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Company: ;OPET
Category: ;Achievement in Employee Engagement

Nomination Title: OPET Employee Engagement Program



OPET, which designs all its practices focusing on the employees with the vision of “Employee Engagement Every Day”, focused on increasing employee engagement and improving company- employee relations in 2019 as its main HR strategy.

Business Need:

Employee behavior directly determines service quality and customer brand in the fuel industry. It is obvious that happy employees increase the quality of service, thus contributing positively to customer brand.

70% of OPET employees belong to Generation Y, which stands out as a group with lower loyalty and satisfaction, frequently changing jobs and with high expectations of corporate policies. Therefore, for OPET, which targets to be the most preferred fuel brand in Turkey, it is critical to retain these sensitive employees and increase their loyalty in order to achieve its corporate goals.

Besides, Koc Holding, a 50% partner of OPET, has been keeping employee engagement at the forefront of its main strategy. Upon this goal, Koc Holding set raising employee engagement as a common strategic target in all its group companies in 2019.

For all these reasons, OPET reviewed all its HR processes in 2019, revised all its current practices and implemented a new employee engagement and communication approach that directly addresses employee needs.

OPET designed its new HR approach under the concept of "We Value" by using four main focus points based on needs- analysis:

-We Value Your Career and Development

-We Value Our Communication and Being Together

-We Value More Comfortable and Free Work

-We Value You and Your Family

All HR practices are redesigned; new ones are implemented according to employees' needs in 2019. Below are five sample practices from each area.

-We Value Your Career and Development

-In- house Career and Development Portal- ROTA

-New training catalog for employees

-Abolishment of the longstanding rule of "managers choose training courses for employees"

-Rotation practices to offer more career opportunities

-Open positions to be presented first as internal adverts

We Value Our Communication and Being Together:

-Special day celebrations

-A short break at work social activities

-Most successful OPET members rewarding

-Communication meetings

-Company parties

We Value More Comfortable and Free Work

-Transition to flexible dress code

-Wage adjustments

-Increase on lunch support

-No wage deductions in case of absenteeism to due to illness

-Food support packages

-We Value You and Your Family

-Social activities with the family

-Employees and spouses music choir

-Workshops with children of employees

-Declaring working days before and after public holidays as additional holidays

-Child education support, nursery and stationery aid

OPET "We Value" concept is significant in:

-Providing spot- on solutions by focusing directly on the voice of the employee,

-Redesigning of entire HR practices with a holistic and sustainable approach rather than merely practices,

-Directly involving senior management and business leaders,

-Creating solutions covering all employees including terminals,

-Providing positive contributions to OPET's business results as well as HR targets.


OPET employee engagement project contributed positively in 5 main areas originally targeted:

Impact on Employee Engagement: Compared to the previous year, employee engagement demonstrated an increase of 6.7 points in 2019, rising to 10.23%. Accordingly, in 2019, OPET obtained a level of employee engagement 24.5% (14.2 points) higher than the average in Turkey and 20% (12.46 points) higher than the average in the energy industry.

Impact on Employee Satisfaction: Employee satisfaction level increased by 8% (from 73 in 2018 to 79 in 2019). The average in these scores is 72 in Turkey, 74 in energy industry.

Effect on Employee Retention: The practice also had a positive impact on employee turnover rates. OPET accomplished a turnover rate of as low as 6.77% while industry comparison was 21.6%.

Employer Branding and Impact on Preferability: With the improved working conditions and employer branding practices, positive outcomes were obtained on attracting qualified employees. OPET receives six times more job applications than industry average.

Service Quality and Impact on Customer Processes: According to Turkey Reputation Index Research, OPET was named as the Most Reputable Brand in Fuel Industry.;