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Company: Tata Consultancy Services Ltd
Category: Achievement in Machine Learning and AI

Nomination Title: Achievement in Machine Learning and AI



TCS is a global leader in IT services, digital and business solutions that has partnered with clients to simplify, strengthen and transform their businesses for 50 years. With over 450,000+ employees globally, Talent Development plays a crucial role in training our workforce to provide best- in- class consulting, IT solutions and services.

Our CEO, Rajesh Gopinathan, says, “Our approach to Talent is strategic – as an organization that considers our employees as key stakeholders in our growth, we hire and train for careers, not positions. We link learning with business outcomes for customer, market and associate... Our ability to cycle through different technology and business model changes, our willingness and ability to continuously embrace new knowledge and the ability to stay relevant is something that characterizes us and gives us a significant edge over our competitors. This has created a culture of lifelong learning, innovation and growth and placed us as the Global Top Employer for the 4th consecutive year, across 29 countries and 4 regions - one in only 10 organizations worldwide to achieve this status. Our Talent Development organization plays a crucial role in preparing our talent to be future ready and become leaders in the Business 4.0™ world.”

Our vision for our Enterprise Talent is best described by our Machine First Delivery Model™ (MFDM™) Talent Framework – a workforce that adopts a mindset of intelligent automation, is natively skilled on AI, performs the role of trainer of machines and designers of experiences and is real- time, collaborative by default. With the launch of the TCS MFDM™ framework in 2018 there was a demand for more AI/ML within the workforce. We launched the MFDM™- AI Talent framework in 2019 to meet this demand.

The MFDM™ delivery model requires AI/ML skills across multiple functions. Employees must have onboarding in both statistical proficiencies as well as programming propensity. The TCS MFDM- AI™ Talent framework upskills TCS employees using our inhouse, gamified, anytime/anywhere, mobile- friendly, learning platform, Fresco Play, for building technical skills, especially in AI and ML. On Fresco Play, content is designed for both seniors as well as juniors to onboard them with skills like statistics, probability and python fundamentals. Employees can take role- based learning journeys with curated content and virtual labs designed to give them the knowledge and hands- on experience to move into AI/ML roles.

Additionally, our deep skilling ‘phygital’ learning programs combine blended learning and virtual labs to transform associates who are not skilled in AI / ML into ML Engineers, Data Scientists and AI Engineers. Participants are exposed to a variety of learning interventions like self- study, hands- on use cases, hackathons and expert connects. After completion, graduates are included into an elite community of industry experts to network and enhance their skills.

Here are a few outcomes we saw over 2019 after launching this framework

-Hackathons related to AI/ML and data science happen periodically to expose associates to new ways of problem solving and solutioning

-The skill assessments are automated enabling a global reach at scale

-154K+ unique associates are enrolled in enrolled in MFDM- AI™ learning paths with over 33K completing them in multiple proficiency levels

-20% of our workforce has a basic level proficiency in Enterprise AI & ML platforms, 30% have moderate proficiency and can work independently, 20% have high proficiency with in- depth technical skills, and 10% have expert proficiency

-In 2019, 2500+ employees across North America were trained in AI & ML competencies

-In 2019 16% of the North America workforce spent over 27,000+ learning hours on AI & ML topics

-We have trained our workforce at scale in Amazon SageMaker and Azure ML, and have trained our Leaders and are on route to scale delivery capability in SAP Leonard, IBM Watson and Auto ML

-30% of talent acquisition and development for AI & ML consultant support comes from campus hires who go through our Initial Learning Program for college hires and 40% come from our existing workforce with only 30% coming from outside talent or temporary hires

-Our inhouse designed digital learning platform, Fresco Play, is rated 4.5 (of 5) by our learners, with self- learning completion rates 5- 8 times industry average

-Our industry- benchmark low IT attrition of 11.5%

Future- ready Enterprise with MFDM™

TCS TD designed 5 role- oriented learning paths with curated content and hands- on activities: MFDM™- AI Aware/ Consultative selling of MFDM™- AI, MFDM™- AI Fluent, MFDM™- AI Prime, MFDM™- AI Maven, and MFDM™- AI Fellow. They follow a structured approach to digital transformation and include personalized mentorship from top MFDM™- AI professionals, visibility to senior management, accelerated career growth and access to an exclusive group of high- talent MFDMTM- AI professionals to network with and learn from.

-TCS Machine First Delivery Model™ - https://www.tcs.com/machine-first-delivery-model

- https://sites.tcs.com/bts/mfdm-campaign-page/

-TCS Recognized as a Leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Public Cloud Infrastructure Professional and Managed Services, Worldwide http://www.equitybulls.com/admin/news2006/news_det.asp?id=267174

-TCS a Leader in Cognitive and Self- Healing IT Infrastructure Management Services: NelsonHall https://www.pr.com/press-release/812821

-TCS’ strength in automation, AI and ML solutions makes it a market leader: Report- https://cio.eletsonline.com/news/tcs-strength-in-automation-ai-and-ml-solutions-makes-it-a-market-leader-report/64797/

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