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Company: ;Schneider Electric
Category: ;Human Resources IT Professional of the Year

Nomination Title: Mastering the Digital Transformation of HR



Andrew has a proven track record of digital transformations - whether at Schneider Electric for the 6 last years - or before that.

At Schneider Electric, Andrew's impact on digital transformation is felt by 100,000+ employees across the world. Andrew launched the Step Up Recognition program 5 years ago, giving every employee the opportunity to be thanked and recognized for their efforts and contributions.

And in 2019, Andrew launched the Open Talent Market, using Artificial Intelligence to match employees with the suitable roles, projects and mentors, based on their own skills, competencies and ambitions. The Open Talent Market revolutionized talent mobility and career development in the organization and is widely touted by industry experts as the gold standard in the use of AI in HR.

In 2019, Andrew successfully launched Open Talent Market, an Opportunity Marketplace using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to match the supply and demand of talent at Schneider Electric.

The Open Talent Market was born in response to 3 trends seen in Schneider's:

1. 47% of employees leaving the organization, shared in exit interviews that their main reason for leaving is the lack of visibility and access to career opportunities within the organization.

2. The most represented generation of employees in Schneider is now Millennials, and Millennials, unlike the generations before them, do not want to stay in a role for 3-5 years, but want to move faster and have access to various opportunities.

3. All experts agree (Deloitte, Accenture...) that the half-life of skills is now of 4-5 years (and less for technical roles), which means that up-skilling and re-skilling of employees has to happen faster.

With these 3 realities, something had to be done to streamline employees mobility and career development, and this is how the Open Talent Market was born.

OTM uses AI to match employees with full-time roles, part-time gigs, mentors, learning bites, etc.
In 2019, OTM was launched in English, followed by French and Spanish in mid-2020.

Andrew's achievements are quite significant for many reasons.

1. They positively touch the lives of thousands of Schneider Electric employees on a regular, oftentimes daily basis.

2. Deploying AI for internal mobility and career development in 2019 happened ahead of the competition and was widely acclaimed by experts as leading the way on the use of AI in HR, well before the technology becoming mainstream.

3. These digital transformations have an undeniable positive impact on company culture and changed the 'way we have always done things'. Managers are now acting like talent developers, coaches and mentors in order to retain their talents - rather than acting like talent hoarders. Employee are now empowered to drive their careers and act like owners, rather than acting like followers and going with the flow.


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