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Company: Pan American Energy
Category: Achievement in Executive Development

Nomination Title: PAE's Building Leadership Cycle



PAE is a leading global private energy company in the region. It is the main private producer, employer and investor in the industry, with operations in Argentina, Bolivia, Mexico, Uruguay and Paraguay.

In the region, it develops conventional, unconventional, onshore and offshore oil and gas fields; it has oil and gas pipelines, as well as oil and hydrocarbon derivatives terminals; it produces electricity and participates in the renewable energy sector.

In the downstream segment, it operates the country's third- largest refinery, located in Campana, province of Buenos Aires. There, the sector's most important expansion and modernization project of the last 30 years has been completed.

In the retail segment, it sells fuels through its brand AXION energy and lubricants through its brand Castrol across 735 gas stations. It was the first company in the country to offer charging points for electric cars. It also supplies the aviation, maritime, agricultural and transport industries, and manufactures products for petrochemical use.

Since its foundation, PAE has promoted the professional development of its collaborators and encouraged one of the most complete benefit programs in the sector. Through its Building Leadership Cycle, the company continuously prepares leaders, heads of departments and coordinators to lead.

Aware that leadership skills acquisition is the result of a continuous cycle that starts with transitioning to a leadership position, in 2019, PAE's Talent Development team launched the New Leaders Onboarding and redesigned its Leaders Development Program (LDP) to boost the leaders' learning process in a consistent and sustained way.

Thereby, 22 collaborators were part of the Onboarding, which provided them with the first leadership tools in an environment where they were able to express themselves and get to know the company's expectations as regards their new role. The initiative included:

-2 in-house facilitators
-30 hours of workshops
-76 hours of coaching sessions

Likewise, 92 collaborators completed the renewed LDP. Established in 2016 as part of PAE’s School of Management, the LDP was conceived similarly to an MBA and included 15 learning sessions. In 2019, it was redesigned in order to consider the company’s new leadership styles and improvement opportunities identified in focus groups carried out with previous participants. As a result, the LDP covered:

-3 editions
-7 facilitators per edition
-92 participants; 528 in total since 2016
-64 hours of training per leader
-5,888 hours of training in total
-89% of general attendance
-4.69/5 of general satisfaction
-3 Continuity Workshops, in which 48 leaders participated

The Onboarding allowed new leaders to think about the implications of leadership and to understand their development as a continuous cycle that consists of different integrated moments that must be aligned and processed on the basis of an individual development plan.

On the other hand, it allowed PAE to support leaders on their first steps in their new role and, in this way, increase their commitment. Additionally, it was a space to share what was expected from them with the purpose of encouraging a greater alignment with the company's values.

The LDP made coaching and leadership tools available for self- management and management of work teams, in line with PAE's skills. For the first time, It relied on coaching workshops to provide an environment for a learning and changing process that ranged from the individual to the organization.

At the end of the LDP, 94% of the surveyed leaders assured they had changed their way of working, and their teams also observed a very positive change in their leader’s behavior.

Thanks to the Building Leadership Cycle’s initiatives, new leaders were able to improve their personal and professional skills, seize the precious opportunity of interacting with collaborators of other departments and Management Units, and strengthen their commitment to the company.

About the attached PDF 200722_PAE_BUILDING LEADERSHIP CYLE: This document details the objectives, audiences, strategy, implementation and results of the program as well as comments of employees enrolled in the program. It also contains pictures and illustrations.

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