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Company: Roads & Transport Authority RTA, Dubai
Category: Employer of the Year - Non-Profit or Government Organizations

Nomination: Dubai Roads & Transport Authority RTA




In 2005 decree 17 announced to found Roads & Transportation Authority. Since then, RTA set ambitious strategy to become a world leader in transport & mobility industry to support Dubai vision to be “City of the Future”. We, in RTA analyze emerging trends and envision the future, making strategies and innovations that is taking the city to the next level.

RTA consists of 3 sectors & 4 agencies, with total number of 6566 employees, all working in full harmony to achieve the 8 organization strategic goals providing a direction to the organization’s commitment towards Dubai and its community.

Over the years, RTA managed to transform the face of transportation industry in UAE, to become a global futuristic landmark. In order to reach that, RTA not only attracted the first driverless metro to the region, or self- driving vehicles, yet also, it established well reputed awards and conferences with international standards.

RTA has been a proud recipient of various Excellence awards local, regional and international, and it has been the leaders’ endeavor to percolate the excellence culture across various levels of the organization. This is in fact, the primary reason for RTA applying for STEVIE Employer of The Year Category.

Believing in Happy Work Environment, we take employee satisfaction survey seriously, analyze it, and put correction plans. Employees’ satisfaction increased from 79.5% in 2015 to 84.8% in 2019

In 2019, RTA initiated “Employee Journey” to increase employees’ satisfaction, and fill the gaps

Annual rewards and recognition program composes of +15 type of rewards, such as best employer and best sports employee. Awards are financial or non- financial. Also, there is “Certificates of Excellence” annual ceremony to honor RTA people, in 2019, 2405 employees were rewarded.

Up to 15 communication channels guarantee highest levels of efficiency. Channels such as chatbot, ASK- HR, HR TEA, HR Open Day, Communication without boundaries, Call Center 24/7.

Available services such as mental health expert & physiotherapist, employee happiness center, drivers accommodation, employees’ transportation, multi- story parking, nursery to support working families, gym, supermarket and coffee shops.

A wide range of events are happening annually, in 2019, 3000+ Employees participated in 80+ Events, such as RTA wellness programs, employees in fields, discounts exhibitions etc.

In the times of artificial intelligence, HR automated 36 out of 40 Services / procedure, such as: MyRTA Mobile Application, smart self- service KIOSKs, policy automation, etc.

Delegation of authorities’ policy provides employee empowerment for rapid and rational decision- making. In addition, we launched Agility Project Pilot, chief transformation officer has been assigned to work with a team on cross functional basis to increase efficiency, and showed 50% improvement since Jan 2020.

We won 7 awards & international standards in 2019 - 2020, such as ISO 29993: 2017 Learning services outside formal education, Certificate ICE RTA operators a training scheme (Qayadi 4), Excellence in Talent Management Award in GCC, Mark of Excellence - Best Talent Development Strategy in MENA, International Accreditation by CNAE, ISO 30408:2016 Human Resource management – governance

HR Strategic KPIs:

KPI 2015 / 2019

%RTA employee satisfaction 79.5% / 84.8%

%Trained Employees 74% / 90%

%RTA Employee turnover 4.01% / 3%

Although RTA stands as unique public entity, adherent to Dubai government HR law; which leaves limited space to guarantee employees satisfaction. However we are proud to attract up to 50 nationalities, due to diversified culture we promote.

RTA is the first governmental entity to conduct International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) training. In 2018 RTA established transportation specialized training center, in 2019 virtual reality VR technologies utiliz ed in training, and digital coach initiative.

In early 2020, we transformed to blended- learning solutions. Training results
Employee satisfaction 88%

Knowledge gained - Kirk Patrick level 2 58% Training impact - Kirk Patrick level 3 74%

RTA focuses more on training impact on productivity rather than training hours. Sample of success stories:

Qeyadi (1- 4) customized 2 years program targets UAE Nationals young Engineers across RTA to develop their technical, leadership and wellbeing skills.

HiPo Program: (1 - 2) targets 3rd line of leadership to create a talent pool of future section managers Tamayaz: Is a “reward & recognition box” given to Director General to distribute to RTA people.

RTA’s 2019 – 2021 HR&D Strategy is captured in a clear mission statement which is built on five strategic themes:

- Distinguished Employer: Strengthen RTA’s employer brand to enhance RTA’s positioning in the market and attract and retain top talent

- Service to Impact: Act as pioneers in HR&D by becoming a proactive and strategic partner to the business through tailoring services to HR&D customers’ needs, ensuring fairness, achieving operational excellence and making a sustainable impact

- Focused Access to Talent: Focus HR&D efforts on the identification and recruitment of the right talent that meets RTA’s needs and requirements to enable the achievement of corporate objectives

- Inspire Growth: Work with the business on the development of employees in line with the future of work to enable RTA to become a high- performing organization and achieve its corporate objectives

- Committed to Communities: Focus on diversity and inclusion in order to make a sustainable impact on RTA’s internal and external communities

COVID-19 Response Submission Format: Written Answers

Since its establishment, RTA set ambitious strategy to become a world leader in transport & mobility industry to support Dubai vision to be “City of the Future”.

When news broke about Covid- 19 pandemic; RTA set “4 objectives in times of crisis”, which top priority was protecting our people while maintaining essential services. In order to achieve this, we designed various scenarios to prepare our people handling and dealing with such crisis.

Teams of crisis were formed and authorized as per policies; they worked day & night to ensure our people, passengers’ safety, as well as business continuity. To reach this goal, 10 key initiatives were set, some of them related to our people, such as “Staff Management Program including screening, and back to office plan”.

Since Dubai government announced “work from home” till execution, we were ready 100% to implement our “work from home policy” which took place in immediate effect, this in turn guaranteed a smooth transformation to “work from home” as well as “back to offices” phases.

We redesigned training plan, to foster culture of continuous learning by transformation into blended- learning solutions, and collaboration with training providers (government and private entities) to design and deliver live webinars, open libraries, and training programs for RTA employees, such as: Edx, (unlimited # of seats), Potential open library (2000 seats), Linked- in (14 programs), and Leoron (10 e- learning programs).

Performance system is based on management by objectives, thus work from home didn’t affect the system, as we focus on productivity.

RTA is a Dubai government entity that follows rules & regulations of the Dubai government. In 15th March Dubai government activated “work from home”, we in RTA been ready to execute in 17th March per to strong infrastructure and dynamics of our organization.

Although we are in the phase of “assessment & refinement” while the Coovid- 19 is still hitting the globe, yet following measures / actions were taken to make sure that we are ready for future possible scenarios:

- Identifying targeted employees to work from home, or on site

- Excluding employees categories such as: elderly, handicapped, chronical diseases, and any other category exempted by law.

- Providing laptops to employees who didn’t have it.

- Activating VPN for all employees to have access to internal system

- Providing employees with tele- communication to ensure business will continue as usual.

- Setting face- print gates on all entrances for easy access to offices with temperature screening.

- Utiliz ing all internal communication channels to keep employees informed and aware.

- Conducting internal survey to incorporate all organization feedback about work from home.

- Identifying 360 employees stuck outside UAE, and fully supporting them to get back to their families.

- Offering mental wellbeing workshops to our people

- Set dynamic teams to implement “work from home” plans, with weekly targets, weekly productivity sheets reported to section managers, then to directors.