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Category: Leadership Training

Nomination Title: SABANCI Leadership Development Program



Sabancı Holding is a strategic portfolio company operating mainly on banking, insurance, energy, industrials, cement, and retail industries.

Sabancı Group companies currently operate in 12 countries and market their products in regions across Europe, the Middle East, Asia, North Africa, North and South America.

Sabancı Holding’s multinational business partners include prominent global companies such as Ageas, Aviva, Bridgestone, Carrefour, E.ON, Heidelberg Cement, Marubeni and Philip Morris.

In 2019, Sabancı assessed major trends and disruptive forces that have an impact on main business lines and markets and reviewed its portfolio strategy for the next five years. Sabancı redefined its business conduct in every segment with the “Sabancı of New Generation” concept.

Successful realization of the new culture defined with the “Sabancı Of New Generation” approach was possible obviously only by the ownership of leaders. Therefore, developing leaders in the new strategy path and providing them a road map had great strategic importance for the new vision.

Sabancı Holding has defined the Sabancı Leadership Success Model for this purpose.

Sabancı Leadership Development Program is based on the Competency Model created according to the Sabancı of New Generation vision. It is targeting specially to develop the components of the Sabancı Leadership Model.

Sabancı Leadership Development Program is designed in 3- layered approach.

TP- X Young Talents

X- Posure Hipo Mid- Level Managers

X- Celerate C- Level

In 2019, Sabancı Group developed the Talent Pool of Next (TP- X) program to improve the leadership skills of high potential talents.

The TP- X program consists of three modules and is designed as an 18- month journey. Webinar sessions, mentoring and business simulation practices with reputable trainers as well as diverse learning methods are included in the program.

The first module of Talent Pool of Next (TP- X) was held with 22 employees in 2019.

X- Posure
The X- POSURE program, developed in 2019 to improve the leadership potential of Sabancı Group mid- level managers, was designed as a one- year journey that includes three modules. X- POSURE includes in- class training, webinar sessions, coaching sessions and business simulation practices with reputable instructors, as well as other diverse learning methods.

The first module of the program was held in October 2019 with 22 mid- level managers.

X- Celerate.

The X- CELERATE program was developed to ensure that the leadership potential of top management is further improved under the Sabancı of New Generation vision in response to today’s rapidly changing dynamic business environment.

First launched with the General Managers of Group companies in 2018, the X- CELERATE program was applied to CXO's /Directors in 2019.

X- CELERATE consists of three modules and is designed as an 8- month journey. The program features many different learning methods – ranging from in- class training to personal coaching sessions, company visits for sharing know- how to business simulation tools.

-Sabancı Leadership Development Program is based on the Competency Model created according to the Sabancı of New Generation vision and targeting specially to develop the components of the Sabancı Leadership Model.

-Sabancı Leadership Development Program is designed to cover the talents of whole group companies, thus creating a talent pool of the Group (except each company's own talent pool) It targets to develop future top leaders of The Group.

-2 participants are invited from each Group Company; ensuring diversity on industries, providing an opportunity for learning from others

-Sabancı Leadership Development Program targets to develop potential leaders from all levels with its 3- layered structure. It supports the culture and vision of Sabancı of New Generation with a bottom- up approach.

- Sabancı gives emphasis on women presentation in management roles. Since TP- X program selects and develops future leaders, in order to assure women ratio on top management roles in next generation, it should be initiated just from the beginning of high potential and young talent programs. With this vision, all companies are kindly requested to send women candidates of 50%. 1 male and 1 female participants from each company are enrolled the program.

In the content design of the program, 70- 20- 10 methodologies were taken into consideration; many different and innovative methods were included in the program apart from in- class education. Several development methods are used with a true blended approach. Besides classroom training, many tools like coaching, keynote speakers, site- visits, simulations, and project work are combined.

-Sabancı Leadership Development Program makes a difference with its participants from wide range of sectors and companies. Please examine the Apx 1: Program Details file to detail the wide range of operations and companies of Sabancı Group.

-Sabancı Leadership Development Program is designed with a high level approach; Turkey's most reputable universities and training providers are partnered in the program implementation. Design structure and detailed content of the program is stated in Apx 1: Program Details file.

-The effects of leadership programs can be seen in the long term. Despite this, positive results is achieved in the Sabancı Leadership Development Program, which has just completed one year:

-The turnover rate in the teams of the managers participating in the program (2.75%) is 61% less than that of the managers (4.43%) who do not participate in the program.

-78% of the General managers in X- Posure increased loyalty on their teams.

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