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Company: Pan American Energy
Category: Achievement in New Employee Onboarding

Nomination Title: PAE's Program for Young Professionals



Pan American Energy (PAE) is a leading global private energy company in Argentina and the region. It is the main producer, employer and private investor in the oil and gas industry in that country; it is also present in Bolivia, Mexico, Uruguay and Paraguay.

In the region it develops conventional, unconventional, onshore and offshore oil and gas fields; owns oil and gas pipelines and hydrocarbon terminals. PAE also produces electric power and participates in the renewable energy sector.

In the downstream segment, it operates the third most important refinery in Argentina, where it produces fuels under its AXION energy brand and Castrol brand lubricants, which the company sells at its 735 service stations and to other productive sectors (aviation, maritime and land transport, and agricultural). It also manufactures products for petrochemical use and was the first company to enable an electric vehicle charging station in Argentina.

PAE’s Program for Young Professionals (YPs) –launched in 2004– aims to attract and develop new generations of professionals, ensuring they acquire key competencies to take on challenges in higher positions in the medium term

PAE's strategy to attract, add, train and develop new generations of professionals in technical and commercial areas of the energy industry involves placing young talents at the core of the experience: they're invited to rotate around different areas and management operations, while participating in big projects with the support of highly- experienced technical tutors and mentors. The experience is completed with training at prestigious universities, in- house instructors and simulation technology.

The call for the 2019 edition, launched at end of 2018, was aimed at professionals from all over the country recently graduated or about to graduate in engineering, Earth sciences, economics and marketing, among other specialties. Out of 4,704 applicants (23% more than in the previous call) 50 were selected to receive the trainings that were given during the Program throughout 2019.

After a ten- months learning process, all the YPs developed the necessary skills to take on challenges in positions of great responsibility, acquired comprehensive experience and vision of the oil industry, and became part of PAE.

Some interesting figures related to the program:

-24 mentors and 50 tutors participated in the program.
-28 areas involved in the rotation and immersion scheme.
-20 projects assigned.
-16 training courses at universities.
-Altogether, the YPs received 678 training hours and spent 510 hours at the field or designated area.
-USD 15,592 invested on average in each YP.

PAE's Program for YPs is one of the most complete in Argentina. Since its first edition in 2004, it has received more than 190 professionals; 130 of them still work in the company, many of them in leadership positions. This represents a 68% talent retention.

The 2019 program broke its registration record and achieved an attendance comparable to an initiative for YPs in staff areas. Its success was greatly due to:

1. The commitment of the entire organization to accompany the YPs and help them blend in, and the closeness between the YP’s and PAE's management, who transmitted the organization's culture and values, and shared useful personal experiences.

2. The assignment of real and transversal business challenges. In the fifth month of the program, the YPs were assigned to different sectors to carry out a high- impact project linked to their interests. Some projects had to do with adding a new point of sale to the gas station network; updating the management systems in the refining operations; and analyzing pressure measurements for injection wells that would be drilled in 2020.

3. The 70- 20- 10 learning methodology, which included training at prestigious universities, with in- house instructors and advanced performance simulators. Unlike other companies in the industry, PAE’s offers the opportunity to acquire a comprehensive training experience that covers the entire value chain: upstream, midstream and downstream operations.

The program's proposal was enhanced by an excellent work environment, where equal opportunities, collaborative attitudes and good performance are fostered and recognized.

The embedded videos are about the program and interviews with the young professionals that became part of PAE.

Links/Supporting Documents:

Video Introducción JP SUB ING - https://youtu.be/BA_jgbnb3ms

JPs 2019 Yammer V3 SUB ING - https://youtu.be/fwxE9is-9Hg

Careers Page: https://www.pan-energy.com/sites/en/Paginas/TrabajarenPAE.aspx