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Company: Playa Hotels & Resorts
Category: Employer of the Year - Hospitality & Leisure

Nomination Title: Playa Hotels & Resorts



Playa Hotels & Resorts, in just over a decade, has become the leading owner, operator and developer of 5- star all- inclusive resorts in prime beachfront locations throughout the Caribbean and Mexico. This has been accomplished through the combined efforts of over 12,000 members of the Playa family - over 98% of which have been hired and trained locally.

We are proud of our success and are honored to now represent the iconic global Hilton and Hyatt brands as well as attracting newer brands including Panama Jack, Jewel Resorts and Sanctuary. Playa’s Glassdoor ranking is 4.6/5.0 – with 100% CEO approval.

Playa's employee centric business model mandates not just the embracement of diversity in ethnicity, circumstance, gender and age - but have expanded, especially in recruitment - to seek out individuals with unique life experiences - outside of what is typical in the hospitality industry.

By focusing our efforts and investments in people and what they can accomplish, Playa has become the "Most Awarded" in the sector - the last 2 years in a row - importantly, where employees were the key in the voting process.

Playa knows that human capital is not just our greatest asset, but our most precious.

In 2019, Playa Hotels & Resorts, was honored with one of its most important distinctions to date - the Stevie for "Employer of the Year" in Hospitality & Leisure. As an organization, we took this recognition to heart - knowing that resting on our laurels would not ensure similar success in 2020.

Specifically, the award served as an internal rallying point to launch several new key initiatives this year, as well as to refine and assess, past programs and practices.

-Supported and launched a new "GoFundMe" to facilitate employees’ requests to assist their associates - immediately raising more than $25,000- from over 5 countries. The fund was named in honor of an employee from Mexico who tragically died from Covid- 19.

-Launched a new digitally responsive "Employee Handbook" - in both English & Spanish - in conjunction with employee teams’ input - to provide real- time updates on "What's Important to You Now"- as well as detail current policies and procedures.

-Launched multi- country, full court press initiative - "Welcome Back to Playa"- with the prime goal that our employees would genuinely feel safe to return to work.

-Conducted full "360- degree Employee Survey" that facilitated candid & genuine feedback to guide and add insight into future policy decisions.

Playa does not aspire to just be a good place to work. Our mandate is to be a great place to work where people are empowered with the technology, resources and training to excel in our increasingly complex world.

Playa is in the unique position as the only publicly traded company (NASDAQ:PLYA) dedicated to the all- inclusive sector. As such, the bar for transparency and compliance versus our competitors is high and direct comparisons not totally fair.

Our culture dictates that the core values of our company: Humility, Integrity, Respect, Loyalty, Responsibility and Love- be achieved not because they are mandated, but because we truly care about the health, wealth and personal autonomy of each of our team members.

We take pride in the launch of "Welcome Back to Playa" as it was not solely an initiation of new procedures due to Covid- 19, but a series of definitive actions designed to mitigate risk and supply the on- site resources to safeguard livelihoods and emotional well- being:

-Multiple "Town Hall Meetings” held at 23 resorts to facilitate two- way communication of best practices.

-Elevated hygiene and "Enhanced Employee Personal Protection" gear across all operations.

-New staff dedicated and trained to assist in "Safety First" in employee to guest interaction.

-New "Beat Cabin Fever" a platform introduced to emotionally help employees stay connected when physically apart.

The "Employee Survey" effectively prioritized employee needs that proved invaluable in determining policy in the “new normal” environment. Employee relations are greatly enhanced as all new practices are now communicated in real time.

The travel industry has been especially impacted as of late and we believe that our actions over the last year have enabled us to recently be voted “Best Place to Work” by Florida’s Sun Sentinel.

-Glassdoor: employees have rated Playa 4.6/5.0 with 93% recommending working here to a friend

-For the 3rd year in a row, Playa was awarded "Top Places to Work" by the Sun Sentinel

-Awarded "Top Hotel Chain in Mexico" by Travel Weekly

-Awarded "Top Hotel Brand in the World" by Travel + Leisure

-Playa Pulse, a multi- language publication was produced digitally and in print for employees without internet access

-New Employee Handbook produced digitally to enable real time updates to our changing environments

-New Employee Wellness Hub developed to reduce stress and provide resources for additional support

-New "Welcome Back to Playa" initiative to support employees in this time of transition

-Ten Time Nominee- Travvy Awards

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