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Company: Tata Consultancy Services
Category: Onboarding Team of the Year

Nomination Title: Onboarding Team of the Year



Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) globally has over 448,000 employees in 46 countries. TCS generated consolidated revenues of US $22 billion in the fiscal year ending March 31, 2020.

TCS US onboarding & integration team continues to set standards in new hire onboarding. TCS’s employee- onboarding process is entirely digitalized. Since 2019, 6400+ employees were hired in 50 states across US in technical & professional roles, and through targeted campus recruitment.

TCS’s anytime, anywhere, any device digital learning ecosystem helps our firm attract, develop and retain the best talent, creating opportunities even during the global Covid19 crisis. Our ability to create an ‘experience’ for our employees using a virtual platform have helped us consistently receive positive feedback from a majority of our new hire employee base. Today, we are a hyper- connected organization that uses internal social platforms to ensure extensive collaboration and engagement among our employees, new and legacy. Business & hiring continued throughout the global Covid19 pandemic, which caused 0 interruption in TCS onboarding processes and has required very little adjustment.

At TCS, we service a wide range of industries through technology. This broad exposure provides TCS aspirants with growth opportunities and expertise at every step of their career.

Since 2019, TCS US Onboading & Integration team on- boarded 6400+ new hires, offering a seamless, 100% virtual onboarding process from job application through employee integration at 365 days of hire

TCS on- boarding team leverages inbuilt tools like TCS iBegin and Artificial Intelligence smart Chatbot - TCS Rexa and iBelong tool.



iBegin offers our new hires a 100% digital experience starting from digital offer letters , online acceptance , pre joining coffee connects with hiring manager and directions for joining on the first day at TCS . Complete prejoining and joining formalities are tracked and managed through iBegin


Smart Chatbot - REXA

Rexa, an onboarding bot, manages simple onboarding journey but can quickly train and learn to become smarter and manage more tasks on candidate’s journey during onboarding. And of course, REXA can always escalate or hand off to a human agent if needed and advise a candidates along the way.

All 6400+ TCS new hires receive “Welcome Calls” on day 1 of joining



The TCS iBelong employee integration portal offers new hires at TCS access to a focused online space for the first 365 days of their employment. TCS iBelong features include

-Introductions to key contacts

-Assigned task list

-Mandatory training programs

-TCS North America policy documents

-Excel- Internal Networking tool


iBelong also web based training to new hires on below topics

-Performance Appraisal & Career Management

-Learning opportunities & mandates

-Cultural Integration

-Internal Movements & Opportunities


TCS Onboarding Team is a proven trailblazer, and leader in remote employee enablement. Utiliz ing multiple online resources, applications, AI functions and portals, TCS has provided a world- class virtual onboarding experience for all new joiners earlier to 2019 until today.

Since 2019, the TCS US Onboarding Team has on- boarded 6400+ new hires, offering a seamless, 100% virtual onboarding process from job application through employee integration at 365 days of hire

TCS is now setting the stage for other organizations in remote onboarding. While other firms have had to make drastic changes to their onboarding processes to enable new hires to come onboard during the Covid19, TCS has had zero interruptions and had to make very few adjustments to our previously existing onboarding processes.

TCS Secured Borderless Workspaces have been enabled to allow business to continue, and new hires to join and start working remotely during the global pandemic. To further convenience our TCS workforce and newest hires, TCS has now taken employee enablement to the next level offering mobile access to our employee portals, resources and apps on the TCS UX Mobile Applications Store.

TCS has always been, and is focused more now than ever in remote enablement of our newest TCS employees and data digitalization across the organization.

In TCS new hires join our global team to transform what's next and immerse themselves in an atmosphere of innovative solutions

At TCS new hires can Explore Opportunities and Experience Certainty.

Links/Supporting Documents:

TCS iBegin https://ibegin.tcs.com/iBegin/

TCS Careers Page https://www.tcs.com/careers?country=US&lang=EN&adobe_mc_sdid=SDID%3D615BEEBD1FA7F2D0-4EC163796D278752%7CMCORGID%3D35DC284C55D1CEAD7F000101%40AdobeOrg%7CTS%3D1594188335&adobe_mc_ref=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.tcs.com%2F

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