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QNB Finansbank has been ceaselessly operating since its inception in 1987. It is the first private bank that went public in Turkey. It operates in 525 branches and has over 12.000 employees. QNB Finansbank is the 5th biggest bank in Turkey with 5,7 million active customers.

Combining "dealing with people, not numbers" approach with the support of voluntary Financers all over the country, Finansbank stands a unique approach to banking industry.

As generation Y and Z increases in business life, all banks have been developing programs to reach young talents, introduce their organizations, and create attraction since university years.

With 85% of recruitment from new graduates, Finansbank ranks the first in the employment of young talents in Turkey. Finansbank attaches strategic importance to young talent acquisition programs for university students.

While designing young talent programs, Finansbank utiliz es a scientific infrastructure and designs programs that meet the needs based on the research results. The Bank conducts scientific studies every year to understand the needs, motivations and expectations of university students. All young talent programs are built on the needs derived from the analysis of these research results. In this respect, Finansbank's young talent programs differ from their counterparts in the industry.

Finansbank attaches strategic importance to the support and inclusion of young talents in the organization and manages this process with a separate focus in HR policies. In this framework, the bank maintains 3 different career programs and 2 different internship programs in different centers for young talents. In addition, a Management Trainee Program has been designed for the development of recruited new graduates.

Career Programs:

FinansUp Career Club: offers students opportunity to prepare for business life with professional and personal development trainings and activities.

Career: offers young people career and development opportunities while listening to their dreams.

Finans Audit Pro: Designed to place young talents in critical auditing and inspection departments, this program targets direct inspector recruitment.


Internship programs:

Finans 101 for branches

Finans Pro for Headquartes positions

In addition, Finansbank stays connected with the universities through various activities such as campus events, communication with student clubs, development activities for students, thus aiming to increase the awareness and reputation of its brand among students.

MT Program

Candidates recruited are included in the "Management Trainee" (MT) Program. This way, their development and adaptation are supported through this special program before their start date.

Program has so far reached hundreds of thousands of university students in 36 universities in 24 different provinces and has received a total of 63,721 applications.

In 2019, 113 people started to work directly after these young talent programs and 3,250 people had internship opportunities.


Young Talent Strategy:

Finansbank selects 85% of all new recruits from among new graduates.

All young talent programs are created on a scientific basis, in line with the studies conducted by Finansbank to know and understand the generations Y and Z. Programs are based on students' preferences and expectations, not on the assumptions.

Young talent program also includes a personal touch for students (mentoring, counseling, development sessions, etc.).

Each process is designed with project groups including students. This way, it is possible to offer point- to- point solutions.



It is the first career club offered to students by an enterprise.

It only aims to develop students and create network, with no hiring purpose.

FinansUp members can pursue a career in any industry and enterprise they wish. However, the opportunity to benefit from FinansUp membership and development opportunities continues. Those who wish to work at Finansbank have priority in recruitment.



This is the first and only program designed to offer internship opportunities in the inspection unit and to introduce the inspecting profession.



The dream of approximately 2,500 students was listened to in 2019 with the motto 'Build a Dream, Build a Life.' MT Program:

A long- term development program is carried out in cooperation with Koç University, one of Turkey's most prestigious universities. The program differs from its counterparts in that the courses taken in this program can be used as credits in academic life.


Some of the Highlights:

-According to "Most Popular Companies 2019" Survey, QNB Finansbank is:

-the most preferred bank in 2019, as in 2018, in the category of Most Preferred Companies.

-ranked 27th in the list of Turkey's most preferred companies from among all industries.

-FinansUp program has become the most preferred career program by students.

-67% of students are interested in working at QNB Finansbank. Compared to the industry average of 42%, QNB stands out here significantly.

-67% of the university students want to take action to work at QNB Finansbank and to apply for a job or have already made an application. Considering that this rate is only 22% in the industry, the success of QNB Finansbank's university young talent programs is clearly evident in attracting qualified workforce.

-93% of members think that FinansUp contributes to the development of their careers.


QNB Finansbank ranks the first in industry in the follower ranking on Facebook and Twitter. Similarly, QNB Finansbank ranks 4th on Instagram, and 5th on LinkedIn and Youtube in the number of followers ranking in the Turkish banking industry.

Young talent programs also contribute to the way QNB Finansbank is perceived as a bank. The students rated QNB Finansbank 60.6% higher than the industry average in 'Providing High Quality Products and Services.' Considering that today's university students will be the future bank customers, this contributes to the Bank significantly.