timeclock has helped organizations track time and attendance, labor, schedules and more. As more companies and their employees felt the impact of COVID- 19, TimeClock Plus pivoted to help customers better manage their workforce and provide peace of mind for those employees who cannot work remotely.

The TimeClock Plus Thermal Scanner.

This solution, which attaches to an existing TimeClock Plus hardware clock, takes the temperature of each employee and prompts them to answer the standard Centers for Disease Control (CDC) questions to determine if an employee is healthy enough to clock into work. As employers know, there are several ways in which to take employees’ temperature, but they all contain risk factors such as short distances between the employee and the person responsible for taking the temperature. With the Thermal Scanner, infrared technology is used to take an employees’ temperature, in which case there is an 18- 24- inch distance, creating a safer atmosphere. Over time, the Thermal Scanner will be able to trend temperatures for each employee, providing a more accurate way to determine any level of risk and exposure in employees versus traditional temperature- taking methods.

The Thermal Scanner application is critical for industries that cannot remain remote for prolonged periods of time. Existing customers can purchase the Thermal Scanner and use it with TimeClock Plus’s current time and attendance leave management system instead of purchasing a new contact tracing application that is new to the market and has no history of success. The Thermal Scanner also notifies employers where at- risk employees clocked in and out, which streamlines the process of alerting other employees who may have come into contact with that employee. For customers who have multiple job sites or a distributed workforce, functionality like this is imperative in ensuring that all employees remain safe. By combining some level of contact tracing with time and attendance management, employers can ensure that their employees remain safe while mitigating COVID- 19 risks, since the time and attendance technology already accounts for employees’ schedules and whereabouts.

As COVID-19 started to spread throughout the United States, TimeClock Plus realized that a solution like the Thermal Scanner would be essential for companies in industries such as manufacturing, education, healthcare, utilities and the public sector. TimeClock Plus knew that once customers and their employees were back at work, they would want to take employee temperatures as a precaution. To get ahead of customer demand, TimeClock Plus began working on developing the Thermal Scanner solution. As development for the Thermal Scanner began, several TimeClock Plus customers immediately confirmed that they were interested in the product, and currently, the company is beginning to see numerous requests for proposals (RFPs) containing inquiries for similar functionalities.

What separates the TimeClock Plus Thermal Scanner from tracking tools currently on the market is that TimeClock Plus’s solution is configurable. Other contact tracing apps ensure that they match the CDC questions and nothing more. TimeClock Plus allows customers to ask each recommended CDC question as they want, or they can choose to ask a select few. And, because COVID-19 symptoms are changing on a consistent basis, TimeClock Plus can easily and readily include additional symptoms in the questions customers choose to ask, as opposed to other solutions which cannot be changed or updated unless the developer chooses to do so.

By ensuring flexibility and adaptability, TimeClock Plus’s solution ensures that customers can more easily monitor any potential COVID- 19 outbreaks and work to slow the spread before it becomes too late.

The IRT- 01 Infrared Temperature Sensor Array details the technology that drives the TimeClockPlus Thermal Scanner. The Thermal Scanner reports temperatures in several variations that are configurable for each customer. For example, the system reports four different data values: Scale, Full Average Temp, Average Temp and High Temp. By processing different temperature points, workforce managers can ensure that they can alert any individuals who have higher temperatures than normal and determine if they’re healthy enough to report to work.

Additionally, the scanner can look at the delta temperature between an employee’s skin and clothes to see if the rating is accurate if the employee comes in from extremely hot or cold weather in order to get the most accurate reading.

The infrared temperature photo shows what the Thermal Scanner looks like, and where it attaches to a hardware clock. Prior to clocking in, employees will have their temperature read and if it reads as normal, he or she will be allowed to clock in.

By streamlining the process of managing employees’ temperatures, TimeClock Plus Thermal Scanner gives employers more power in creating a safe, healthy workspace for all.

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