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Company: Ordergroove
Category: Employer of the Year - Computer Software - Up to 250 Employees

Nomination Title: Ordergroove


Ordergroove launched in 2010 when our CEO noticed that the same transformation that took the software industry by storm in the 2000s (SaaS) was hitting the retail industry as a means of making consumers’ lives easier via removal of friction. Today, we are a fast- growing, tight knit team building a technology platform that has become integral to the lives of millions of consumers across the globe.

Our mission is to simplify consumers’ lives by transforming the buying experience from one- and- done transactions to recurring, commerce- enabled customer relationships — while delivering increased revenue, predictability and profitability in the process.

Everything we do, we tie to our core values. Here are some of the ways we helped those values come to life in 2019:

We’re comfortable being uncomfortable: Over the summer, we set lofty goals as a company. To give the team a
boost and power them through some tough weeks, we ordered the team impromptu meals and announced surprise half- days off.

We’re in it to win it: We introduced a relationship- building tool that randomly pairs team members to meet for coffee.

Many team members - - including our CEO - - participate and take it as an opportunity to develop personal connections with people across the organization.

Additionally, we started an LGBTQIA+ affinity group for the first time in 2019 to promote diversity and inclusion.

What you see is what you get:

With less than one hundred team members, we’re still small enough that our executives can meet regularly with small groups of team members to have open, candid conversations. We use these conversations to gather feedback and listen to the team’s concerns. For example, we foster the development of future leaders within the organization via fireside chats between the leadership bench and top executives. In addition, each department within the organization meets with our executives for informal Q&A sessions throughout the year.

These adjustments and additions led us to win NY State Best Company to Work for in 2019 (for the first time) and again in 2020.

We strongly value employee feedback and act on it to improve upon past performance. Most of the achievements above were actions in response to the team’s feedback. Some other ways we’ve adjusted our programs to be more individualized and suit our team’s preferences: the prize for our peer- nominated Groovy winner is an
experience of their choice, and we’ve added a wellness reimbursement for physical and mental health as a more flexible option (vs the gym membership discount we offered in previous years).

The response above references a period of change in the summer that was challenging for many. We saw this
reflected in a dip in our eNPS and a spike in turnover. While we always take eNPS feedback seriously, significant dip meant that more turnover was in the future if we didn't immediately course correct. Our leadership team came together to develop a plan to better support the team during the change. Our CEO, COO & VP of People led an all hands meeting to have an open conversation about what we saw in the feedback and how we looked to correct it. With that quick action, our score the next quarter went back to where our average had been the quarters before.

Finally, we’ve received feedback in the past regarding the leadership team’s lack of visibility and approachability. In an effort to improve in these areas, we started some of the programs above, such as the fireside chats and Q&A sessions with leadership team members.

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